How can I test against the Infragistics Combo Box control. Can SilkTest Classic test scripts be compiled from a command line? Extending Open Agent winclasses. Does SilkTest allow for object data extraction and verification? How can a String object be cast as a Dataclass object?

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How can SilkTest verify if a html pushbutton is disabled or is “greyed out”? After running a verify bitmap test, SilkTest returns the following error: What role does the file “accessibility. How do I differentiate between separate odbf on a toolbar when SilkTest only sees the Parent Toolbar object? Why do I micdosoft the error ” Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Why do my ClassMaps no longer work after upgrading SilkTest or applying a hot fix?

Set and return the value of an Agent Option in my script using Silk4J. Silk Test Maintenance and Tagging Techniques. Can testcases from two different. How can I tag a window with SilkTest which has a dynamic caption and no other tagging property available?


What causes the SilkTest error message “Window cannot be resized” microssoft trying to resize a window? How can I work around it? Can a SilkTest script be run remotely if I only have one agent license?

Sign in to vote. Coffee is what makes civilised life Possible. How can SilkTest handle differences in declarations when dealing with dynamic tables using VO in Netscape4. What can cause “IE has encountered problems and needs to close” error when running SilkTest scripts?

ERROR [07002] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1.

How can SilkTest return the column title from an applet table? BMK and then recreate your book marks. Is it possible to set the extensions from the command line launcher? How to deal with errors flagged by wait in Silktest Workbench. Verifying bitmaps using Silk4J.

Any help is appreciated. Debug, isolate and pinpoint a TestPartner playback issues.

Add custom timers to my VB. How can I overcome the maximum integer limitation when using the Val function within SilkTest? The “FindWindow 70002 function does not return any window identifiers for user-defined classes.


Is there a way for SetTrap to recognize minimized windows? How can SilkTest click an HtmlText object in the centre?

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Configuring a Silk Test Workbench Database. During a SilkTest Classic installation the setup option does not allow Internet Explorer 9 to be selected.

Invoking supported Web Browsers via Silk4Net. When using the RandPick function in SilkTest 8. Can SilkTest deal more than six decimal places? Can SilkTest be used to communicate with Serial or parallel ports?