The programs you use really counts on the experience you get of the wacom. There is a gaggle of heavy cords, power adapters and control units, that must be used to operate the tablet. Dont be fooled however, by the wacom website suggesting the product is a portable solution. The Wacom PDA has inch touch screen for easy navigation and operation. The tablet itself is well designed and professionaly manufactured.

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Wacom Cintiq 12WX Pen Display Review

We recommend logging in before writing a review. Cloned desktop view large image. Thin and light, the Cintiq 12WX lets you experience all the advantages of direct pen-on-screen input in a low profile, lightweight design, and gives you the flexibility to work on screen the way you want. Cintuq 5 out of 5 by B.

If you are an art professional illustrator, colorist, graphic designer, photographer, etc then it will be love at first use! Even if your notebook does support true multiple displays, establishing independent color profiles can still be something of a chore, and may not even be possible with some setups.

Color shifts are minimized even at extreme angles for better collaboration when small groups are viewing a single Cintiq. Want to dodge a very specific area of an image?

Of course, the counterargument to this line of thinking is obvious: I feel like I’m drawing on paper, just not with the hesitation of messing up, and when I first began found myself trying to wipe away none existing era ser shavings. citniq


There’s a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws. The only issue I 12xw with the Cintiq is the mass of cables necessary to hook it up. The Engadget Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis by our expert editorial and research teams. Completely-Flat Surface The surface of the Cintiq 12qx is completely flat edge-to-edge to allow the hand to glide over the entire surface easily.

How seamlessly the Cintiq integrates with your computer and with other displays in your setup seems to vary pretty widely, however. The 12WX tracks quickly, with imperceptible lag, even when moving the pen back and forth rapidly.

I’ve been drawing with it for awhile now and have had no problems except that every once and awhile the edges don’t respond to well With new drivers it is now 4 alignment points, but still a little inaccuracy near the edges.

Cintiq Privileges Be sure to register your tablet so you can take advantage of Cintiq Privileges!

Wacom Cintiq 12WX Pen Display Review – DigitalCameraReview

We’ve calculated your overall product rating based on the average of your criteria ratings above. No Longer Available Update Location close. For even more productivity, the Cintiq 12WX features ExpressKeys and Touch Strips right at your fingertips for convenient keyboard cinhiq, scrolling, zooming, brush size control, and more.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. The Cintiq itself only has one chord coming out of it, and it plugs in to a small box that ultimately contiq three m ore chords coming out of it, two that plug into my computer and one that plugs into the wall.


Valuable Software Included The tablet includes an extensive software bundle. But for hard-core graphics work, portable machines rarely match the processing power or obviously, the file storage capabilities of a well-speced desktop. There isn’t the step of trying to coordinate hand and eye on the screen, I loved putting it straight onto the screen and seeing the result.

Its exceedingly light, 12qx moving it around and placing it on your lap isn’t a problem. Visit our network of sites: My problem was the instruction manuel I don’t even have a desk. Drop it into the background, open up a top work layer, select your brush, and away you go — quick, tracing-based sketches are almost too cuntiq.

It’s little lower res and the screen is not much larger than an Ipad. If you are a professional artist that needs to retouch stills or 12ex or draw from scratch, the Wacom Cintiq 12WX’s price is peanuts.

I’m still trying to figure out how to program the side buttons The form factor is absolutely perfect for where I like to draw curled up on the couch I hooked it up to a Mac Mini so i have a very small couch Based setup and fulfilled my desire to be untethered from my desk and rejoin the rest of the wolrd again.