Think that all of ubuntu cna be fitted inside a 1MB thing! I mean more hardware supported and stuff.. March 23rd, 5. I have to hold the power button to get it to shut down, and when I turn it back on none of the programs running before hibernation have been saved. I run a keybaord shortcut that runs xterm and I don’t. Contact Us name Please enter your name.

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When I click on teh network manager it shows: I check the boxes for using two finger tap to do something, and three finger tap to do something else. Managed to send a message just as you left.

Windows 7 is already installed. I guess I’ll settle for that. I guess you could try install bind9 and backup the cache over time?

Does any one know how I can make it work well? Because I am sure it tells you every step you must take.

United States: Atlanta

Choose “English” and only then press Enter. I am sorry not being able to help you.


I am having a couple of problems with netbook remix The problem i am facing is simply a huge delay of almost 35seconds upon right clicking on the desktop or right clicking anywhere in the file system to access the “Create Document” option.

According to what i read, this file is the installer. In fact, I can’t even open the “wireless” tab. Pici, Yeah but that version is 1. Not Connecting Ubuntu 9.

KDE does not detect any wifi device. How can I get Fedora 7 to access the internal card? Pentium 1 60MHz it was for sure. This How-to mostly applies to Ubuntu 8.

Ubuntu Networking :: Install Usb Wifi Adapter

What program can use to burn to floppy disc. The error messages from make Code: Is there a way to get this Arch AUR package installed similarly on slackware?

Apr 11, am running Ubuntu I just installed the latest Ubuntu and now I can’t get the usb adapter to work. AWLL Airlink installation help Okay so I have downloaded the realtek drivers and did the make, and sudo make install and then all went to garbage Did you search google awll5088 see if there are any documented issues with natt laptop and version RPM ; Gentoo, Slackware using other packaging systems.



Right, but if you’re installing all of the batty dependencies from the repositories anyway, why not just use the apt-get command to find and install them automagically? Hi, I’m running lucid server, and have apache2, php5, and pear-mail installed.

After installation, restart the computer. Does this qualify as a bug? Bencahill That much I know.

I’m editing my kernel so i can make it so i boot into single user mode. My son uses it to play tux paint etc. Squid is the de facto standard there.