No upgrades shown for gnome-power-manager However, two upgrades for dbus right around the time the bug seemed to appear: Results 1 to 4 of 4. As i told, one of possible things that can fix the problem is upgrade firmware, we do not speak about what firmware, so i thing, was thinking that sound card firmware. I think that would be very helpful in figuring out what is going on different between the two situations. Email me about changes to this bug report.

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Do you do this often? Below I attach the result of “sudo lspci -vvnn” and my kern.

Problem with ALC Sound Card – Problem Reporting – InsanelyMac Forum

My short experience of ubuntu is almost satisfying, mainly because I’m learning a lot about my OS. On Thu, Mar 13, at 1: On Fri, Mar 14, at 6: The Hardware Clock does not contain a valid time, so we cannot set the System Time from it. Anoop P B anoop-pb wrote on Also thanks for the info about adding the device id to the ALCInject. I am using Lenovo Y Laptop.


Ted Gould ted wrote on Today I have tried out the suspend functionality in Hardy 64bit and I did not have any problems.

If you’re sure you did not upgrade your kernel in the period the bug reappeared, it’s not a kernel bug. Considering the timeout is necessary for this bug to happen, I would privilege the gnome-power-manager option. Dell XPS m running 8. If ‘sudo -s’ got the right password and you are admin sudoereverything should go right As nothing has normally been introduced in g-p-m in Hardy, it was not stupid to think the kernel fixed something.

My mother board is intel gntl. Could others post the lonux log? Last night, I left my computer idle, and it automatically went into suspend.

HDA codec graphing tool

If it only occurs once in a long while, I’d suggest we wait for the next release When going through the suspend resume debugging steps listed in step 4 i get this output when trying to suspend the computer.

Forwarded conversation From: I can confirm the experience linuxx Justin: I also have this problem, running the latest Gutsy on my desktop machine.


Function not supported Function not supported Starting resolution: Maybe I will try to report a bug or alc826 bugs for the problems I am experiencing with the new kernels, but I am just an end user and feel like I am in over my head as it is, and the problems seem complicated that it’s hard to recognize and understand them all.

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Looking for DSDT in initramfs Taruga, thanks for the prompt reply! If anyone has any successes or suggestions of how to go about hacking this altogether Id greatly appreciate it Taruga posted the second version of HALlab aplication.

And by the way: Maybe I’m just crazy though. I have sigmtel So tell me what is the reason of existence toshiba forums then? Lihux there been any progress on this guys?