10 of wands and 4 relationship

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10 of wands and 4 relationship

Look for the Ten of Wands to appear in your Tarot reading. This is If you have just begun a relationship, this is an indication that your new partner may be so. When it comes to love and relationships, what the Ten of Wands tarot that you are doing too much for your partner and for your relationship. Consider this lesson that the Ten of Wands is preparing for you: Do you enjoy living When you are in a relationship, do you take on the entire burden alone?.

There may be blocks or obstacles he has to overcome before he is free to travel onwards. His stance reminds us of a scrum in Rugby when bodies bend and heads lock before extreme force is applied to drive the scrum forward. Only the strongest are up to the job.

10 of wands and 4 relationship

We must now ask where he is heading to if he cannot see the road ahead? Is he using his intuition, instinct or natural homing device to see him to his destination, or has he actually lost sight of where he is heading to? Maybe he has lost his way or forgotten where he was supposed to be going? There is a town in the distance, not too far away so maybe that is where he is bound? If so, then one would think he would appear more relaxed in himself and relieved to be almost there.

However, if he cannot see the road or pathway in front, he may not realise he is so close to the town. He may be too engrossed with carrying those heavy Wands, he could easily bypass the town, and miss within it, the opportunity to rest and lighten his load for a while. There may be people in the town waiting to greet him and celebrate his eventual arrival and ultimate success. His goals and rewards could be sitting only a few hundred kilometres away from him.

Then he will certainly have lost his way Then again he could collapse from exhaustion before he gets there and has to be carried away by those stronger than him. Could he have gone this far only to fail or fall at the last hurdle? Could it all have been for nothing, all in vain? Surely not, so let us think positively. Progress is slow as the weight of the Wands slow him down and the journey must seem endless.

He may feel resentful of his situation and the price he has to pay for success. It may all have become too much. However, the skies are clear and bright which suggests he will eventually reach his destination even though he has gone about it the hard way. His red and orange clothes symbolise the energy and effort it takes to carry his Wands.

He may be weary and worn out but now is not the time for him to give up. He is nearly there, on the agonising home stretch, but cannot afford to take anything for granted just yet. Great effort is now required of him now and he must give one last push even though it seems unbearable. As he approaches his final destination his load will appear to get even heavier.

His legs will feel like buckling beneath him and he may be staggering as he approaches the finish line. He has always being a work horse so why should things change? They may not understand that he is only human after all and cannot do everything. They may not recognise his desperate fatigue for he has never been seen down or low before.

But then he was always a proud man and not prone to showing any weakness. People began to rely on him more and more and often off-loaded their difficult tasks or problems on him because he was the best man to sort them out. Along with The Ten Wands he carries is the full and sole responsibility for his situation. He has nobody to blame but himself for the burdens he now has to endure. We wonder if he is thinking about all these things as he struggles on his way?

He gave little long-term consideration to what would be involved. He only thought of today and the accompanying instant gratification or glory they brought at that time. He was also a good soul and liked to be obliging whenever he could. This has now got him tied up in responsibilities, obligations and commitments that he may find quite difficult to get out of.

He would be free to enjoy himself or to concentrate on those things that give him real satisfaction. Now we see him at the end of his journey, not so enthusiastic anymore and left with the aftermath of his endeavours.

The screaming hungry babies he gave birth to on his journey from Ace to Ten are all demanding to be fed at once.

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He took on so much over that period he now finds it hard to let go of the reins because he is so intricately involved and responsible for all. How can he possibly delegate or share out his responsibilities when this would require him having to let go of full control? He is quite determined to see them all through to the bitter end. He is not going to let the side down or lose face. He feels it is all up to him now and that he has no choice but to see it through.

The pressure is on him now and he resigns himself to doing whatever has to be done. In the Nine of Wands he decided that this last stand was a battle worth fighting and so he must give it his best and throw all his resources behind it now.

As painful as this stage of the journey may be, the rewards upon successful completion will be immense and totally satisfying. He just needs to stick with it now and not lose heart as this period of intense pressure and anxiety will soon come to an end.

He just needs to keep his head down and put one foot in front of the other. However, he may be forgiven for feeling deflated as this was not how it was meant to be. He was supposed to be living the high life at this stage, travelling here and there and enjoying himself.

10 of wands and 4 relationship

Instead he is bogged down with drudgery and dreariness and the sole responsibility of these Ten Wands lie with him. No one else would know what to do with them or even want them. It all seems like hard work and no play. He longs to be free to follow his urge for travel, adventure and excitement. He must understand that he is totally responsible for his situation. This is what he wanted and he has to accept that it is tough at the top.

We now look at him with sympathetic eyes for he resembles the battle weary soldier, making his way into the local town or going home, his kit heavy on his back and the life drained out of his soul.

It is certainly a far cry from his early glory days.

Ten (X) of Wands

Is this really the same man who sat proud and tall on his horse in The Six of Wands and looked on top of the world? Indeed, the world now seems to sit on top of him. He is trying to deal with too many things at the one time. He is overloaded and overburdened. He has certainly overstretched himself this time and was probably overly confident about his ability to carry such a load and give each of his Ten Wands equal attention and focus.

He was so caught up with the daily grind and chore of these Ten Wands he may have lost sight of his original plan, vision or goal. With his head buried in the Wands, he cannot see the wood for the trees. He is too close to his situation and needs to take a step back and learn how to prioritize. Does he really need to carry all Ten Wands at the same time?

Could he not leave down a few less important ones for the time being and concentrate on the most important tasks only? He has too much on his plate and needs to offload before it breaks his back.

He is suffering from physical and nervous exhaustion and will end up on the flat of his back in bed if he does not lighten his load and get some rest or help. Who then will tend the Ten Wands? So when he does make it to the town sooner or later, we hope he will have learned some valuable lessons along the way.

10 of wands and 4 relationship

We would like to see him lay down some of his Wands or hand them over to others who have the enthusiasm and energy for them.

Before he starts his next cycle and returns once more to the Ace we would like to think he understands himself and his Elemental Influence much better. Starting from Ace once more but on a higher plane of experience and maturity, he must accept he has a tendency to collect too many Wands if he is not careful.

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Only he knows where that will lead him. If not, he will soon find himself picking up another ten Wands in no time at all. Another lesson he should have learned, is the importance of pacing himself instead of trying to rush or force situations which of course leads to the art of patience. This journey is nearly over but there will be more journeys to come which will give him ample opportunity to apply all the accumulated wisdom and experience of his triumphs and failure so far.

We must ask ourselves why he carries the Ten Wands as such? He now looks as if he might be trying to conceal himself behind all the Wands. What or who is he hiding from? The Figure may be using the Wands to conceal his true identity or personality. He may be deceitful or a shady character. He might be trying to disguise himself or act falsely to gain the confidence and trust of another. He might also be attempting to sneak into the town without anyone seeing him.

He could be working undercover or on some covert mission using camouflage to get around. Take note that The Ten of Wands is a Stage Card and therefore we must look behind the scenes as much as possible for not everything may be as it seems. It may all be an act to give a certain impression or possibly someone is playing on the sympathy of others with their burden of woes and cares.

The Figure may be acting the martyr and deliberately loading themselves down with duty and obligations in order to get attention. He might be deliberately taking the hard road to show others how much he suffers. Here we see the culmination and consequences of too much energy, enthusiasm and activity beginning to take its toll.

Sometimes there is no way to avoid it, so it can be a case of under, over or through to get to where you are going with no shortcuts or fast tracking involved. The end is in sight but you are now entering the agonising home stretch when energy levels are down and enthusiasm for the project has been beaten out of you. You might as well do it yourself. Progress is slow now and it all seems like too much.

Will it ever be all over? You may wonder why you ever bothered? You will have to rekindle the original passion you had for this project or task and draw your energy from that. You have completed a major goal.

Now, you are finally reaping the rewards, or dealing with the consequences that come with your rewards. Sometimes, when you accomplish something big or achieve something monumental, there are certain responsibilities and commitments that come with it. The road to success never ends, so this new set of responsibilities and commitments means more work and more effort on your part.

They may be too much to handle in the future, and you want to ask yourself whether you have taken on more than you can handle. But that also means more people visiting and buying from your store, and that indicates longer, crazier, and more stressful hours at work. Seven of Cups Tarot Card and its Meaning The initial thrill of doing something that you love and earning from it is replaced by the burden of hard work and physical labor.

Unless of course you seek help and delegate tasks. Doing so many things all at once robs you of the quality life that you should be enjoying. Stop and review your current workload. Are you still able to do other things? If the answer is no, start delegating tasks. Take out tasks that are not important and devote that time to yourself or to your loved ones instead. If your relationship is peaceful and smooth sailing, this indicates that there is so much love and happiness to go around.

10 of wands and 4 relationship

When problems or issues plague your relationship, it just means that you have your work cut out for you. You need to work hard to address and resolve your relationship issues. You need to work harder to achieve the happiness and stability that you both desire. This can indicate a growing restlessness or symptoms of burnout or falling out, which sadly indicates quite similarly to the Four of Cups.

In some cases, the Ten of Wands tarot can also indicate that your partner is stuck with obligations that he does not want to fulfill. He secretly hates doing his responsibilities and his resentment just continues to grow. You have to give yourself and your relationship a break. Ten of Wands Tarot and Money When it comes to money and wealth, the Ten of Wands tarot indicates that you may be feeling a little overburdened, overwhelmed, or stressed.

Look at your financial situation calmly and impartially.