About a boy ellie and marcus relationship questions

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about a boy ellie and marcus relationship questions

The relationship between will and Marcus and also the relationship between Marcus and Ellie proves how relationships in our lives are the reason that we. Marcus intro- relationship with mum/splitting up with Roger. . Ellie realises her ignorance to his problems and the chapter ends with her consoling him. Will has . Get answers to your About a Boy questions like Who is Ellie McCrae from Marcus decides that he isn't in love with her so much when he sees.

This makes Marcus compare his own situation with that of Kurt Cobain, and he feels very sad. Ellie goes on the train with Marcus to Cambridge, but as it is on the actual day when Kurt Cobain succeeds in killing himself, she is in a strange mood and is determined to get drunk.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship questions

She frightens Marcus and seems out of control. When she tells Marcus that life is shit he questions her, asking if she really thinks that, because to him her life does not look too bad. They are hardly speaking to each other when the train stops at Royston and Ellie jumps off.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship questions

She goes into the town, followed by Marcus. She breaks the window, taking out the cut-out and sitting on the pavement with it. The police take Ellie and Marcus to the police station and they wait for their parents to arrive. Ellie meets Ruth, the owner of the music shop, and everyone is struck by how similar the two girls look. They get on extremely well.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship questions

Ellie is an important character in the book because she provides Marcus with an image of a single parent family which functions well, although it has its problems too. Through Ellie, he realises that there are many types of people in the world and we just have to make the best of those with whom we are involved.

Rachel Rachel is the woman with whom Will falls in love for the first time in his life. She is another single parent, and has a year-old boy called Ali.


She is entirely self-sufficient and has many interests. Her house is very welcoming, and Will feels comfortable with her there. The words at first suggest that there will be some conversation soon, but the reader is aware that Ellie has a bottle of vodka, and generally, once people start to drink alcohol, they become rather talkative. This sets up the scene nicely for the reader. When Hornby writes that Ellie might threaten to do things to the people who looked at her when she swore or swigged from her bottle of vodka, the reader feels some empathy for Marcus, as he dealing with an uncontrollable force.

Ellie is unrecognisable to Marcus at this point, and he is feeling extremely uncomfortable and helpless. It is a sign of his beginning to be a bit better at understanding other people, even though he still has a long way to go. Marcus has made his mind up that Ellie and he are too different to have a relationship, but it is an indication of his broad-mindedness that he is willing to accept that, for some people, such a relationship could work very well.

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Marcus is becoming more realistic about the time he has spent in the past hanging around with Ellie. But out in the world it was no fun at all.

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It was frightening and embarrassing. His mother Fiona makes him listen to Joni Mitchell and Mozart, she has also made him become a vegetarian and she only buys him ugly and unmodern clothes. In fact he has never even owned a pair of trainers. Marcus is a short, slim, pale-faced boy with thin, straight light-brown hair.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship questions

He is insecure, ignorant and confused. All this makes Marcus considered weird, not only by the kids in school, but by the teachers and by himself.

Discussion Questions for About a Boy by Nick Hornby

Will Freeman, 36, is the other main character. He is a layabout and has never worked his entire life. Instead of working Will spends his whole days watching TV, shopping, getting his hair fixed, drinking or driving around in his cool car, listening to Nirvana.

Will is a rather tall and good-looking man with short, curly dark-brown hair. He has got a cool apartment with cool furniture, a cool CD-collection, a cool car, a cool haircut and cool clothing. At least, this is what he thinks. He has no family and no real friends. Fiona, Wills mother, is a 38 years old hippie. She is, just like Marcus, a very eccentric person. She believes in things like vegetarianism and aroma-therapy.

Fiona is a short rather slim woman with short, straight, brown hair. She is very depressed and cries a lot. One day she tries to commit suicide, but fails.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship questions

All the kids are scared of her. Ellie has tousled black hair, wears black lipstick and listens to Nirvana. She also claims that she is in love with Kurt Cobain. He is a hippie just like Fiona, and uses to smoke weed. The kids in his new school treat Marcus like he was some kind of freak, and everyone, except from his mum and her friend Suzie, consider him weird.