Altair and maria relationship goals

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altair and maria relationship goals

Altair and Maria - Assassin's Creed 2 In game, in AC 2 Desmond: Alright, . Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad and Maria Thorpe If this isn't relationship goals I don't know what. The description about Maria Thorpe emphasizes how in love she and Altaïr were, Ezio: I have lived my life as best I could, not knowing its purpose, but drawn. girl he sleeps with Maria, in the flashback outside the animus in AC2 is a. In AC1, Al Mualim says outright that the two groups share a goal - peace. you learn about how her relationship with Altair evolves and how she.

She peaked around her mother's robes that moved with the breeze. He had not spoken of it in his letters.

The Oracle Turret

She beamed and walked to the other woman. Malik bowed to her and smiled. Altair noticed and his touched her arm. Malik and Altair watched the women walk together into the fortress speaking together in the way women did when they became fast friends for life.

Malik smiled at Altair as his son went to follow his mother and the new lady. Hatice stayed and moved, looking up at Altair from where she stood, thumb in her mouth, big blue eyes watchful. I knew I would marry her from the first time I saw her in Jerusalem. Now she is my wife and we will welcome child soon.

She tripped on her own feet and landed on her bottom. Tears came to her eyes and Altair chuckled and lifted her into his arms.

I will not bite.

altair and maria relationship goals

I was at your birth. You were mere months when I left to travel. You have grown well. It is nice to do a task that is a bit feminine. A questing hand reached up trying to find them. This caused Maria to laugh and she reached pulling him into her lap. She rewarded him with a scone as she got one for herself. A'sha dropped into a seat across from her. Maria gently played with Tazim's thick curly hair.

Altair is certainly fond of them. Are you thinking to have more? I have just begun to suspect I am I expecting again. Just a hint of cinnamon and honey. She had not had something so good since she had left England. I am a Master of many things, but baking pastries is not one of them. I can make a meal to survive on, but something as tasty as this? We shared a father. You are too fair for an Italian or Spaniard. He took a scone as his sister poured him tea and her husband also.

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

Malik sat down and served Maria another before he took one. ZzZ After the evening meal and Maria was settled, Altair went for a walk on the battlements. He was surprised to see A'sha there, looking over the canyons. He looked at her in her white robes, the moonlight splashing over her making her almost look like an angel.

He stepped to her. She turned her head and dipped it a little. She meant more than him.

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She had students learning from her as well and she had a family. That was why she was here. And he had interrupted it, though she did not seem to mind.

He looked back at her, his brows knitting together. She smiled and pressed her thumb to the squished part of his brow that furrowed when he was thinking or puzzled. I am happy for you and I wish you well of each other. Perhaps just marrying you boys one at a time will do the trick.

He made his way to the shrine before coming face-to-face with Basilisk, who explained the Chalice's true nature: He fled an approaching sandstorm and avoided obstacles formed by falling debris to escape the area.

altair and maria relationship goals

Upon reaching safety, he recalled that Basilisk had mentioned business he had in the city of Tyre and, wasting no time, quickly made his way back to the city. Hamid said that while the Assassins once had two agents with access to the fortress, they had been kidnapped some time ago. He soon discovered one of Hamid's missing men trapped in a cage and released him.

The agent said that his brother, held captive on the other side of the fort, would be able to help him access the Templar's Hold. As he reached a Templar camp, he took on the disguise of a soldier, then a scholar to access restricted areas.

Setting fires, releasing prisoners and destroying weaponry as he went, he came upon the Templar commander giving orders to his men. He then tailed the group before confronting her escorts and killing them by opening a large sewer grate nearby, pelting them with debris. Eliminating the guards who noticed him and stealing a disguise to sneak past others, he found Harash consorting with a Templar captain. Dedicated to Daniel W as he requested an extended ending to Assassin's Creed 3.

I do not own anything in this fic, only the arrangement of the words. While at Abstergo, Lucy struggles with her inner turmoil stemming from her feelings for Desmond. Rating may go up if I decide to continue, but for now it's only T. One shot of mostly fluff. Remembrance by juno57 reviews A tribute to Lucy Stillman, written on the day she died.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted. A memoir of an enigmatic woman that made the game. Also, I rated it T for the occasional swear.

altair and maria relationship goals

Be warned, there be feels ahead! But when he stumbles across a small, cold, and hungry puppy just what's an assassin to do? Here, his connection to his ancestors may give him strength to achieve the greatest dream of all: A short ficlet set during Assassin's Creed: