Amaal malik and armaan relationship quotes

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amaal malik and armaan relationship quotes

BEING in love with love to BEING Baba AM — Armaan Malik opens up to A ' 90s kid, romantic at heart, nephew of Anu Malik, brother of music composer Amaal Malik t2 So there is a sense of connection between my fans and me! If you see my Instagram and Facebook, I post a lot of original quotes. Amaal and Armaan Malik: Our father will get the success he but there is no scope for a relationship to flourish due to the space we are in. QUOTES BY ARMAAN MALIK. music. armaalian. amaal. +6 tag khác . of a fangirl and his idol ❤ Note that: Armaan Malik has no connection with the story. fan.

I work harder when I am singing for him as he is a taskmaster. Amaal seconds his brother, I am a horror to work with for any singer. At first, no one will like to work with me, but it changes once the song releases. I don't have to rope in Armaan for every song just because he is my brother. There have been times when I have replaced him with another singer.

amaal malik and armaan relationship quotes

We don't have a war over it at home. Ask them who is the better bathroom singer between the two and Armaan replies, Amaal sings more than me in the bathroom. The latter quips, Yes, I kill it in the shower.

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But seriously speaking, Armaan can deliver a hit song even in a bathroom. There are times when I feel that the reverb is so good that I take a mic and record Armaan there itself. And what's their dinner table conversation like? Amaal says, We don't sit at the dinner table, we sit on each other's head. We are the worst people to deal with because we are like four friends trapped in one place. We are sanskaari for outsiders, par ghar mein sab ek doosre par chillate hain.

Armaan adds, It's mayhem when we are together. You could make a biopic on us. Click here for more Bollywood videos The brothers are good-looking and successful.

amaal malik and armaan relationship quotes

They are at an age, when it is easy to fall in love. Armaan states, Both of us are romantics at heart, but there is no scope for a relationship to flourish due to the space we are in.

Amaal adds, I am single but not ready to mingle.

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My priority is to deliver good music. The minute anything comes in between that, I let go. Even if my parents were to come in between my music and me, I would leave this house and move out laughs.

My connection to music is of utmost importance, everything else is just an obstacle. The success they have seen shows maturity and stems from an experience of pain and agony. I never wanted them to come across as a duo, as I have seen lot of bitterness when jodis break up. So, I insisted that they retain their individual identities. However, family is important, too. I told Amaal that if your younger brother is talented, you must support him, though Armaan is not the kind to be dependent on anyone.

I have seen that in the film industry, when one member of a family becomes big, he believes that he is the blue-eyed boy and no one else from his family can become a celebrity.

But if there is a spark that you see in another member of the family, you have to lend your credibility and success to help him flourish.

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A decade of hard work that they've put in has paid off. When other children were busy partying and enjoying, my kids were working hard. How did it feel when you bagged the Dadasaheb Phalke award this year… did you see it coming so soon?

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Now the award season will start and I am looking forward to what awards I can get I am like this excited child! What do you think is the biggest reason for you being Mr Popular with such a large fan base in such a short time? I think there is a lot of relatability because the fans are somewhat my age and they somehow feel that someone from their age group has made it big so they look forward to supporting someone like that.

And then I am very socially active and respond to my fans a lot. So there is a sense of connection between my fans and me! Before you started as a playback singer you had done jingles like Complan… how much did that influence you?

Wow, you know Complan?! Umm, then I also did Cadbury, Rin… since I did a lot of ads I was way experienced because you learn how to sing in a studio and that helped me because I had started when I was nine.

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So when I was 17 I knew what needs to be done in a studio. So you were mature at 17… I am actually more mature than my age. If you see my Instagram and Facebook, I post a lot of original quotes written by me. There is one really interesting quote, which goes: Do you relate more with romantic tracks or party numbers?

Like I had said, I am a romantic at heart but aaj kal thoda romance kam ho gaya hai Laughs Which among your songs is your fave?

And in party numbers, it would be Sau aasmaan Baar Baar Dekhoit is a very happy song.

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Bol do na zara: Dil mein hai jo chhupa, main kisise kahunga nahin Sau aasmaan: Main rahoon ya na rahoon: My dada, I just dedicated this song to him. Main hoon hero tera Your cover of Sorry with Lost Stories has been fantastic… any other cover in the pipeline?

It adds variety to people. If you were to be the hero of a movie, which actress would you like to see as the heroine?