Amelie likes and dislikes in a relationship

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amelie likes and dislikes in a relationship

How would you describe your own parents / carers likes and dislikes? Find three unusual Describe Amelie's relationship with her parents. How do you think. of Amélie the themes and issues raised within the film the ways in which people, places and events are represented the style and genre of the film Nino, and begins a relationship. elements of their personalities, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Clearly, from the other answers, yes men like Amelie (I'm another one of them). Is it a chick flick? No. Chick flicks focus on heterosexual romantic relationships.

What impact does it have on you? What adjectives can you find that describe personality traits?


Use at least five adjectives. Include details of the trip, his emotions and a description of the school, including the people he meets. Why do you think Julien pretends he does not care that he is leaving his home? Describe what is not being said. Include eye contact, composition of the scene, appearance etc… 8 Jean de Florette Jean de Florette is a French historical drama directed by Claude Berri, based on a novel by Marcel Pagnol.

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How does he speak to them? Cesar Soubeyran, how does he behave? What does he do? What is your reaction?

We're still totally in love with Amélie, 13 years later

You must write your story for the village policeman, who will arrive by bicycle. Remember to give specific details, such as date, time, location, body position, injuries etc.

amelie likes and dislikes in a relationship

Working in threes, prepare the interview of the two Soubeyrans by the Constable. He must ask at least six questions, to which Cesar and Ugolin respond, but without telling the truth.

What do they exchange? What do they share?


Draw your two photos and write a description. Amelie interacts with her first love encounter much like a child would with a newfound creature. She watches it closely, but from a distance, only getting close enough to poke it every once in a while, becoming excited when she sees it move.

amelie likes and dislikes in a relationship

Her infatuation with the photo booth man grows throughout the film, and though she so desperately wants to confront him about her feelings, she is afraid of it and instead toys with it. It takes the encouragement of the old man from her apartments for her to meet him, face to face.

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From his video, she is able to understand that letting such petty emptions as fear of the unknown prevent her from living her life the way she wishes she could, is a terrible waste. The film intends to reveal the importance of other people in our lives.

It shows us that without that special type of interaction, our lives become, dull, mundane, and in a sense meaningless.

amelie likes and dislikes in a relationship

It is love, for other people and for life itself, which gives our individual lives their meaning, and without it we have nothing. No matter how many things we distract ourselves with, work, objects, hobbies, we will all eventually come to realize that it does not add up to a whole.

There will always be a part of yourself missing if you do not have other people to close the gap.