Antony and cleopatra relationship essay

Antony and Cleopatra’s relationship Essay Example for Free

antony and cleopatra relationship essay

This is demonstrated by Cleopatra's bullying, manipulative manner and also with the ease with which Antony dismisses their relationship in front of Caesar and. In many ways, on Cleopatra'spart, her relationship with Antony seems more of a political alliance, withtheir intimacy always having public consequences outside. Antony and Cleopatra's relationship involves much manipulation like the politics of empire. Cleopatra asks him, 'if it be love, tell me how much'. She also tells a.

The Story of Cleopatra - Ancient History

He is likened to a multitude of gods throughout the play, the primary one being Mars, who portrays his mythological status and the power he possesses over the world. Caesar is far more consistent in his carefully considered movements than most of his counterparts, positing that while contrasts always exist in human nature they are occasionally miniscule in their nature. His language is strict iambic pentameter for the majority of the play, emphasising his rigidity and narrow focus on political gain, a trait reiterated by the fact that his dialogue is composed of a series of statements.

antony and cleopatra relationship essay

The array of symbolic contrasts in the play illustrates the vast changeability and contrasts of humanity. Whilst the play is characterised by polar opposites, often found within individual characters themselves, defining traits bind them together and demonstrate that although contradictions are inevitable, humanity is fundamentally the same — even if their sameness stems from the very fact that they are paradoxical.

Both use such mechanisms as means to further their political ambitions, carefully constructing their interactions with others.

antony and cleopatra relationship essay

Similarly, both blur the traditional lines of masculinity and femininity. Both characters also intertwine characteristics usually associated purely with the East or West.

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Egypt and Rome are also presented as paradoxical in Antony and Cleopatra, and although they do possess many differences, several parallels can also be drawn. Neither Egypt nor Rome are singular in their defining features, with both having comedy and tragedy constantly interwoven throughout them.

Cleopatra describes here that the horse should be flattered to be supporting such a wonderful man, although this is slightly humorous, as the horse would not feel any honour, we still sense the extreme fidelity Cleopatra has toward Antony.

antony and cleopatra relationship essay

We can see here how important Cleopatra is to him and just how much he is willing to give up for her. Stands he, or sits he? We imagine her to be entranced by her love for him, as she is asking questions when she does not require an answer. This gives us the image of her staring into amidst, thinking of all the different things Antony is doing.

All of this love and devotion led to Lepidus and Caesar resenting the time the once noble Antony spent in Egypt, and despised his neglect of duty.

antony and cleopatra relationship essay

As we hear from Enobarbus: It therefore seems completely illogical to fight by sea. The reader believes this because we know that Enobarbus is not fooled by love, therefore we have more reason to trust his judgement. This shows how Shakespeare uses love to move the readers trust to different characters.

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This raises the suspicion that perhaps Antony is showing off, as such, to Cleopatra. He may not want to back down to a dare from fear of losing bravery.

We could accept Antony showing off to Cleopatra however it seems strange that Cleopatra supports Antony fighting at sea: Cleopatra knows it is best for Antony to fight on land but is determined to make him do what she wants and not the wisest thing. Cleopatra is toying with Antony as she did in the first scene.

Controversy and Parallelism of Antony and Cleopatra

She is enjoying her power over Antony and increasing her ego tremendously. Ultimately Antony is saying he would die for her. Antony refers to Cleopatra at the end of this deciding scene as a: We see here that Antony has full faith and trust in Cleopatra and her ships.