Article on mother and daughter relationship

The Mother-Daughter Relationship Is Deeply Complex (Even Science Agrees) |

article on mother and daughter relationship

It's science: The mother-daughter bond is even more powerful than we thought . This article is sponsored by Algoflame Milk Warmer. The mother and daughter bond influences our lives in ways we may not even realise. Researcher Karen Fingerman, Ph.D., found that despite conflicts and complicated emotions, the mother-daughter bond is so strong that

The Role of a Mother Nourisher Mothers are natural givers because of the mother-child connection in the womb.

article on mother and daughter relationship

Mothers should promote, support, and encourage good behaviours in the development of their children. Teach and Train, with positive Examples Effective teaching and training cannot take place without positive examples. Teach from the formative years with positive examples when the child is at an age to listen attentively with the hope for permanent retention. Mothers must teach and train with discipline, and clearly understandable instructions at the age for the child to grasp and assimilate to ask questions and for interpretations.

The Mother-Daughter Relationship

If a mother spanks a child she should explain the purpose and complete the discipline with love. If the mother forbids a request, she should explain the reasons why so the child understands that it is not good for him or her. Do not leave the child hanging in ignorance because curiosity will make him or her want to find out, why. Love Unfortunately, many mothers do not express love towards their children.

Some girls go outside of the home to find someone to love who is usually the wrong person. Where maternal love is non-existent in the formative years for a girl, she ends up in the wrong places with the wrong persons. The lack of love in the early years to a daughter is as important as milk is to a newborn. There are adult women with war stories of mothers who neglected them by leaving them to the wolves in this jungle of a world to fight off fiends who only want to abuse and mistreat them.

Mothers who abdicate their duties to their children [daughter] will certainly reap a harvest. Some of those women are still suffering the disappointment as I write. Each mother has an obligation to show and express love to her child. Whether the father lives in the home or not, makes no difference. If anyone ought to love a child, a mother has this duty to her child. Compassionate Every mother ought to show compassion to the child of her womb. The compassionate mother is forgiving without duress or coercion.

The Mother-Daughter Relationship

Only a careless, heartless, and insensitive mother who will neglect her daughter; because she does not know how to show sincere love to her own child would hold on to grudges.

There are times when a girl, due to neglect or curiosity goes out and do the wrong thing. This error in judgment does not give a mother the right to abandon her daughter. If there is ever a time that girl needs compassion, it is at the time when she realizes her mistake and comes home [to mother] for help.

Every child will not obey instructions until when it is too late. Nevertheless, mothers should still stand by to help and assist when there is a need for [ER] life-learning emergency assistance to a daughter.

Show me a mother who has never made a mistake in life! But pick your battles. Instead of arguing about something so small, Mintle put the hat on and moved on. Put yourself in her shoes. But a panoramic lens provides a much wider view, letting us see the object in a larger context.

article on mother and daughter relationship

Mintle views forgiveness as key for well-being. Balance individuality and closeness. It can be challenging for daughters to build their own identities.

article on mother and daughter relationship

Sometimes daughters think that in order to become their own person, they must cut off from their moms, Mintle said. Both are clearly problematic. But daughters can find their voices and identities within the relationship.

The Mother-Daughter Relationship Is Deeply Complex (Even Science Agrees)

We learn how to deal with conflict and negative emotions through our families, Mintle said. Mintle and her mom had a positive relationship but sometimes struggled with this balance.

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When Mintle was a well-established professional in her 30s, her mom would still tell her what to do. Then, she realized that she had to talk to her mom in a different way. The next night her mom said the same thing, Mintle used humor: Moms and daughters disagree on many topics, such as marriage, parenting and career, and they usually try to convince the other to change those opinions, Cohen-Sandler said.

Moms feel threatened and rejected that their daughters are making different decisions.

15 Insights on Improving Mother-Daughter Relationships

Daughters think their moms disapprove of them and get defensive. Stick to the present. It becomes their default disagreement. Talk about how you want to communicate. But if you want to reach me during the day [with something] more urgent, just text me.

One way to ease into reconnecting with your mom or daughter is by setting clear-cut boundaries. Boundaries are key for any healthy relationship. For instance, when visiting your mom or daughter for the holidays, stay at a hotel. If you can create and maintain boundaries with her, then you can do this with anyone else, such as your boss or partner, Mintle said.

A daughter might involve dad because mom is driving her crazy.