Balthier and ashe relationship

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balthier and ashe relationship

I tried to picture a romantic relationship between Ashe, and some of the male I think that Vaan likes Penelo and Ashe is in love with Balthier. I voted for Balthier/Ashe and Basch/Ashe. Why? I'm not really sure. . The closest romantic relationship we have is Ashe/Vaan or Vaan/Penelo. Not that Balthier, Fran, Penelo, and Vaan aren't important. Basch and Ashe just seem to have more of a connection to what's going on in the.

Shortly after the Archadians moved in to occupy Rabanastre, he and Captain Azelas led an assault on Nalbina Fortress in an attempt to save the king, only to be captured by Imperial forces. His brother Noah, now called Gabranth and in the employ of Archadia, posed as Basch and slew the Dalmascan king and Vaan's older brother, Reks, who witnessed the crime.

Basch was denounced by the Dalmascans as a traitor and reportedly executed by Marquis Ondore. Though all three were initially suspicious of him especially Vaan, who blamed him for Reks's deathBasch protested his innocence and told them about his twin. The party decided his story was plausible and released him. Basch explained that his vow to defend Ashe had given him purpose and a renewed sense of honor. He also appears in Itadaki Street Portable. She dreams of being a dancer, and learned martial arts from her older brothers.

Migelo, a friend to Penelo's parents, took them under his care and gave them work at his sundry shop. Penelo is usually trying to keep Vaan out of trouble, but she could not stop Vaan from intruding into the palace grounds. This encounter forced her into a series of events, when she was kidnapped by Bangaa headhunter Ba'gamnan and held as hostage in exchange for Balthier.

When she managed to escape, she met with Larsa Solidor, one of the sons of Archadian Emperor Gramis, who took care of her and convinced her he wished to make peace with Dalmasca.

When she is finally reunited with Vaan, she made him promise not to leave her side, and ever since traveled with Vaan, furthering their relationship as sky pirate and partner.

In the backstory of Final Fantasy XII, she has terrible cooking skills, despite being the motherly figure to the other orphans, and in the sequel, she is trying her best to improve her skills by running a diner on the Galbana.

Final Fantasy XII

Penelo also appears in Itadaki Street Portable. He and his Viera companion, Fran, prefer to remain outside politics, making their living off of whomever has the most for the taking. Vaan gets to the magicite first, and when Balthier and Fran confront him, the three of them are caught up in the chaos of a rebel assault on the palace. Cid Cidolfus Demen Bunansa. Balthier received many privileges as Cid's son, including being made an Imperial Judge, but eventually cut ties with his father when Cid became consumed by his experimentation with nethicite.

Balthier is now a renowned career criminal with a sizable bounty on his head, and must be careful to avoid the attention of both the law and the bounty hunters seeking the reward for his capture.

He originally joins the resistance in the hope of reacquiring the Dusk Shard, but when he learns it is actually a piece of nethicite, he sees too much of his father's obsession in his own quest and decides to abandon the search. Cid at the Pharos, Balthier makes peace with his father and helps the group to destroy the Sky Fortress Bahamut as penance for Cid's deeds. Balthier says that he is to be the "leading man" of the story many times throughout the game, and insists that this makes him invincible, since the hero always emerges in one piece.

Balthier was at first intent to take Lemures' treasure, the Auracite, but knew the truth behind it and attempted to destroy the Auralith, eventually rejoining Vaan's group to fight the Judge of Wings, letting Vaan be the "leading man" while he himself leaves the limelight.

He made a crossover appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Like all Viera, she is exceptionally sensitive to the magical Mist that permeates Ivalice, and is affected by it on three separate occasions: When the party reaches Giruvegan, she can detect the Mist nearby has cooled and is less intense.

Fran once lived with her sisters Jote and Mjrn in Eruyt Village, the secluded Viera settlement in Golmore Jungle, but became restless and desired to see the outside world. This was a major source of conflict between her and the other viera, especially her elder sister Jote, who served as the village matriarch. She learns from Jote that their youngest sister Mjrn has run off to the nearby magicite mines. When Fran finds her and brings her back, Mjrn reveals she wishes to leave Golmore, but Fran advises her against doing so, relating how her own independence has cost her her family and the ability to commune with the Wood.

Jote replies that The Wood misses her child and is jealous of the hume that has taken her away. Fran smiles for the first time in the game, knowing her sister is lying and still cares for her, as she leaves The Wood for good. She also appears in Itadaki Street Portable. Though only twelve years old, Larsa is idealistic and believes that the strife within Ivalice can be quelled without war.

balthier and ashe relationship

He travels with Vaan and company under the alias "Lamont" during their trip to the Lhusu Mines to rescue Penelo. However, his knowledge of nethicite exposes him. He leaves the party at Mt. Bur-Omisace, after learning from Al-Cid Margrace that his father had been murdered, attempting to reason with Vayne. After his brother is defeated, Larsa takes his place in the Archadian throne and settles into peace agreements with Basch as his protector.

Vossler fought alongside Basch, during the counter-attack at Nalbina Fortress. Like Reks, he too was tricked into thinking Basch was responsible for killing King Raminas.

After the battle, he fled underground, and joined the Resistance, alongside Princess Ashe. For the next two years, he protected the Princess, as well as trying to restore their lost Kingdom.

Skeptical of the traitor, Vossler eventually learns to trust his friend once again. Vossler dons an Archadian judge armor to fool the guards and enable them to rescue the Princess, and escape to Bhujerba where they plan to keep the Princess safe.

However, the Princess decides to take matters in her own hands and travel to the Tomb of Raithwall to obtain the treasure of the Dynast-King.

Vossler catches up, after being left behind, at the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, while on their way to the Tomb. He offers to protect Princess Ashe once again, despite objecting to Balthier and Fran's invading the royal tomb.

Here, Vossler reveals that he, embittered by their "profitless battle", has made a deal with the Archadian Empire so that Dalmasca's sovereignty could be restored. As Ashe and the others escape in an airship, the nethicite explosion from the Leviathan annihilates the fleet, Vossler is presumably alive because the Shiva was seen able to escape the explosion, albeit badly damaged.

balthier and ashe relationship

Filled with guilt, he abandoned his post and took on the name "Reddas", arriving in Balfonheim where he cleaned up the town and became a patron to pirates. When Cid activated the Sun-Cryst, Reddas sacrificed himself by using the Sword of Kings to destroy the crystal, unleashing an explosion which vaporized him and most of the upper Pharos.

He ensures the complete subjugation of Nabradia and Dalmasca and exterminates their royal families in order to acquire their deifacted nethicite. He confronts Dalmasca's resistance movement with absolute ruthlessness, accepting no surrender.

Final Fantasy XII - Fanlore

He even goes so far as to murder his own ailing father and frame the Imperial senators, to put an end to their scheming against himself and Larsa, and to level cities in nethicite testing experiments.

Basch explains it was his twin brother Gabranth who killed the king and Vaan's brother in his guise, and Balthier notes the two do have the same face. Back in Rabanastre, the party disperses. Balthier is accosted by the bangaa Migelowho claims Ba'Gamnan has kidnapped Penelo because he mistook her as someone close to Balthier. He is initially unwilling to go to Bhujerba to rescue her, but Basch asks him to fly him there so he can meet Marquis Ondoreand when Vaan promises Balthier the Goddess's Magicite in return, he agrees to fly them all to the sky city.

Balthier, "Lamont", and Vaan in Lhusu Mines. In Bhujerba the group meets a youth who introduces himself as Lamont. Balthier is suspicious but allows the boy to accompany them to the Lhusu Mines where the Archadian Empire is mining magicite to be used in the Draklor Laboratory in Archades, and where Ba'Gamnan is said to be holding Penelo captive.

Hearing about the magicite perks Balthier's interest and he attempts to force the boy to reveal his true identity as Larsa Solidorbut Ba'Gamnan interrupts the group and they escape.

On their way out the party watches Larsa aid Penelo, who had been caught wandering the mines alone after being set free by Ba'Gamnan, and take her to Marquis Ondore's estate as his guest.

Balthier suggests they attract the Resistance's attention to gain entrance into the estate. After Vaan spreads rumors of the supposedly executed Basch still being alive, the Resistance grants them an audience. Amalia's true identity is that of the reportedly dead Princess Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca. After Ashe is advised to stay within Ondore's estate to bid out the Archadian Empire, Balthier finds her aboard the Strahl attempting to steal it.

She asks Balthier to "kidnap" her and take her to the Tomb of Raithwall where the proof of her royal lineage lies, hoping she could claim Dalmasca's throne. Balthier threatened by Judge Ghis onboard the Leviathan. Vossler, who accompanies the party, voices his disdain of traveling with sky pirates. Much to Balthier's disappointment the treasure of Raithwall's Tomb turns out to be control of the Esper, and naught of monetary value.

Upon exiting the tomb Ghis's Imperial Fleet accosts them and it turns out Vossler has betrayed them. Ghis takes the Dawn Shard and attempts to evaluate it but unleashes the nethicite's magick and destroys the entire 8th Archadian Fleet while Balthier and the others escape with Balthier piloting another carrier ship. Spotting the Dawn Shard glinting in the sky after the explosion he steers the ship to retrieve it before descending to Rabanastre.

After witnessing the nethicite's power, Ashe decides to wield it as her weapon to restore Dalmasca, but does not know how to use it. She wants Balthier to accompany her to Jahara to ask the garif 's help, but Balthier is skeptical. As collateral, Balthier requests a ring on Ashe's finger.

Ashe and Basch (spoilers)

Due to the Strahl being damaged in the 8th Fleet's destruction, the group walks their way to Jahara, but the garif are no help to Ashe's plight. They meet up with Larsa who wishes for Ashe to become queen and ally with the Empire to quell the looming war. Basch questions Balthier's intentions, worried for Ashe's safety. Balthier accompanies the party through Golmore Jungle to Mt Bur-Omisace where they meet with Gran Kiltias Anastasis who reveals the Emperor Gramis Gana Solidor has been murdered with Vayne succeeding him, foiling their plan for a truce.

Anastasis tells them of a sword that can cut through nethicite, and while Larsa remains behind, the rest of the group heads off to the Stilshrine of Miriam where Ashe retrieves the Sword of Kings. With the sword she vows to destroy the Empire's nethicite and the party heads to Archadia with the intention of destroying the nethicite within Doctor Cid's possession. When they stop to rest in the Phon Coast 's Hunters' Camp Balthier questions Ashe's intentions, comparing her drive to that of his father's.

He reveals his Imperial past and his relation to Doctor Cid, as well as his suspicions of an unknown creature his father spoke of named Venat. He vows to persevere in their endeavor to cut the ties to his past, and implores Ashe to not allow the stone's power to consume her, as it did his father. Balthier leads the way through his father's laboratory. In Archades Balthier splits from the party who comes across Balthier's old "friend," Juleswho embezzles the chops Balthier gave him to give to Vaan and the others.

They reconvene and head to the Draklor Laboratory in search of Cid, but find the lab suspiciously lacking in Imperial presence. On discovering Cid's ransacked office Balthier inspects some old papers and questions what madness found him six years ago in the Jagd Difohr.

In the 70th floor they find Reddasa rogue sky pirate responsible for the lack of guards and soldiers. They follow him to Cid where Balthier demands he turn over the Dusk Shard, the very same Goddess's Magicite that Judge Ghis had taken from the party earlier.

Balthier is forced to draw his weapon when Cid challenges the party, backed by the power of nethicite and his Occurian ally, Venat. Balthier realizes Cid was never mad, but when he appeared to be speaking to thin air he was actually conversing with Venat, a mysterious being who can make itself invisible to everyone but those it wishes to be seen by.

Cid retreats and claims to be heading out to the Ancient City of Giruvegan to gather more nethicite.