Barbara eden and larry hagman relationship

barbara eden and larry hagman relationship

Barbara Eden still haunted by her son's death. When the cameras rolled my co- star Larry Hagman was wonderful but he despised My deep depression destroyed our relationship and after 15 years together we divorced. Barbara Eden on spurning Hollywood heartthrobs and meeting Marilyn Monroe. out of the way: did you and Larry Hagman ever indulge in an off-set love affair? No, we did not. Although I must say that Larry and I do have a connection. Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman in I Dream Of Jeannie “We did not, although Larry and I had a connection, something that was intangible.

She was very stylish and had this knack of being able to find clothes on sale but look as if she had stepped out of Vogue. Each night, we'd do dishes and she'd sing Gilbert and Sullivan ditties. I'd join in and, through her, developed a passion for singing. She always encouraged me and I knew she was there for me. Well into my teens, dating wasn't a priority; I focused on singing and studying acting.

When I stayed with my aunt and uncle in Los Angeles an introduction to a talent scout at Warner Brothers came my way. After asking about my drama training, he produced a picture of his daughter and said, "See, honey, that's what you need. The experience taught me not to listen to people's negativity, but to follow my heart instead. While staying at the Hollywood Studio Club, which provided a home for women in show business, I took a dancing job at Ciro's nightclub on Sunset Boulevard.

One night, Elvis Presley called the owner and asked for a date [with Eden]. I assumed the owner was kidding and didn't think about it again untilwhen I worked with him on the film Flaming Star. Elvis had such good manners and was lovely to talk to. He signed a photo to my sister, which she keeps at her bedside till this day.

I didn't see the future president when I was introduced, as he was wrapped in an enormous overcoat, and so just said hello and goodbye.

As I was boarding the plane, I put my hand in my coat pocket and there was a note that said, "Call me", and a phone number. I binned the piece of paper, but I wish I still had it.

barbara eden and larry hagman relationship

I Dream of Jeannie lasted more than episodes. Like any celebrity, Larry was often asked for autographs by his fans.

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But unlike other stars, Larry would always ask the person to either sing him a song or tell him a joke in exchange of this signature. He explained that he was "getting something back" from the autograph seekers. He eventually stopped the joke-telling custom because his fans kept telling dirty jokes.

barbara eden and larry hagman relationship

InRobert Downey, Jr. Instead, Larry offered to pick up the tab for Downey's drug rehab program. Universally known as an actor, Larry was also a TV and film director. He directed two episodes of I Dream of Jeannie as well as 32 episodes of Dallas. Inhe made his film directorial debut with the low-budget horror flick Beware! He jokingly would refer to the films as "the film that J. Larry Spoke at O'Connell's funeral on June 26, InLarry was offered two TV series, one being Dallas, a nighttime soap opera.

The other was a new sitcom called The Waverly Wonders. Luckily for Larry, he opted for the former. One of them was [when] my mother came to visit the set for the first time. And it was a show in which the genie was trapped in a safe. And of course, they would jiggle the set whenever someone would pick up this safe. Well, they jiggled it a little too hard and the lipstick fell over and hit me on the head. I was out for a couple of minutes.

barbara eden and larry hagman relationship

My mother was having a fit! Just having a fit. I have a big 'thank-you' to the media for that. I was on the set one day and [a writer] for The Hollywood Reporter walked on the set and right over to me.

He started writing about my belly button I know a lot of women are known for very glamorous body parts, but my navel?

'Larry was a troubled man' Barbara Eden opens up about I Dream of Jeannie co-star

What was your impression of Elvis? He was a lovely man. Was a hard worker. A very good actor and wanted to be. This was the only film that he really had a chance of showing he could act. He got excellent reviews on the film. But he was excellent.

barbara eden and larry hagman relationship

Oh my, that was mind-boggling for me. It was the third job I had in Los Angeles and she was so good to me.