Bleach rukia and renji relationship

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bleach rukia and renji relationship

I am huge bleach enthusiast, I am gonna review the Renji x Rukia relationship that was created at the end of the manga. After more than 15 years in print, Tite Kubo finally brought Bleach to an end As for Rukia, her childhood connection with Renji was a strong. RENJI AND RUKIA'S RELATIONSHIP IN THE BLEACH RELATIONSHIP CHART AND CHAPTER The fact that the creator/s of this chart.

bleach rukia and renji relationship

He was not allowed to associate himself with her; Izuru who is a noble knows this and tells Renji that 'she is a complete different place from us'. When he was finally on equal status as her because of his promotion to Vice-Captain Ikkaku told him to talk to her. Obviously Ikkaku knows of Renji's goal since he helped Renji train.

Renji said he'd wait until Rukia got back from her mission aka the start of the series: This could just be a huge challenge for Renji just to get his friend back but I think it's more. This seems a little more than screaming for a friend. Let's move onto Renji vs.

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I suggest you re-read it to refresh your memory. We can see Renji reminiscing about Rukia before his fight.

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After losing to 'the moon' he reflects on his efforts and then a theme that kept on being addressed showed up again. This is brought up over and over and over again. First when they separated. Nextwhen Renji loses to Byakuya After Rukia was saved and thrown to Renji you can see the emphasis on the hand. A few chapters later Renji is telling Rukia on how none of these scenarios were her fault and that she should stop blaming herself.

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She is proud that she has been a good mentor figure and nakama to him, and she values to be able to help Ichigo and guide him. As Nodt said that her fears would resonate at the back of her mind when she closed her eyes, and that is what we see in that panel with her memories, she has her eyes closed in that scene, so Rukia at that moment had fears, so she had to open her eyes, as we saw in the next panel, because she was feeling more fear when she had her eyes closed, so her remembering those scenes with Ichigo, Byakuya and Orihime is a representation of her fears.

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So her fear has to be to lose those important relationships to her, or that her important relationships become unimportant, empty, like the blackened eyes and mouths of them might represent, and even her own eyes and mouth appear like this in the memories.

Rukia had meaningful and good memories of all of them in those scenes, so if that was the theme, Rukia has had meaningful scenes of reconciliation with Renji in the SS arc. She also had happy memories of their childhood days with Renji to remember, and Rukia looked really happy in those days.

In fact Rukia must have shared with Renji a lot of happy moments, and a lot of sad moments too. They have gone together through so many happy and sad moments in their lives, at least until their separation.

bleach rukia and renji relationship

And their separation showed that Rukia was very afraid to lose her relationship with Renji. Have they regained and strengthened their relationship to the point that Rukia is not afraid to lose her relationship with Renji anymore? Is this the fear that As Nodt said she had been avoiding so far, a fear of the past that perhaps she had been trying to hide, even to herself? We knew how she felt about her relationship with Byakuya since very early in the manga.

We can only deduce her feelings through her actions.