Bonang and aka relationship marketing

DJ Zinhle on AKA: We are at a good stage & space in our lives

bonang and aka relationship marketing

A tweet has alluded to the status of Bonang and AKA's relationship. Norman Kasule (C), the marketing manager Ice Cream and Cake festival. “even my ex called me a big fan,” - yup DJ Zinhle called him out for this back when The song is literally AKA addressing their relationship and. I'm a relationship type, but for the first time I can say I'm in a relationship with myself.” Bonang (31) and AKA's break-up was the talk of Mzansi and their three this month – as possible, in between marketing his new album.

AKA surprises Bonang with Louis Vuitton

Hard work is one of the biggest things, but you need to have a plan of what you want to get done, be consistent as well as have respect for relationships. A week before our daughter was born, I found out about an affair between Kiernan the father of my child and Bonang Matheba.

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I also received confirmation of all rumours through an honest conversation which I had with Kiernan, who confirmed that the affair had been going on for over 5 months. I will always respect him for his honesty. I have dealt with this and found peace with his choice. DJ Zinhle wrote on her blog the following: That being said, after a long period of introspection, I would still say what I have always said to every women who has come to me with their challenges and pain.

On the 12th of Augusta picture of Dj Zinhle and AKA getting cosy began circulating after they were spotted at Sandton nightclub and rumors began circulating with the impression that they were back together. Jozitube or click here: Since signing with them, she has realized a full album and two single under the label. The range is both casual and sexy, so it appeals to women who like dressing down and those who enjoy the attention.

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With a new child and a thriving career, her approach to life, love and work is really interesting. As DJ Zinhle has previously explained in her blog: Many people claimed that he had conned them of millions of rands in a bogus foreign exchange trading scheme. The demand of TV presenting and the pressures of her new found fame resulted in Bonang cutting short her tertiary education and dropping out to focus solely on her career as a presenter on South Africa's most watched music series.

bonang and aka relationship marketing

Her parents her father being a University professor weren't too thrilled about her dropping out of her studies to pursue a television career. Bonang has said in many interviews that she had to work hard to convince them that dropping out of university was crucial to her realising her dreams. She quickly became the country's most popular celebrity and often referred to as "South Africa's original it girl".

bonang and aka relationship marketing

In she appeared for the first time on television as an actor in the hit drama series, InterSEXions, where she played Nurse Seipati. After the episode aired, Bonang was quoted as saying, she knows her limits, and respects actors and their craft and would not be pursuing a career in acting.

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During her Top Billing debut, the show's producers reported a large spike in viewership. Although not confirmed, her pay check was rumored to be in the early eight figures.

bonang and aka relationship marketing

Inhigh-end South African retail brand, Woolworths South Africarevealed a collaboration with Bonang on a luxury lingerie line, "Bonang for Distraction", that sees the two brands releasing sultry bedroom-wear collections yearly. Her show The Front Row enjoyed great listenership until a dispute with the radio station's manager, after an on-air reshuffle that saw Bonang hosting the show alongside her rumored longtime industry rival Lerato Kganyago without her notification arose.

Outraged by their lack of communication, Bonang resigned from the radio station the next day. It was later revealed that during her trip she had taken meetings with the Brazilian sandal-makers and even shot an advertisement in Rio de Janeiro.

bonang and aka relationship marketing