Brandon and stella relationship help

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brandon and stella relationship help

Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Stella, Brandon the abused relationship that Bloom had, instead of helping her, she. Do you have some hc's about Stella and Brandon's relationship?. Anonymous This inspires Stella to help the maids in certain tasks as well. - They get. Stella and Brandon are a romantic couple featured in Winx Club. Their relationship struggles mostly consist of jealousy and Brandon's initial lie of In " Friends in Need," Stella proposed that the Winx call the boys over to "help" them with.

Also Andy's and Ryo's friend, and a guitarist of the band. He likes Stella, but knowing that Stella loves another person, he granted her happiness.

Joy Fiamatta Asto Solaria: Stella's 6 years-old daughter, named Joy because she smiled joyfully ever since she was born. She and Sunny are best friends, but didn't know that she herself crushing on Sunny as she was too young to know.

Sunny Candolebonte Sparks Domino: Bloom's 7 years-old son, and treats Andy as his father. Likes Joy but also doesn't know it too as he was still young This story will take places after "please remember" is finished, and I'll update "accused" too after this story was published.

So guys, just wait! And then the poor Bloom whom is suffering?! Just then, I noticed the time. Oh my, I didn't expect that I'm late, again! I begin to pack up my stuff panicky, as I do not want to be late, again.

After reaching the carpark, I hop into my red sports car and drove off. After a long traffic, I've finally reached there. Just to see that my daughter was on her way back home with my best friend, Bloom. Just then, I saw my daughter continue to walk and ignored my existence.

I sighed and chased up to her, carrying her up with the same old way. I've become happy because of her cheerful smile and forgiveness. I hopped back into the car, put on my seatbelts and drove off.

Except you, I'm quite disappointed. What should I do? Just then, I heard Joy cried, and she's hugging Bloom tight. Thanks to Bloom, without her I really don't know what to do. He's able to take care of himself at such a young age, well just a year older than my little girl.

It may be young, but who knows that they will fall in love in the future? I stopped the car on a nearby carpark, got out and head towards the playground.

Flashback I was still nobility, the heiress of Solaria family. But everything changes because of my beloved boyfriend, Brandon. Everything starts while we are in High school, which is the school for nobilities.

Me, Stella Berneice Asto Solaria and Brandon Aloysius Earklyon started dating with each other, from a small puppy crush to a true love relationship. We both love each other, but then everything changes when I went to the Earklyon's Nobility party on that fateful night. At first, everything goes great. There's party, dances, foods and party again. But when it comes to after party, Brandon and the rest are drunk, leaving only me, Musa, Layla and Flora awake.

Flora brought Helia back home, so as Musa bringing back her husband. Layla help Sky and Diaspro up, while me myself help Brandon back to his room. When we've reached his room, I took off Brandon's shoes after taking off my heels, and threw him onto the bed, stared at him for a moment or two. Stella and Brandon were separated from the others.

They arrived in a village called Downland. There they met Sponsus and Queen Amentia. Amentia took a real liking to Brandon, which infuriated Stella, who was weak from the lack of sunlight. After a recharge, she reunited with Bloom, Sky, and Aisha.

When they rescued the Pixies, Amore saw Stella and a bond of sisterhood was born. After that, Stella was determined to get Brandon back from Amentia. Amore helped with this by putting in one of her soul mate blossoms in Amentia's bouquet.

Thanks to this act, Amentia dumped Brandon for Sponsus, to Stella and Aisha in the Relix hus saving him from being married and bring him back to Stella. Before a big mid-term exam involving convergence, Stella came up with an idea to help the girls bond better; a slumber party. During the party, she told her friends of a fifth grade crush on Robby of Anphelion and her hopes of him asking her to a dance at her school.

Unfortunately, he asked a girl named Kimberly from Olimpis and she said yes. Stella wanted to ruin the date by casting a break-out spell but Stella goofed up and broke Kimberly's leg, but instead of asking Stella, Robby stayed with Kimberly for the whole dance and held her hand.

During the test, Stella's contribution was giving the titan vision. After passing the exam, Stella, the rest of the Winx and the Pixies went to Earth with Bloom and nearly got involved with a gang called "The Suits". After that incident, Stella and the other girls went to a Halloween party and got the last laugh.

brandon and stella relationship help

Afterward, the girls and Specialists went to a resort realm and Stella showed off a brand new swimsuit that was just for show. The day after, Aisha suggests they send a postcard to Stella's parents, but Aisha did not know that they were divorced until Stella told her causing an argument between the two which leads to Aisha storming off. Stella then went to apologize to Aisha, thus earning her Charmix. She solved a puzzle involving colors, while joking about making the teachers to reconsider her grades.

Stella changed into a monster Stella plays a rather big part in this season. It starts off at her Princess Ball, where her father announces he will be remarrying. The bride-to-be is the wicked Countess Cassandra along with her daughter, Chimera. With the help of Valtor, Cassandra puts King Radius under a spell.

At her Princess Ball, Stella is spelled herself by Chimera, turning her into a hideous beast and under the influence of Cassandra, her father refuses to recognize her as his daughter. But the Winx girls manage to break the spell and turn Stella back to normal. Stella earns her Enchantix by saving her father from a dragon during the thousand-year anniversary of the Kingdom of Eraklyon after Diaspro tricks Sky into drinking a love potion given to her by Valtor.

She later breaks Diaspro's hold on Sky with the use of her newly acquired Fairy Dust. Stella later breaks Cassandra's hold on her father by storming in their wedding ceremony, thus freeing her kingdom and regaining her rightful place as the Princess of Solaria. During Bloom's quest to defeat Valtor and save her parents, Stella is ever faithful and supportive and always willing to help.

During this season, Stella and Brandon's relationship grows as well. When the boys come to Earth to watch over the girls, Bloom's Earth rival, Mitzi, gets a crush on Brandon and is determined to make him hers.

This infuriates Stella and causes her to constantly question Brandon's loyalty since Mitzi constantly follows him around.


Stella in Season 5 Stella is once again seen with the Winx. She is then seen watching the Royal Crowning Ceremony and then flying off to the save Gardenia's beach from the oil spill with the Winx.

She is also seen annoyed when Miss Faragonda told them that they must acquire the Sirenix power, in order to defeat Tritannus. Stella also meets a selkie named, Illiris and bonds with her.

She also later put on an fashion show, but her attempts were ruined as the other students lost interest. She tried to ask her Guardian of Sirenix about an opinion, but her Guardian gets annoyed for being summoned for something as simple as a fashion show. While trying to find some clothes and jewelry, Stella touches a spell and turns into a little kid and her personality changes as well.

The spell later wears off. Stella, along with the rest of the Winx, acquired Sirenix in "Sirenix," and entered the Infinite Ocean along with their Selkies. In "The Pillar of Light," her father becomes ill after the seal from the Pillar of Light was taken by Tritannus, causing an eclipse throughout the Magic Dimension.

Stella and the other girls minus Bloom arrived at Domino along with the Specialists for Domino's party, which is for Daphne's revival. They helped Daphne get ready for the party.

At the party, the Trix interrupted and summoned a creature, The Beast of the Depths, which then attacks the guests and everyone at the event. The Winx try to defeat it using their Sirenix powers, but failed and discovered that only Daphne can command it to leave Domino. Daphne has lost her confidence, so the Winx leave and try to find the "Inspiration of Sirenix" in Lake Roccaluce, which the Sirenix Guardians said it can make inspire Daphne to believe she still has her powers.

The Winx later discover that they are the Inspiration and quickly leaves, but are blocked by the Trix, though Stella and the girls managed to defeat them easily and leave. Back at the Domino palace, the Winx manage to inspire Daphne, making her transform and drive the creature away. The Winx and the rest of the party celebrate, and Stella and the girls flew up in the air and decorate it with their Sirenix powers.

In "The Legendarium", it is revealed that Stella is opening a fashion boutique Stella's couture at Alfea. She had designed new outfits for the Winx. When she goes to visit Eraklyon with her father, she meets Brandon, who acted mean to her.

When they get to know each other more, Brandon changes. But is there something in the way? I do now own the characters in this story. Except for a few. I'll ask some readers if they want to have an OC in this story only if I need them.

Stella and Brandon

I want to make another Stella and Brandon story. Well here it is! I am now currently working on three Stella and Brandon stories. I hope you get to check them out! Getting Ready for the Trip Stella's P.

V Today is the second week of summer. I was in my bedroom, looking at myself in the mirror. My wall color was orange, and I sure love that color.

My bed was green and pink. I also love those colors. Today, my parents told me we are going somewhere. I'm not sure where, but I am sure it'll be fun.

So anyways, I walked into my bathroom, and took a quick shower. When I was finished, I got ready to change. I wore a white strapless gown that touched the ground. It had a yellow ribbon on my waist. Soon, I went to my walk in closet, and searched for a perfect heel for me to wear. I found a golden princess heel, and I puts it on.

Then, I walked out, and saw my tiara. I put it on. In the middle of the Tiara, was half yellow and half blue jewel. And I never forget about it, and I put on my ring of Solaria. It always matched every outfit I wear. Even though it's a completely different color, it will always match any outfit. I'm pretty happy I got it. It would make me safe, anytime and anywhere.

I sure love that ring so much. Anyways, I walked out of my room, and I reached the Solarian hallways. I saw so many servants, and they would always smile and call me beautiful.

I was close to the dining room, which was huge just for me and my father. I always wondered why my mother had a divorced with my father. Was anything wrong with my father? I mean, my father is the nicest father you will ever meet. But I don't know about my mother. She is also sweet. I just wondered what happened to both of them.

When I opened the door to the hallways, I saw my father eating with some other royal people. I smiled, and bowed back at them.

brandon and stella relationship help

I always had to bow when they first talk to me. I guess being a princess is pretty awesome—for others. How is your breakfast sir? I didn't actually know his name, but at least I'm meeting someone knew. I think meeting people is a fun thing to do once you're someone like me. Why won't you try it? Come now, let's eat," he said. I just nodded, and walked over the table. I wanted to eat alone, so I did. I sat away from all of them. It was a huge long table with more than twenty seats I think.

I sat in the most farthest.

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He got up from his chair, and walked over to me. I wonder what he's going to do with me. It's just that I wonder where we are going," I replied. He smiled, and sat on a chair which was near mine. You could have asked me earlier.