Britain and germany love hate relationship

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britain and germany love hate relationship

Britain's love/hate relationship with 'foreigners' during the Second World War The majority of Germans arriving from were Jewish, and. I fear that German stereotypes in Britain are largely negative. from Hanover spoke of her "love-hate relationship" with Britain: "London is unbelievably dirty and. If Britain and France had to put a label on their relationship, they . both nations declared war on Nazi Germany after it invaded Poland in

France was still a major European power and the two countries clashed intermittently until, towards the end of the century, a common fear of a rising Germany brought them together and made them allies in World War I. Some of the best chapters in the book deal with the interwar period and World War II, starting with the analysis of the role of both countries at the post-war Versailles peace conference.

But no disagreement either that the fall of France in was a shared defeat for which both Britain and France bear some responsibility. A moving chapter dissects the relations between Churchill and de Gaulle — surely one of the remarkable relationships of the 20th century. Churchill famously complained that the cross of Lorraine was the heaviest he had to bear. But he was also an unabashed Francophile, who understood viscerally that the survival of France was vital to Britain, even though this put him occasionally at odds with Roosevelt.

De Gaulle, in contrast, was no Anglophile and in was too precariously situated to be either generous or grateful: But the main point was that each respected the historic European nation which the other represented and submerged ancient enmity to forge a historic bond in the face of a common peril. It enjoyed thirty years of steady economic growth, Les Trentes Glorieuses. De Gaulle gave France self-respect and a new constitution and laid the foundation for the privileged relationship with Germany which ensured French influence at the heart of the newly emerging European Community.

After de Gaulle, the rivalry seemed muted, except for the perennial spats over financing the European Community. The two countries had much in common: De Gaulle transferred all the animus he felt towards Britain to the United States, which of course Roosevelt compounded with fresh grievances.

Just as France sought to expand its influence by strengthening its ties to Germany and Europe, England saw in the US a multiplier of its power and influence. But the realities of the Cold War set limits to French ambitions for Europe, while the reality of Europe limited the influence Britain derived from the special relationship with the United States.

Much changed with the end of the Cold War. The narrative seems rushed and polemical, without the admirable balance so evident elsewhere. A disappointing end to a gripping and admirable book, but perhaps it is too soon to write the history of these years. By the time of Labour's late 80s conversion, the Tories had swung the other way, despite Thatcher signing the highly integrationist Single European Act of It eventually cost her the premiership and has hobbled her party ever since.

Appeasing Europhobia by promising to quit the conservative European People's party EPP faction as "too federalist" clinched the Tory leadership for David Cameron in He has tried to walk a tightrope ever since: But the Ukip albatross grows bigger by the year and may destroy his career. At any given time there are usually about 10 former MPs, politicians who lost their Westminster seat but love the trade and found another platform.

Few have ever been major figures or become them, though ex-MEP Nick Clegg is a rare, if accidental, exception. In old age Labour's former cabinet veteran, the charismatic Barbara Castle, was once an unelected MEP and Strasbourg star, a pattern more common elsewhere in Europe. For Britain even appointing an EU commissioner is too often seen as somewhere to park an inconvenient Westminster colleague, not as a chance to augment British influence. Little wonder that turnout for European parliamentary elections has remained tepid, though at The pan-EU recession — and the embrace of austerity to address it — have only served to promote a nationalist backlash in many states, large and small.

Shaun, Stafford, England I'm English and have been brought up to have freedom in choice between who I hate and like. I personally really do hate the Scottish and Welsh though more than anything.

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Never have and never will get on. Scrivo, Evesham, England Differences, pure and simple. I used to think the French were rude, but then realised that you'll never get hit in the eye with an umbrella in Paris - wish I could say the same for here. The language thing seems to annoy people, but how many French people learn English to come to England? More so business, no? And if we learnt French, they wouldn't be able to talk about us while we were there without us knowing. Of course they are.

France runs on nuclear energy: Brits can't because they listen to hippys. French have good food: Brits have to settle for fish'n'chips. French know how to dress: Brits have to be sensible. Alot of people hate the Brits for their empire: The French couldn't get a very good empire so not many hate them. French have good weather: Brits have all weather, within a single day. French foreign legion is pretty damn cool: Gurkhas not so much.

Most French can read and write their own name: You mess around with French police aw big water cannon will knock you out: French built Suez Canal: Brits were thrown out of the suez. French decyphered the Rosseta Stone: France made the Morrocans unable to speak arabic: Brits couldn't force English on the egyptians Personally I like both equally Ahmed Osman, We hate everyone that has any slight hint of dislike for us so that's everyone, bu especially the french.

I would rather have done any other language because I am more interested in the other languages. Besides one with a different alphabet would be more of a challenge. I really don't like it when other British people say we have so much to learn from the French. The thing is people are fooled by other places' propaganda. France has plenty of problems. Although I'm French, I'm a bit tired of this old story of the hatred between the English and the French.

There are assholes everywhere. I just love English for their sense of humour, their films are so good I don't lik French films lolthe greatest music ever, they're quite clever and charming.

The English - for some apparant reason - seem to hate everyone. And I'm rather sure that the reason actually is that, they think they're better than everybody dunno why, it's a mystery, cause I don't see anything special about them. I have one more reason why I personally don't like them I think they know this, that's why they always seem so defensive if anyone comments badly on their country. Everything about the English is true. I'm washing my hands as we speak, and typing with my tongue.

He can't even write correctly in french Stan, Lille I personally don't mind the French. It's those ruddy Peruvian Llama Herders I can't stand. Alec, England I think the French hate us here much more than we hate them.

britain and germany love hate relationship

They are jealous because we have more money in these parts generally, but if the got up and did a days work they would have some too. After years of prejudice I'm beginning to hate the French and the language, though I didn't when I first came. It is sad because there's so much that's beautiful about the climate and scenery here. There have been some wonderful exceptions but most people here hate me simply because I'm English and do their best to refuse to understand my French with painful expressions.

I love it if someone speaks English with a Foreign accent. They mostly need to get a sense of humour and loosen up. Caroline Postlethwaite, Sorede, France I think you are all mad and stupid for wasting your life hating.

People who hate a particular race or country are usually trying to blame others for a failing or weakness in themselves, eg Hitler: Think smart,act smart,and look smart and you will not need to hate. Colgan, Colchester, England French and English are brother enemy with a relation of "amour-haine"! French are Celt, speak a Latin language and have the name of a German tribe "les francs".

English are also Celt proved by recent genetics studiesspeak a German language mixed with Old French and have the name of a German tribe, "les Angles". British don't hate France. Victor Serge, Lille, France Because they are trying to take over our country. They have taken over Alsace-Lorraine, Brussels and French Flanders successfully and they will try to take over your country as well.

They are imperialistic frogs. And the comment from the Autralians on here However my grandparents and lots of people of that generation hate them because they let us down so badly in the Second World War and I can totally understand that resentment. Despite quite liking the place I instinctively hate to see them do well in the world cup, or anything else, which perhaps means there is some deeper knee-jerk prejudice beneath the surface.

You say that we have a "brother to brother" relationship? Thats like saying a Korean is very fond of Japanese culture! Jack Little, Liverpool I have visited France many times and had a great time. The Brits secretly like the French but they won't admit it. Visit any supermarket car park in the UK and you will see shoppers putting shopping bags full of French wine, croissants, brie and baguettes into their Peugeots, Citroens and Renaults.

This says everything to me!

britain and germany love hate relationship

Yes; but coal is cheaper and more effective. Although some of the best tailors in the world are in London. The French couldn't get a very good empire so not many hate them'. Gurkha's not so much. Give me any British regiment any day. And wallop you with his truncheon 'French are thin: Where is that stone now?

Ooo; let me think Brits couldn't force English on the egyptians' Like I said And even in the 20th century we destroyed the French Battle Fleet! Connor Jones, Oxford I hate you, but I love you.

The French rugby team illustrates this perfectly. Playing against England I will them to lose every time, however occasionally they demonstrate a flair, passion and skill from absolutely nowhere that then destroys the competition - in true French style. They also don't know how to have fun and are boring! But most of them seem to carry one very clear thread. The 'English' do seem obsessed with the French. If it's any consolation, the French don't spend very much time in films, newspapers, etc.

Better things to do perhaps?

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Recently, myself and a few friends took part in an English-French exchange with a College from the South of France. Now, with the exception of one or two French students who were very polite to us and the other host families, all of the other students were shockingly rude, arrogant and very stuck-up!

And what do you know? Rude, arrogant and stuck-up French people everywhere! I honestly couldn't find a single one who gave me a polite gesture! Also, I'd like to congratulate Connor from Oxford for showing Ahmed what's what. I'm not saying that we definitely would have won if they didn't get involved but we would have had a much better chance. For the most part we kicked them out so they said "well if we can't have it, neither can you.

We French just don't want you to do well. French conquest of England abolished English Old English as the language of official use, King Harold was dead and the rest of English nobility were deposed, and replaced by French ponces who tried to make us all speak French and Latin. The Anlgo-Saxon chronicles were given up on, and hundreds of Old English books and documents were destroyed. It was the end of an era for the language that Beowolf was written in. By the time the English people and language emerged from Norman subjugation no less than years later, English emerged as Middle English with many Latin and French words now interspersed in the vocabulary.

Of course one of the primary reasons it was brought back into officialdom was because it was seen as a unifying factor that brought the country together in the face of a not so new enemy that England now stood against, the French!

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Some French people do, but for special occasions only, and often in very expensive restaurants I am an upper class, wealthy, sophisticated, old money very well behaved, well dressed and well spoken person - yet for 4 years I lived in England and each time I had to interact with British people it was a BAD experience. Despite the way I look and behave - Brits were still very racist towards me for being an Indian. Now I live in Paris and I find the French to be much more accepting, normal, friendly and cultured than Brits.

Fact is - British people are very low class and uncouth for the most part - even educated Brits are very low class and they are JEALOUS of "sophisticated" foreigners from anywhere in the world. They were extremely jealous of me in Britain and I felt very hated there I suspect that British hate French also for the same reasons - cultural jealousy - Britain may have done well in terms of building an economy and attracting "working" immigrants - however France is far more successful as a "culture" and the French have far more cultural achievements than the British have.

No one thinks of Britain to be a sophisticated cultured country - but France is culturally far more superior to Britain. French people sit at a cafe and enjoy wine - whereas brits go binge drinking at the pub and behave very badly.

European Affairs

French kids are much better behaved than british kids. Paris is far more beautiful and stunning than ugly depressing London. Food is better in Britain now - but only because it's all international food - and still the best cuisine in the world is French - no one cares for British cuisine. British also hate Indians very much because India is a former colony and in terms of absolute wealth - already much more wealthier than Britain. I left UK because I was sick of dealing with the hatred and British are generally very nasty, hateful, negative people - french are a bit negative too but overall much more normal, human and stable than Brits.

UK is a repressed society with the highest crime levels in Europe - whereas France has the lowest crime levels in Europe - again this is a consequence of british hatred for everyone I just wish every immigrant would leave the UK and let them be happy with each other. There were 50, hate crimes mostly racist attacks on foreigners this past year in the UK - no other country in the world has such a high percentage of hate crimes.

When some Brits post messages saying - they have a lot of friends from all sorts of backgrounds - that means nothing to me because British are never friends with anyone in reality - they backstab even each other and are a very selfish bunch of people.

By having a few foreign Friends does not make anyone less-racist - British are the most racist people in the world I am an English girl living in Paris It is quite simple. English people have manners. We have respect for each other on a basic level. Yes, the crime stats in the UK are alarming, but we are able to hold the door open for each other no gender bias involved heresay hello to our neighbours, and be able to ask the table next to us if it is ok for us to have a cigarette, not just light up when the people next to us our mid-way through their main course, looking back at the person who DARED to ask the question 'do you mind waiting until I finish?

It's being in a bar and waiting your turn, even gesturing towards the person who has been waiting before you when the barman tries to serve you.

That's the English way. It's being a good sportsman, being able to say 'well done' to the winning team, even though it hurts. It's not moaning that you have to retire at 62, already the lowest retirement age in Europe AFTER the increase, but getting on with things and working hard. It's not living in possibly the most beautiful city in the world, but not caring at all, and letting your yappy little dog SHIT all over it, wasting so much water every day so that the drains can wash away your cigarette butts into the gutter and the drains because you can't be bothered to put them in the bin.

Yes I am still here circumstances in my life make it difficult to movebut it's been enlightening. I'd trade 20 Frenchmen for 1 Englishman. I mean, stop the stereotypes things! We don't hate American and English people, we admire them. French teens work a lot to learn English, mostly of them dream to live in NY or London. We watched Skins, Gossip Girl like you.

Personally I don't like frogs, neither do many French people. Everyone in France think that our comportment during the WW2 was totally stupid. But we are still proud of our country. Anyway, sorry for all the faults I made, I'm just 14 years old. Do the English hate the French? Like to take the piss - but that's it.

britain and germany love hate relationship

Do the French hate the English? If they do, they're keeping it to themselves the odd occasion when things haven't been alright, but I'm sure it's the same for them. We wouldn't know how to hate you - you're too good at stuff. As for "Indian Aristocrat, Paris" - I don't know who you think your kidding - but you aren't any of those things, are you?

No other countries in the world have had so many wars between them as England and France But at the end of the day the world has changed and we should all swallow our pride and get forget about the past and work to the future for the greater good! If you are a good person you are a good person and that should be the end of it!! I just was not French.!

The few French people I've met over here have been interesting and enlivening. It's funny to say that we have a history with the French, we have a history with a lot of countries! I'm very proud of being English, I guess they are very proud of being French. IMO, the media have a lot to do with whipping up the 'them and us' stuff. Sarah, Hampshire England All these people who keep talking about the Battle of Hastings and the Normans, that wasn't the French the Normans were from Scandinavia hence the name Norse men north men they had already invaded France and built castles there.

Whilst there will be a minority that show hatred because the world isn't black and whitein this modern age we are simply just two countries trying to exist in a crazy world and I see no need for rivalry.

britain and germany love hate relationship

Both countries have provided much to the world and should be proud. It is just hot air; it just appears to be human nature for country A to rival neighbouring country B. They're jealous because we are so much more handsomebetter looking, better in bed, smarter, our food is better and Paris is more popular than London!

But still, I somehow like the English anyway ; Pauline, Paris France these answers have been funny to read honestly.