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bulma and vegeta relationship

Originally Answered: In Dragon Ball Z, how did Bulma and Vegeta get together? anything to indicate what their relationship was like before the Android Saga. Vegeta and Bulma's relationship always seemed out of left field to me compared to that of other characters. Goku and Chi-Chi met as. Vegeta and Bulma are perhaps the most beloved couple in Dragon Ball. That said, their relationship is filled with some bad moments (and.

Early in the saga, Vegeta realizes just how far away he is from the resurrected Goku on a power level and decides drastic needs for vindicated pride call for drastic measures. If Vegeta hadn't knocked out Goku, would they have been able to beat Majjin Buu together? Vegeta enters a Faustian bargain with the evil wizard Babidi and is granted a massive power increase at the cost of his soul. With this new power, he is able to take on Goku in combat Goku could have gone Super Saiyan 3 the entire time, but we'll just ignore that but Goku eventually smacks some sense into this dense Prince and tells him their fighting is going to unleash the greatest evil the galaxy has ever seen.

Once he gets the truth knocked into him, Vegeta decides that he will be the one to save the planet from Majin Buu but all his attacks are useless. Seeing only one option, he decides to destroy himself in a self-destruction attack and I'll let his own words end this; "Trunks, Bulma I do this for you.

And you know what, despite the events of the Cell Saga, I still don't think that Vegeta would have actually become a loving husband and father to Bulma and Trunks if it wasn't for one person; Goku.

If Goku was alive, he'd definitely be Vegeta's best man at the wedding. Let's think about this for a second. After the defeat of Frieza, Vegeta's goal in life is to surpass his rival in terms of power. But once Goku blows himself up on King Kai's planet along with Cell, Vegeta is crushed as now he won't get the chance to test himself anymore. Finding himself with no purpose in life, he vows to never fight again.

This opens the door to Vegeta settling down with Bulma and becoming the character we all love nowadays. There's absolutely no chance that it would have happened if Goku never did his sacrifice or if he allowed himself to be revived.

Vegeta & Bulma

Though it would pain Vegeta to say it, Kakarot is the true reason why his eyes were opened up to the joy that is Bulma. Demonstrates Independence In Relationships via thestarsolace.

The friend who gets a girlfriend and instead of the relationship being between two people with distinct personalities, they end up becoming attached at the hip and they can't do anything without the other. Sure you can understand that they love each other, but it's also important that you have lives outside of them. Vegeta and Bulma show this brilliantly with their marriage. In terms of their hobbies and interests, Vegeta and Bulma couldn't be any different.

If it was up to Bulma, a great day would be tinkering around in her science lab or shopping at the mall. Vegeta, on the other hand, would rather be eating and training until the end of time.

One doesn't try and change the other, instead they accept the fact that they have different interests and are likely not going to cross over.

bulma and vegeta relationship

Instead, they enjoy each other's company and love each other for who they are. Would it be hilarious to try and see Bulma training as a fighter and Vegeta trying to figure out chemistry? Yes, but as it stands I think it works out fine for both of them. Without thinking, she ends up pregnant by Vegeta and nine months later, poof, Trunks is born. Skipping town when faced with a baby? Vegeta is more human than we thought. At this point of his life, Vegeta has no idea of responsibility or honor.

His only goal is to reach the level of Super Saiyan and he will be darned if a paltry child will get in the way of his dream. He takes off into space to train and does attain the level of Super Saiyan, coming back to Earth to show off his power by blowing up Android 19 with his Big Bang Attack. If that wasn't bad enough, he ignores Baby Trunks throughout the entire arc and only acknowledges Future Trunks because he's powerful and is their tour guide to taking on the Androids.

Vegeta would eventually go on to become a great father, but his early days of being one aren't something that this pride-filled warrior should look back on.

Later on, we find out that her original two wishes on the wish-granting orbs were the most stereotypical things a teenage girl would want.

The first being a lifetime supply of strawberries and the second was to have the perfect boyfriend. Well, given her dating record, she might have been on to something with that wish as her taste in men isn't exactly strong.

Before she shacked up with Vegeta, Bulma dated Yamcha. Just as a refresher, the first thing that Yamcha did when he met Bulma and Goku was try and rob them blind.

Yamcha was just a dirty crusty desert bandit but Bulma thought he was cute anyway. By the time of the Cell saga, she breaks up with him because she suspects that he's cheating on her which is never confirmed. Vegeta, the guy who made Yamcha look like a Nobel Prize winner by comparison. Unlike other women in this franchise, it's clear that Bulma loves her some bad boys but there's some point where you have to wonder what the heck is wrong with this woman.

This explains why the majority of female characters on the show have the same basic archetype: While their relationship eventually developed into something more, their initial one night stand was absolutely phoned into the story so that one specific character can be born; Trunks. If we're being honest, most of the relationships in this franchise also serve this purpose. In order for the Future Trunks origin to work as it did, they needed to have a character who fit a checklist of demands.

First, they needed a character who was a Saiyan. Well since all the Saiyans except for Vegeta and Goku were extinct, they needed a child of Vegeta or Goku to be made.

Pairing up Vegeta and Bulma! That Saiyan also needs to time travel, so who better than the science-oriented woman to make a time machine for her son! The more you line up the pieces, the more it makes sense that Bulma and Vegeta are a couple just for Trunks to exist. You know, when a brother or sister of a character shows up that we never heard about before?

Well, the Dragon Ball franchise is no stranger to this trope as it has been used multiple times. Sometimes it ends up being amazing. Think of Raditz' arrival on Earth revealing that Goku is actually an alien, that was brilliant. Other times though, it just doesn't make much sense.

Being in a relationship means learning how to cooperate with another person, and it also means accepting that you can't do everything yourself. The best relationships are symbiotic ones, meaning that each person has an equal level of reliance on the other. That doesn't sound like Vegeta at all, does it?

Dragon Ball: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Vegeta And Bulma's Relationship

He fights alone, trains alone, and sulks alone. It really doesn't make a lot of sense that he becomes so reliant on Bulma. You might say that he doesn't really show any reliance on Bulma, but what about the fact that he needed Bulma's Blutz Wave Generator to progress to Super Saiyan 4?

It succeeded in alienating even the most hardcore Vegeta fans, as man were left scratching their heads. Seriously, Trunks is actually an awesome character and as good a son as anyone could hope for.

bulma and vegeta relationship

He's strong, determined, and brave. Sure, there was that climatic moment where Vegeta hugs his son before he sacrifices himself, but even that was pretty awkward and emotionless. We get it, Vegeta doesn't show much passion or love, that's just his personality.

But going so long without even showing any emotion to your son goes beyond introversion - it's plain psychotic. This is perhaps even more confusing, because these two are supposed to have feelings for each other - at least enough to create a child.

We rarely see even the slightest hint of passion from Vegeta, which makes us wonder how Trunks was even created in the first place. In more recent episodes Vegeta warms up to Bulma, but he still seems very distant most of the time. He also leaves for long periods of time, much like Goku. Of course, he has his Saiyan reputation to consider, so perhaps it makes sense that Vegeta is never kind of affectionate towards his wife.

He might see it as a sign of weakness, but we are led to believe that Vegeta has left behind his more brutal Saiyan ways. The fact that Bulma might be into "bad boys" could be a somewhat believable answer.

This guy is the real deal, and he is essentially pure evil when Bulma falls for him. We can see small glimpses of this during the Namek saga, when Bulma cheers Vegeta on as he's fighting Frieza's lackeys, and also comments that she finds him attractive.

This might actually explain why Bulma fell for Vegeta, but the reason itself doesn't make much sense. While few people ask themselves what Vegeta sees in Bulma, it's actually a really good question.

Was it just a passing fling? Or did Vegeta actually see something in Bulma that he didn't see in other human females? While this may explain his attraction to Bulma, it doesn't really make sense in the grand scheme of things. Vegeta knows, deep down, that Bulma is a human female. He is fooling his mind into thinking she is one of his kind.

Yes, Vegeta really did do that, and in case you forgot, it happened during the Android saga. Gero and his Androids. The only thing that saved this mother and son was Future Trunks arriving on the scene and rescuing them.

The adult version of Trunks couldn't believe that his father could do such a thing, and we couldn't believe our eyes either. No one could understand how a father could do that to his wife and son. Athe same time, we've definitely criticized Vegeta in this very article for being a terrible father. So how could we possibly come to the conclusion that Vegeta is objectively the better father?