Cathy and hareton relationship

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cathy and hareton relationship

Hareton Earnshaw is a character in Emily Brontë's novel Wuthering Heights. He is the son of Cathy and Hareton's relationship changes when, eventually, Cathy decides to help him with his secret self-education by teaching him how to read. Hareton and Cathy's relationship during Wuthering Heights changes from one of contempt and dislike to a warm and loving one. At first, Cathy. Cathy and Hareton's relationship Heathcliff's relationship with Cathy is originally viewed by the other characters, particularly Heathcliff.

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Heathcliff also has a son, Linton, who has lived with him since Linton's mother, Isabella, who is also Edgar's sister, passed away. Let's find out more about Cathy and Hareton's relationship in this novel.

cathy and hareton relationship

When she sees Hareton, she assumes he is a stable boy and begins to order him around. When he refuses to follow her orders, she becomes agitated.

Relationship between Hereton and Cathy in Wuthering Heights?

She says to her servant, Nelly, ' Mustn't he be made to do as I ask him? You wicked creature, I shall tell papa what you said.

cathy and hareton relationship

When Heathcliff affirms that Hareton is in fact her cousin, 'The uncivil little thing stood on tiptoe, and whispered a sentence in Heathcliff's ear. He laughed; Hareton darkened: Hareton is unable to read and write and lacks all the manners and politeness that are the mark of a civilised person.

The relationship is a repetition of the suffering Heathcliff experienced at the hands of Hindley and is also a revenge for it. Hareton's gentleness and loyalty Hareton is desperate to impress Cathy and he feels very proud in her presence.

cathy and hareton relationship

To this extent, we can say that his relationship with her mirrors that of Heathcliff with Catherine. However, Hareton also shows sensitivity beneath his harsh exterior. His love for Cathy shows tenderness and he is restrained rather than wild. In this way, he is more like Edgar in his love for Catherine. He shares a similar kind of devotion. He is also, perhaps surprisingly, devoted to Heathcliff, despite the rough treatment he receives at his hands.

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He is constant in his affections. When Heathcliff first arrived, they formed an alliance together against Hindley. Hareton has never forgotten this early bond with Heathcliff. Tender observation One of the delights of the end of the book is to watch the relationship develop between Cathy and Hareton.

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When Cathy Linton comes to Wuthering Heights sixteen years later, Hareton has not changed, but it is apparent that he sees Heathcliff as his own father and loves him dearly. Heathcliff has a secret regard for Hareton as well, but he wishes him to feel the same pain that he himself experienced in childhood.

Hareton forms an attraction to Cathy, but she dismisses it with disgust, insisting that he is a mindless, rude beast of a man.

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This only continues after Cathy's husband, Linton Heathcliff, dies, and Cathy becomes accustomed to the terror of Wuthering Heights. She grows just as rude and cold as its inhabitants, and, whenever Hareton expresses any amount of regard or tenderness towards her, she spurns it.

Cathy and Hareton's relationship changes when, eventually, Cathy decides to help him with his secret self-education by teaching him how to read and talk properly. At first Hareton is uneasy about this, suspecting some patronising trickery, but it soon comes to be that the two fall in love.

Heathcliff thus allows his emotions to take him over, and, because of his secret regard for Hareton who in many ways resembles himhis sudden indifference about his enemies' destruction and his increasingly overwhelming desire to be with his soul mate Catherine Earnshaw, he lets the two continue their romance.