Cato and glimmer relationship goals

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cato and glimmer relationship goals

Cato's husky voice whispers in a soothing voice in my ear. He tilts me back up Glimmer is just as bad a Cato when it comes to relationships. I heard that the girl that played Glimmer was on Dinsey Channel, I find that werid. Anyway, the book didn't really explian the connection between Cato and. I stare as several arrows land painstakingly close to the targets, but just After Glimmer's interview, it is my turn. “Cato! The boy of District Two!.

cato and glimmer relationship goals

Cato in the Training Center In the book, Cato trains at the spear-throwing station and displays his prowess with the weaponry. He most likely shows off these skills to the Gamemakers in his private sessionas he receives a high training score of In the film, the Careers target Peeta's weakness and view him as what Katniss describes as a "meal" until Peeta shows his true strength by throwing a pound metal ball into a rack of spears. Later on in the film, Cato is angered when he thinks that the District 6 male took his knife, which was actually stolen by Rue when he wasn't looking and kept out of sight via the climbing station.

He provokes a fight with the other boy, threatening to make him his first target, until the Peacekeepers separate them, conflict before the Games being disallowed. And I know that if I don't get it, someone else will. That the Career Tributes who survive the bloodbath will divide up most of these life-sustaining spoils. Like most of the other tributes, Cato runs toward the Cornucopia and fights for supplies.

He first targets the District 6 maleas he had promised to do in the Training Center, and beats him up. The District 4 female sees this and runs to Cato, but Cato dodges her attack, knocking the sword out of her hand and throwing her over a crate.

He hears Glimmer scream, so he takes a sickle and stabs the District 6 male with it. Not long after this, Cato finds the District 4 female in the forest and kills her alongside his fellow Careers. Alliance "The strong band together to hunt down the weak then, when the tension becomes too great, begin to turn on one another.

glimmer + cato + clove

I don't have to wonder too hard who has made this alliance. It'll be the remaining Career Tributes from Districts 1, 2, and 4. Two boys and three girls. The ones who lunched together. The alliance at first includes Marvel and Glimmer from District 1Cato and his district partner Clove from District 2, the District 4 female, and Peeta. Later in the Games, Peeta betrays the Careers and is subsequently kicked out of the pack, while the District 3 male becomes a new and likely reluctant member.

First Night "Go on, then, Lover Boy. The Careers attempt to kill her, but when the Gamemakers withhold cannon fire, Peeta goes back to "finish the job. The air's better up here. Why don't you come on up? I am face to face with Marvel Diamond, Jackie comes up beside him placing her hand on her stomach catching her breath. I don't even bother to struggle under Marvels grip because this whole thing is getting really ridiculous. What could be so important that you need to pin me up against a locker to tell me?

cato and glimmer relationship goals

We just don't want you to get hurt. He caught me at the bakery when I was at a weak point and just so happened to be the one to comfort me. The last time I checked it is okay for a girl and a guy to be friends. Wait a second, what about him and Glimmer? They were in a relationship. Glimmer is just as bad a Cato when it comes to relationships.

cato and glimmer relationship goals

That's what made their relationship work, until Glimmer decided to cheat on Cato of course,"Marvel takes in a deep breath "You deserve someone so much better then that, especially after the way Ryder treated you.

And who might that be?

cato and glimmer relationship goals

Well, this is not going to turn out well. Please don't be too mad at me for the ending! Don't worry my fellow Clato shippers Thank you so much! I hope you are still enjoying it! I like your pen name! Hope you still like the story! Ryder will pay for treating Clove like that.

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But her nipples did seem better than those of other woman, rounder, softer, and a homing beacon to his mouth. After a few sucks, she woke up and playfully batted him away. He kissed her cheek and got out of bed. If my father doesn't believe this improves my training, we'll never spend another night together. He remembered the blood last night. I mean aren't you sore?

The reality of what she meant with the words, I have done the things that won't get me pregnant, slammed into him. He sat back down on the bed, grabbed her hand, but it took several minutes before he could raise his gaze up to meet hers. He should say something, but what? Glimmer got up from the bed, opened her gym bag, and took out workout clothes.

Afterwards, we can take a shower together to save water. We don't have to share the shower to save water. It was a very intriguing concept. He grabbed her at the waist and pulled their bodies together.

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He could see why she liked it. It was quiet and cool in the woods. With all the slopes and rises it was probably better training for the Games also. Maybe they could do most of their running here together. After a few miles she pulled him off the main path and they started circling up into the hills. She led him through a series of small trails until they came to the back of a stone building. They make them by hand and the labor is considered part of the worship.

My mother use to take me here on good days. My grandfather worked on the inside ceiling. They worked shorter hours than he trained, but very few workers had the luxuries champions and their families enjoyed. He also knew, they received less education than trainees, yet they had managed to build this and Glimmer indicated this was only one of the many chapels they had built.

They walked around to the front. The parking lot was covered in vehicles and caravans. An enormous tent had been erected on the other side. He already planned to run these trails with her next weekend, if they could.

However, a man came up to them before they could leave. This is a wedding, come join us?

Please, come," the man said. People were gathering around them. He had never been so close to ordinary people. They didn't look that different. He wondered what they thought about him and Glimmer in their Tribute Academy running clothes. It would be rude to the bride to appear like this," Glimmer said.

The man who invited them turned to other guest. A woman was at Glimmer's elbow. I'm sure I've got something that would be pretty on you. His host draped a tie around his neck.

He had never considered what the Reaping meant to the untrained. It would be a source of terror of eminent death, not pride for a quarry worker's son. He knew there were districts that did not bother training Tributes, a fact he had always attributed that to their lack of sportsmanship. Those were the Tributes that died first. His father referred to them as easy pickings. Cato had never thought about them until this moment. Then he saw Glimmer and all other thoughts were driven from his mind.

She was wearing a pink dress, full at the shirt, tight at the chest and non-existent over her shoulders.