Damon and elena 6x06 ending a relationship

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damon and elena 6x06 ending a relationship

The relationship between cured vampire Damon Salvatore and the However, at the end of the seventh season, Enzo and Damon were captured by the. It wasn't until the end that we got that moment where he couldn't kill Liz even . It's not like they'll be in a lasting relationship like Damon and Elena are in. .. Reviews Tagged 6x06, alaric is human, bonnie, damon, elena, enzo, jeremy, jo. 1 - 20 of 28 Works in Minor Elena Gilbert/Damon Salvatore and make an alliance to make sure that the two love birds end up hating each other. . Noel finds out Damon's secret and she is afraid of a real relationship with a boy she actually likes. . Elena Gilbert/Damon Salvatore · Elena Gilbert · Damon Salvatore · 6x

Later, Enzo finds Caroline crying in the car because of the fact that Stefan had given up, Enzo gets angry when he sees her, and went back again to Stefan and killed his girlfriend IvyEnzo couldn't understand why Damon promised Stefan with a eternity of misery, but after seeing him giving up on his brother, he says that he doesn't see anything in Stefan that is worth caring about "But now I get it. You're not a brother to him. Brothers don't give up. So every time I see you doing anything that looks like you've done so, every time you try to start over in a life that's nothing but a lie, I will make you pay.

I will be the one to bring you the misery you deserve. Enzo tells him Stefan sold him out because he killed Ivy and Damon says that will do it. Both Damon and Enzo are then saved by Stefan so they won't die their original deaths since they crossed over the magical border of Mystic Falls. Damon confronts Enzo about it and Enzo tries to persuade his friend that he shouldn't take the cure, that he would never want to be human. Season Seven Damon and Enzo's relationship falls into a frenemy relationship when Enzo chooses to side against Damon and side with his mother and enemy, Lily Salvatore.

The two continue to have somewhat antagonistic banters throughout the season. The two have a disagreement however, with Damon saying that he needs Rayna to get his brother Stefan back. Damon and Enzo bicker along the way before Enzo lets Damon see Rayna. After Enzo and Damon interrogate Rayna, they team up with Stefan and even Alaric to kill all the vampires on Rayna's hitlist.

They help Rayna in order to protect Bonnie's life. They soon realize that Bonnie would be found before they take out every last one of Rayna's vampires. Damon gets another man to kill Rayna's vampires while Damon and Enzo help Bonnie by complying with the Armory until they can swap Bonnie and Rayna's lives. In Requiem for a DreamDamon and Enzo are first seen together debating on how to handle Bonnie's newfound Supernatural Huntress powers. They work together to try and convince an unconscious Bonnie to see past the Huntress side, but this is unsuccessful.

damon and elena 6x06 ending a relationship

Caroline is the first to be unsuccessful and becomes marked as a result of trying to get to Bonnie. Enzo and Damon try their best to help Bonnie see reason, but they are unsuccessful too and they share the same fate as Caroline as a result of trying to help Bonnie. Enzo thanks Damon, along with Bonnie, over the phone for all his help. This possibly helps the two to grow closer in friendship.

However, at the end of the episode, Enzo with Bonnie frantically tells Damon to not go inside the Vault in the Armory's building as Damon hallucinates hearing Elena's voice.

Stefan, Elena, and Damon

After Damon is corrupted by The Armory's MonsterEnzo finds him in the vault, and he is shortly snatched by the Monster and corrupted. They somehow escape together, and go on a killing spree throughout the east coast, killing a total of sixty people over three months.

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Season Eight In Hello, BrotherEnzo and Damon are first seen together cleaning up the facility in which they are assisting the Armory's creature in. Later on, it is revealed that the dead bodies they have been nabbing are food for the mysterious creature living in a watery cage. Later in the episode, Damon and Enzo have a rather violent confrontation with Stefan and Bonnie.

Damon holds Bonnie in a chokehold while Enzo and Damon tell Stefan to leave or else they will hurt or even kill Bonnie. In the end, Damon and Enzo are able to continue to do the Armory's creature's hiding and they even meet the female creaturefinally, at the end of the episode.

damon and elena 6x06 ending a relationship

Sybil mentions to the both of them that she is tired of Enzo's insubordination, but she commends Damon's submission to her. Damon quips that Enzo has always been stubborn as Sybil unsuccessfully tries to pry inside Enzo's mind to find out about Bonnie. After failing three times to get inside Enzo's head, Sybil finds out that Damon has a connection with Bonnie due to his history with her in the Prison World.

Sybil later hatches a plan, kidnaps Bonnie and Caroline and forces Bonnie to choose between Damon and Enzo. Sybil forces Damon and Enzo to fight to the death until Bonnie chooses between them. In the end, Bonnie chooses the save Enzo, but this is proven to be not worth it in the end being Sybil forces Enzo to switch his humanity off, like Damon.

Enzo and Damon stand idly by before Sybil makes Damon kill Bonnie.

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Bonnie runs for her life despite the failed help from Stefan and Caroline. Alaric ends up saving Bonnie by hitting Damon with his car and incapacitating Sybil. Luckily, Stefan and Caroline wake up from having their necks snapped earlier and they're able to help Bonnie from being killed by Enzo or Damon. Whitmore never gets tired of watching us vampire heal, but he gives us one glass of blood per day, just enough to keep us alive.

Pick yourself up, soldier. You're living for the moment. It's because of this talent o' mine that I've got the love of my life. She's the reason I exist, my reason for breathing. M - English - Chapters: What did she do when she started looking at him like he was more to her? What if Elena had chosen Damon?

damon and elena 6x06 ending a relationship

She was a writer working at a coffee shop out of desire, not necessity. He was a former soccer star who had played in Europe until a car accident ended his professional career. Both had their secrets, and both were looking for something—they just didn't know what.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: When she meets Damon Salvatore, her doctor, she soon comes to a conclusion that she's been set up.

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Or is it all a game? Can the arrangement work? As long as she can accept his past, embrace his demons and maintain a firm grip on her heart. Caroline has had enough of Elena's love for Damon. That's why she makes an ultimatum. Do something about it, or get over him. And she's determined to get her two best friends together. Coverphoto by Foreverfirstloves Vampire Diaries - Rated: I stayed away and vowed to start over, but I'm catapulted back in a heartbeat by the only thing on earth that could bring me home - the possibility of really losing him forever.

Thank you for all of your amazing reviews! I'm keeping it alive here, as it may make a return one day! For now, find it as a bit of a re-worked original fiction on Wattpad! Follow me on Twitter KCColson for chapter updates. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Facing addiction and family troubles, she feels like she's come to a dead end in her life.

When deciding to take a leap of faith for once, she then meets the one and only Damon Salvatore. Can he bring a bright light to this dark soul, or inspire the girl within?

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When Damon Salvatore, the Hollywood's bad boy set's his eyes on her, he won't give up without a fight until he has her. Last Night I Dreamt Reality by Mascoty reviews Elena wakes up after her accident with Matt and realizes that everything that happened since her first accident with her parents was a dream. What if her parents had never died in the car accident? What happens when she meets Stefan after meeting Damon? D You'll like, if you like my other stories: Someone like you by Hope reviews You fall in love, get married, fall in love again, get your heart broken.

What if it got broken by a heart surgeon that never came back to fix it? On the night that Elena meets Damon, her cell phone dies before she can call home for a ride. Their conversation is never interrupted by her parents' arrival, Elena and her parents are never in a car that goes off Wickery Bridge, and Stefan never has to save Elena from drowning. And then go read Part II. Gilbert - Complete Who's the player now?

She is thrown into a world of teen drama, drama that can only get worse when the player Damon Salvatore is involved.

damon and elena 6x06 ending a relationship

Will she give him a taste of his own medicine or will she fall for his charm? When John Gilbert fails to settle his debts on time, Damon takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps his niece, Elena, Johns most valuable asset. But is Damon her captor or her saviour? Rated M for dark gang related themes and strong language.

It's been five years of living in dreams, but when even dreams are in danger of disappearing forever, it's time to start fighting for reality to come back. After a year of being out of the game, UFC fighter Damon Salvatore has a chance to redeem himself and revive his career. He's stepping back into the Octagon and he's feeling pretty confident that he can protect his body from the blows that come along with it. He didn't count on having to protect his heart too.

Elena is a popular senior. Damon is a greaser obsessed with her. While Elena was sitting in a cemetery, writing in her diary, Damon conjured fog and crows. She acted like it was an everyday occurrence. With Damon, she focused on getting him to act good, despite knowing what he was capable of. The sired then shows their loyalty by following the orders of their sire-- sometimes called a master. Elena realizes her strong love for Damon and professes her love to him, but Damon only thinks she is saying that because of the bond.

We learn in the show that the bond only affects actions, not emotions like love. If anyone should know this, Damon should. Why was he skeptical about her love confession? They each had other relationships, but it was their love and desire that took center stage in the television program.

While the show was on the air - and even to this day - fans were either Team Damon or Team Stefan. To choose to be with Damon more than once may have meant she had fallen out of love with him-- or it could have meant Elena always had feelings for Stefan, who she probably fit better with anyway. Stefan and Elena had diaries, which were catalysts to how they met. It was interesting to see her viewpoint of events through her human eyes, and vice versa with Stefan.

But what about Damon? He didn't start writing in a diary until season 7 and it wasn't really seen again. With how much they had in common, Stefan and Elena should have stayed together.