Daryl and rick relationship test

Daryl Dish: Norman Reedus on Daryl and Rick's relationship

daryl and rick relationship test

But this season the relationship with him and Rick is being tested since he is very much going rogue. Norman Reedus teased this aspect of his. Today, we're going to see how well you know Daryl Dixon, complete As you can imagine, there are some spoilers regarding season 7 in this quiz, so if you're not .. The relationship between Daryl and Rick is referred to as. While Rick Grimes was undisputed as the leader of the group, Daryl had a the series as having an intense relationship with his older brother.

What did Daryl suggest calling Judith before she was given her name? Killed by his father In a house fire Bitten by a walker As The Walking Dead approached its third season, it became clear that Daryl had a soft spot for kids. He was the driving force in trying to find Sophia and he had a growing relationship with Carl. When Lori died in childbirth, he was often seen trying to soothe and feed Judith.

During one heartfelt conversation between Carl and Daryl, he divulged some personal details about his own mother in order to relate to Carl's pain. Question 19 Who did Daryl find in the prison that he wound up having to carry out to safety? T-Dog Maggie Beth When the prison was overrun with walkers after the former prison inmate tried to sabotage Rick and his group, everyone was separated and it took quite some time to get everyone back together again.

While some of the group made it back to their regular living quarters pretty quickly, there were still some missing members that people wondered about as to whether or not they were killed by walkers. Who did Daryl find in the prison that he wound up having to carry out to safety?

Tyreese A walker with spikes through his face Bob Merle When Michonne arrived at the prison with the supplies that Maggie and Glenn dropped after being taken prisoner by Merle, Daryl went with a small group to Woodbury to help get them back. Yet, Daryl was also extremely interested in seeing his brother again.

Despite their strained relationship, Daryl still felt a huge connection to him. Yet, things didn't wind up working out for Daryl at Woodbury since he was captured by The Governor. Who was Daryl forced to fight by The Governor at Woodbury? Question 21 What did Daryl hear in the woods that made him stop to help strangers when he left with Merle? A car engine Two people fighting A walker hoard After Merle and Daryl were able to escape from Woodbury, it was difficult to rejoin Rick and his group.

Merle was the one that captured Maggie and Glenn and he also tried to kill Michonne and Glenn. Yet, Daryl still felt a huge attachment to Merle and refused to go back to the prison unless his brother would be allowed to come with him. What did Daryl hear in the woods that made him stop to help strangers when he left with Merle? Hernandez Flores Fernando After Maggie and Glenn were taken back to the prison from being prisoners at Woodbury, it became apparent that there was going to be a huge conflict between the two groups.

Andrea tried to sort out some sort of negotiation between the two groups but The Governor wasn't really willing to compromise.

daryl and rick relationship test

During a meeting between Rick and The Governor, Daryl got to size up the enforcer on the other side. Question 23 Who did Daryl run into on the side of the road after Rick made the decision to give up Michonne to The Governor to spare the rest of the group?

A hitchhiker with a red backpack Michonne Glenn Martinez When Daryl and Merle came back to the prison, they were responsible for helping to save Rick from the hoard that had gathered at the fence. Yet, the group wasn't willing to accept Merle with open arms. Instead, he was separated from the rest of the group and he made a deal with Rick to give Michonne up to The Governor.

Who did Daryl run into on the side of the road after Rick made the decision to give up Michonne to The Governor to spare the rest of the group? Question 24 How did Daryl kill Merle? Crossbow to the head Gunshot to the head Bashed in the head with a bat When Merle decided to let Michonne go, she tried to talk him into returning to the prison with her.

Yet, he insisted that he had something that he needed to do. He went alone on a mission to take out The Governor and the bulk of his fighting force but it didn't end up well for him. Merle got into a bad fight with The Governor and was ultimately turned into a walker. Daryl found him like this and ultimately had to kill him.

Rick and Daryl Relationship More Strained Than Ever in 'The Walking Dead' Season 9

How did Daryl kill Merle? Question 25 What was the name of the new group member that Daryl seemed to take under his wing even though they bumped heads over his drinking tendencies? Bill Tyreese Aaron While everyone seems to get fixated on all of the original characters from the very beginning of The Walking Dead, it seemed like there was always new characters being introduced into the show.

Some of them came in with big groups but this particular character was brought in by Daryl when he was completely alone. What was the name of the new group member that Daryl seemed to take under his wing even though they bumped heads over his drinking tendencies? Question 26 Who was the person that reached for his gun holster while arguing with Daryl during a supply run?

Bob Tyreese Sasha When the members of the prison started coming down with a sickness, Rick and his group started to scramble to try and contain the infection. With a gruff personality and deadly aim with his trademark crossbow, no one dares to mess with Daryl Dixon - and those who do, as some of the show's big bads have learned, will suffer for it.

Which American actor has helped bring Daryl to life with an outstanding performance year in and year out? Question 2 Though Daryl debuted in season one, he was not promoted to the opening credits until season While Daryl was in the final four episodes of the season and had a starring role in the fourth episode, 'Vatos', Reedus joined Melissa McBride CarolIronE Singleton T-Dogand Michael Rooker Merle as members of the supporting cast who would eventually become major players in the show's universe.

Which season saw Reedus be promoted to the opening credits? While he's landed some hard hits on a major antagonist or three and even killed a couple through the end of season 7, Daryl has also missed out on encounters with some of the show's major antagonists as a result of dealing with other business.

Through the first 99 episodes of The Walking Dead, which of the show's main villains one-episode-villains not counting has Daryl not met? Question 4 Where did Daryl obtain his scars? Iraq War Child abuse Car accident Do scars make the man? Not always, but from Rick's physical scar at the hands of his season 1 shooting to the mental scars that Carol is still dealing with after all of her killing, scars have become a common motif through the show's history.

As one of the few characters to have both severe physical and mental scars, Daryl has become the perfect representation not only for the damage a man can take, but how one can survive them. Daryl's most noteworthy scars are the one on his back first revealed in season one, which are a byproduct of Question 5 What is Daryl's father's name? William Dixon Merle Dixon Sr.

‘The Walking Dead’: Will Daryl Become the Show’s New Villain?

Darlene Dixon While it's unknown as of this point if Daryl's mother more on her later contributed to Daryl's scars, we do know that his father was heavily responsible. Abusive to both Daryl and Merle - who explained in season 3 that if Merle hadn't left the house when he did, then he'd would have killed him - the show implies that their father was an alcoholic and it's outright said that he didn't care when Daryl went missing for over a week.

What was the elder Dixon's name? Question 6 The video game that starred Daryl and Merle was titled Punished Angel Bringer of Death No Man's Land Those who knew William Dixon's name likely remembered it from the first-person shooter game that featured Daryl and Merle in the beginning of the apocalypse, where Will is torn apart by a walker and put down by Jess, his step-brother.

Released in as a way of combating the Telltale series, Activision and Terminal Reality came up with the idea of creating a game that starred Daryl traversing the Georgia countryside en route to making a run for Atlanta. What was the game called? Question 7 This season did not see Daryl taken hostage 3 5 6 And, for as dangerous as Daryl can be when it comes to taking the baddies on, his recklessness and stubbornness also makes it easy for him to get captured and used as a hostage.

As the group came into more conflicts, Daryl fighting on the frontlines meant that he was a target, even more so when opposing factions realized how key he was to Team Family's effort. Of the four seasons listed below, when was Daryl not held against his will by an opposing group?

Question 8 Before splitting up, the Dixon brothers were planning on Killing Shane Raping the women Robbing the group We love Merle at least, a fair number of us still do and we love Daryl, but there was a time when both came off as jerkasses - Merle much more so than Daryl, of course. Because of their treatment from the group and a survivalist mentality that Daryl carried well into season two, the two feuded with Shane and friends.

If not for the chain of events that began with Rick's arrival to Atlanta, what were the Dixon brothers planning on doing? Question 9 Prior to the apocalypse, Daryl was a Drug dealer Private Investigator Mechanic We love backstory, especially in a post-apocalyptic story where jobs of the past seemingly lose their meaningfulness if they don't help contribute to survival.

For a time, Daryl's backstory and what he did leading up to the apocalypse was a hot topic among fans, with some claiming that he dealt drugs and others thinking he was more law-abiding than he let on. When Daryl finally explained in season 4 what his pre-apocalypse occupation was, viewers learned that their crossbow-donning favorite was a Question 10 Before taking Merle's bike, Daryl's vehicle of choice was a They come from broken homes and know how to give each other strength.

They have survived this long doing whatever is necessary. Carol has had a hard time dealing with some of those things. Daryl is having trouble dealing with his own guilt. These two find strength in each other because of what they have been through in the past.

They know the pain and mental stress that each has had to overcome.

daryl and rick relationship test

So of course they are going to be close friends. I think the time for a Caryl romance has past though. Michonne showed up with baby formula and the bad news that the Governor took Glenn and Maggie.


Michonne is what started the conflict with the Governor. Rick could have easily turned her over to the Governor and avoided the issue. It was Carl Chandler Riggs who convinced him that Michonne was good and was one of them.

Michonne has proven her worth to Rick. She is a fighter, resourceful, and at times, fun to watch. Not to mention, she loves his kids. He has checked her out more than once and way before they got to Alexandria.

Michonne has checked him out too. Ok, Ok, it was a bit of surprise when Richonne finally happened. But if you look back, there were so many clues in season six that we missed. Even when Rick was talking to Jessie, he was still checking out Michonne. Finding love in the apocalypse is difficult. Your new love could die at any time. These two are very strong individuals…and just might be stronger together. If anything, they need people for emotional support…when there is time to be emotional.

These two experienced loss at the same time. Sasha lost a brother and a boyfriend after the fall of the prison. She almost lost herself to grieve over her brother. Maggie had Glenn though. She had someone to lean on. Sasha threw herself into training and became a really good sniper. She was always able to stand her ground, speak up for herself, and was able to see past the BS.

daryl and rick relationship test

And he kind of had a girlfriend. So Abraham had to work for her time and her smile. They were developing a relationship when the group met Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The night that Sasha lost Abraham, Maggie also lost Glenn. Negan killed them both as examples of what would happen if Rick crossed him again. They took the bodies to Hilltop and hid there while Maggie recuperated from issues with her pregnancy.

Sasha buried Glenn and Abraham side by side. She watched over Maggie and tried to keep her comfortable. They leaned on one another when visiting the graves. She stayed until she knew Maggie would be okay and then she went after Negan. Rick and Daryl The first time they met, Daryl did not like Rick. Merle got out of the handcuffs by cutting off his hand and then disappeared until season 3. With Merle gone, Rick and Daryl were able to overcome their animosity and become trusted friends.

When Rick needed to step down from being a leader, Daryl and others were willing to step up. I think this is where Daryl really shined.

He was confident enough to lead people, but humble enough to follow Rick when the time came. The two were separated for a short time and when they reunited, they had a moment.