Deadly unna blacky and clarence relationship help

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deadly unna blacky and clarence relationship help

Deadly, Unna? is a work of teenage fiction and is Phillip Gwynne's debut novel. Set in a small coastal town in South Australia, it is a rites-of-passage story about the interracial friendship between Australian rules football teammates Gary " Blacky" Black, Just before the grand final Blacky meets Clarence, Dumby's younger sister. Phillip Gwynne's novel, 'Deadly, Unna?' tells the story of Gary 'Blacky' Black through first person narration. Although he is initially naive. In Deadly Unna the main characters are Dumby Red, Mr Black and Gary Black Gary Black or Blacky, his nickname, Dumby Red, Arks, Pickles, Clarence.

ET14 Describe at least ONE character or individual in the written text s who was an important example to younger readers. Explain why this character was an important reader to young readers. A character that readers can learn from in a text is always appreciated and often stands as an important example to young readers.

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Although he is initially naive, he begins to develop sophistication and maturity in his thoughts and behaviour. He realises the town he once believed was wholly positive is in fact surreptitiously racially prejudice towards aboriginals and he begins to react towards this.

deadly unna blacky and clarence relationship help

Through his coming of age, he becomes a role model to not only his younger siblings, but also younger readers. Gary Black plays lock for his local AFL team. To begin with, he has a relatively low esteem, is naive in many respects and even at times demonstrates a dislike for responsibility. Most significantly, he is blind to the racism and the nepotism his town displays and even joins in on the racist jokes. However, Gary begins to change his ways and starts to alter his mindset towards the aboriginals and appreciate that outward appearances do not always represent truthful inward realities.

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He takes matters into his own hands which allows him to first comprehend, and then most importantly for readers, exemplify the lessons that he has.

Younger readers are able to benefit the most by these lessons. Gary Black is an important example to younger readers for many reasons. One reason is that he displays the lessons he has learned first hand in the story. This is significant to younger readers and it shows that no matter your age, you can comprehend both overt and subtle wrongdoings and thereafter even oppose your towns ideologies if they are indeed wrong.

Even though this is a fictitious novel, readers can apply what Gary has learnt in their own lives by standing up to negative ideologies. Situations like bullying in school due to racial backgrounds would not be an unheard of example. Gary is especially important to younger readers because he teaches them how to develop an ideology that opposes racism. An example when this is conveyed to us, is when Big Mac, a bartender, tells a racist joke.

deadly unna blacky and clarence relationship help

They are described as self centred people who make no real contribution to the town, only come down and enjoy themselves. Robertson Arks - Mr. Arks was meant to have been a great footballer in his time, the best one to come out of Port.

He returned because the town offered him money to come back and coach. Mark Robertson - Mark is the son of Arks and the captain of the Port's football team. However, it is found out at the start of the book that he is actually Collin Cockatoo and is eighteen years old. Big Mac - Big Mac is the bar tender at the local tavern, who as Blacky describes him is fat and going on bald.

deadly unna blacky and clarence relationship help

By doing this he has effectively stabbed Tommy in the back by telling a joke at his and the Red families defense. Darcy - Darcy is the Old man who lives next to Gary. He reference to history, telling the reader that there have been problems, not just racial tension between whites and blacks before and has been firmly fixed into the town. While the original question is not answered it is clear that Darcy knows that the town has always been as it has, and always will be, it has only been that Gary is starting to notice it know.

The Farmers — Described as mostly old men, who talk of nothing other than farming and hang around the local pub chinaman.

deadly unna blacky and clarence relationship help

The Aboriginals depicted in the novel exceptional sporting skill, the majority all seem to play football much better than Gary without the practice or technical knowledge. Gary, unlike the majority of the white community, does not hate them but still uses racist terms because they are common practice.

deadly unna blacky and clarence relationship help

It appears that Clarence did not overhear their conversation, however, if she did she would have felt hurt and betrayed. The shooting has turned the town into a hive of excitement, and Gary is pleased something interesting has finally happened. The narrative in chapter thirty is practically clever because it is very careful to only tell the reader one version of the story involving what took place in the pub, on the night of the shootings. It is going to make his chances of going much more unlikely, along with the added possibility of danger.

The gust of wind that blows past as Gary is sitting beneath the jetty help him to come made him recognize that he shouldn't care what anyone thought and that he should go to Dumbys funeral.