Define serotonin and dopamine relationship

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define serotonin and dopamine relationship

What is the link between serotonin and depression? and SNRIs (serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors) -- are believed to reduce. What Are Dopamine and Serotonin? Dopamine and serotonin are both neurotransmitters. They are chemicals that are released from the nerve. Serotonin and dopamine are two separate compounds with different effects to It is well known that there is a relationship between serotonin and depression.

They are chemicals that are released from the nerve cells and serve to transfer impulses from nerve cells to other body tissues like other nerve cells, muscles, and organs. These chemicals are very important in sensory perceptions and motoric action-reaction mechanisms. Dopamine Dopamine plays an important role in controlling motor behavior, the emotional reward, and behavior motivation mechanisms.

define serotonin and dopamine relationship

It regulates emotional responses, hormone secretion, and motoric actions related to reward sensations. Most types of rewards increase dopamine levels in the brain and cause satisfied feelings, which serves as motivation to perform the behavior in the future. Deficiency in dopamine leads to reduced motoric function, which can lead to Parkinson's disease and other conditions. Low dopamine levels are also associated with low motivation, vulnerability for addictions, and the addiction mechanism itself.

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The last has to do with the fact that many addictive substances and behaviors increase dopamine levels in the brain temporarily, stimulating the feeling of satisfaction. Substances with these traits include alcohol and drugs, while behaviors that are addictive include shopping and gambling. This mechanism can force someone to use a substance again or repeat other addictive behavior in order to re-experience that emotionally positive sensation. This plays a huge role in the recurring drug use that leads to addiction.

Very high dopamine levels are linked to mental disorders like schizophrenia, which among other things is characterized by unrealistic perceptions of a situation and emotional arousal. In most of the conflicts we have with others we end up thinking that if we have problems it is for them, so we dedicate our existence to making life impossible to those around us.

Perhaps because they are different from us, because they think differently, without stopping to think that the good thing is that we are unique beings [ 4 - 7 ]. We live more aware of the other, of pleasing, of being accepted socially, of causing harm, of being the centre of attention, of having an eagerness to be protagonist, of being recognized each and every one of our achievements, which we live as the poet "I live without living in me".

Happiness: Role of Dopamine and Serotonin on Mood and Negative Emotions | OMICS International

The search for the meaning of life leads us to the "I", to a reflection on who we are and what we want to do, distances us from the interpersonal conflict, gives meaning to our existence, marks our objectives, step by step, step by step, climb the ladder of our dreams, our goals, what we want to achieve, that makes us feel happier. When you find the meaning of life you find peace, because you feel satisfied and learn that only by being well with yourself, you can be well with others.

And we change our language, we no longer say "it's you", we say "I thank you". And you think it's good, to feel accompanied in this active quest to dream, think, feel and love.

Look for your sense of life! I found him, the day I decided: There are people who feel incomplete and seek in others to fill that existential emptiness. They are people who undertake many things, travel, know new cultures, perform multiple activities, have several relationships, but do not feel that nothing fills them. They are people who seek the acceptance of others, stop being they to become what they believe they should be, in their concern to be how others want, for fear of rejection, to never be able to cover the void they feel.

Happiness: Role of Dopamine and Serotonin on Mood and Negative Emotions

Many times we are not aware of the importance that our past has for our existence. The way we relate today, how we see ourselves is directly related to the affection that we received during our childhood. The Attachment Theory We speak of the Theory of Attachment, and from the moment the baby is born, all the emotions of the mother, as well as the actions she performs are conditioning the child's personality.

When it is born, it is essential that the child receives the attention and affection necessary for his or her adaptive development. If the mother is unable to meet the needs of the child, the child can learn not to express emotions or only express negative ones.

define serotonin and dopamine relationship

The Attachment Theory explains in many cases why interpersonal conflicts occur. The affective bonds that we establish with our mother and then with our father in childhood determines to a great extent our self-concept and self- esteem. The care that the baby receives can produce stress when the bond that stable with his mother is not safe, that is to say the mother does not affectively attend the child when it demands it. Subsequently negative or positive messages transmitted by parents to the child, not only influence their temperament but also in self-concept and selfesteem.

define serotonin and dopamine relationship

Those children who have not had a positive and secure emotional bond with the mother are later in adulthood people with great difficulties expressing emotions [ 8 ]. People who did not feel the affection of their parents during their childhood express more negative emotions and have more problems with their relationships.

It is easy for them to have more partner conflicts, since lack of affection in childhood prevents them from being able to positively express their emotions with the other, tend to repeat patterns of behavior.

And negative affect is linked to negative thinking, a series of mental schemes, about what "should be" about life in general and in relation to others. Here too, expectations are "what I expect from others" and the value we give to things. What for one is very important for the education and the affection that has received, for the other it is not. And this incomprehension on both sides is the source of many conflicts, sometimes solvable and in others not so much.

define serotonin and dopamine relationship

The fact of having children sometimes increases affective problems more, since these people how they have not received that affection, they do not know how they have to express them with the others, reason why by way of modeling, the behavior is transmitted of parents to children [ 9 ].

The inability to express positive emotions increases the ability to express negative emotions that creates more conflict of relationship with others. More problems to have friends and meet new people. Relationship problems with co-workers, because it is sometimes easy for them to think that if they treat them well, it is because they are hiding something that is going to hurt them.

The "fear of being harmed" leads them to create a kind of mask and to believe that one has to keep distances with others, only this way they can survive, it is necessary to give an image of being strong and of being able with everything.

define serotonin and dopamine relationship

People with insecure attachment are more prone to psychopathological problems, to being sad, to feeling alone, with low self-esteem, with dependence on others, with deficits in social skills and, of course, emotional expression.

On the contrary, those people with secure attachment, who had an affective bond with their parents, will be those people who develop greater capacity to express positive emotions and affection will be a fundamental variable in the relationship with the others. If we consider the Theory of Attachment, we can understand the importance of working with parents in emotional intelligence as prevention of interpersonal conflicts.

Here the training with the future parents is fundamental, so that from the beginning they provide the child with what he needs for his physical and psychic development. Neurological Science From a neurological point of view, there are hormones in our brain associated with positive emotions. Dopamine is a hormone associated with happiness and serotonin regulates our mood. Disconnecting the amygdala, the part of the brain that are active against negative emotions like fear [ 10 ].

But what happens in our brain for these hormones of happiness, stop segregating the amounts needed?