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天龙八部 THE DEMI-GODS & SEMI-DEVILS () — CAST . the end, which is the mark of any successful historical-wuxia hybrid, and an epic they are “linked ”—meaning they share a relationship of some kind (passive). Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). It was first serialised Towards the end of the novel, in a tragic twist of events, Duan Yu finds out that he is Qiao Feng's relations with the Han Chinese martial artists worsen due to the Song–Liao . , Zhejiang Huace Film & TV Production Co. Demi Gods Semi Devils- A Review. Posted on . But with Demi Gods, at the end of the day, I must say that I felt satisfied. Even though my.

I just grew madly obsessed with the song because the melody was reminiscent of traditional wuxia music. The lyrics of the song also aptly describes the tragic love between the Beggar Sect Leader, Qiao Feng, and the Murong clan's maidservant, A'zhu.

Despite the intense negative reaction toward this remake, I found this adaptation rather watchable, particularly the Qiao Feng's story arc. There is no crazy relationship tweaks or unnecessary love angst. The production should have capitalized on China's breathtaking natural landscape instead using CGI backdrops. But judging from the poorly designed costumes, this production probably did not budget well and spent all its money on the specific effects.

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It actually irks me more to see a poorly constructed computer generated scene than a backdrop in a sound stage. Fight scenes are above average at best. I also hate the anachronistic ending theme song which sounded like a piece of jazz music from the Glided Age and extremely inappropriate for a drama that takes place during the Song Dynasty.

One Chinese netizen succinctly pinned the ending theme as a typical song people would sing together at charity event or something. The one thing that this production does very well is its musical score.

The memorable score just adds poignancy to scenes and the character plights. Xuzhu is unable to restrain himself and eventually breaks his code and accepts Tianshan Tonglao's tutelage in martial arts. Tianshan Tonglao dies from exhaustion after her final fight with Li Qiushui. Four Attendants to the Ruler of Lingjiu Palace: He attempted to murder his master by ambushing him and throwing him off a cliff.

The Xingxiu Sect becomes notorious throughout the wulin because of the wicked deeds of Ding and his followers. Despite Wuyazi ordered Xuzhu to avenge him by killing his former apprentice, Xuzhu decides to spare Ding's life in spite of the heinous crimes Ding had committed, so he suggests to the Shaolin monks to imprison Ding in Shaolin and try to reform him. If Ding behaves well, Xuzhu will give him the antidote to temporarily ease the agony caused by the "Life and Death Talisman". He once led a raid on the Jurchen tribes but was defeated and captured by Xiao Feng, who spared his life.

They become sworn brothers later. Towards the end of the novel, he plans to attack the Song Empire and wants Xiao Feng to lead his army, but Xiao refuses. In the last chapter, Xiao Feng takes him hostage and forces him to promise that he will never allow any Liao soldier to cross the border and attack the Song Empire for as long as he lives.

He commits suicide after his defeat. She tricks Azi into spiking Xiao Feng's drink with a "love potion", which is actually a drug that will cause Xiao to be temporarily weakened. The princess is Li Qiushui's granddaughter, thus is Li Qingluo's niece and Wang Yuyan's cousin, but they are not aware of their relations.

She is abducted by Tianshan Tonglao, who makes her consume aphrodisiac and brings her to the ice cellar every night to make love with Xuzhu. This is all part of Tianshan Tonglao's attempt to force Xuzhu to break the Buddhist code of conduct and make him agree to learn martial arts from her; in the process, Xuzhu and the princess fall in love. Princess Yinchuan has never seen Xuzhu's appearance because they had sex in the dark, and she only knows him as her "dream lover".

In a later chapter, she asks her father to invite martial artists from throughout the jianghu to participate in a contest to win her hand-in-marriage, in the hope that her "dream lover" will show up.

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Her wish is fulfilled when Xuzhu joins the contest and provides the correct answers to her questions. She recognises him as her "dream lover" and happily marries him.

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He is well versed in Buddhism and martial arts, but does not follow the Buddhist code of conduct — the "sins" he committed include his obsession to become the most powerful martial artist in the wulin. When he learns that Duan Yu has memorised the book, he kidnaps him and tries to con or intimidate him to write the manual from memory, but Duan escapes with the help of Azhu and Abi.

Towards the end of the novel, he almost dies from an imbalance of inner energy due to compulsive training, but Duan Yu saves his life by draining away the energy. He feels grateful to Duan Yu despite losing everything he had built up through years of practice, and repents after seeing how his delusional dream had caused him to stray from the path of goodness.

He is so impressed with Xiao Feng's skill that he invites him to live together with his tribe. The manor hosts a meeting for Han Chinese martial artists to discuss plans to deal with Qiao Feng, who is seen as a threat to the wulin after he is suspected of committing a series of murders.

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Qiao Feng shows up at the meeting and fights with many martial artists. The You brothers lose to Qiao Feng and commit suicide in shame. You Tanzhi becomes a pauper and orphan overnight, and he bears a grudge against Qiao Feng for his plight.

He is captured by Liao soldiers at the border and sold into slavery. He meets Xiao Feng again later and attempts to kill him but fails. Xiao Feng lets him go, but Azi captures him after he is released. While Azi tortures him for her sadistic amusement, he is so entranced by her beauty that he develops a crush on her and willingly succumbs to her and becomes her source of entertainment.

Azi forces You Tanzhi to have an iron mask welded onto his head to conceal his identity, resulting in his face becoming marred and disfigured.

Later, she forces him to let poisonous creatures bite him, as part of her plan to learn the Xingxiu's Sect's most powerful skill. She leaves him to die after he is paralysed by the bites but he finds the Yijin Jing by chance and uses the techniques in the manual to purge the poison from his body.

He returns to Azi and repeats the bizarre ritual with her numerous times. He is eventually bitten by the Icy Worm, an extremely rare and poisonous insect, and ends up mastering a powerful skill which allows him to project streams of energy containing icy venom. After Azi is blinded by Ding Chunqiu, You Tanzhi saves her and promises her he will always take care of her. Later, he meets Quan Guanqing, who helps him remove the iron mask and manipulates him into becoming the new chief of the Beggars' Sect.

Under Quan's influence, he challenges the Shaolin Sect for supremacy under the pretext of calling for a wulin gathering at Shaolin Monastery. You Tanzhi, in his capacity as the Beggars' Sect's chief, agrees to Ding's demands in front of everyone present.

After Ding Chunqiu's defeat, You Tanzhi is denounced as a traitor of the Beggars' Sect and becomes an outcast of the wulin. In spite of these setbacks, he is still unwilling to give up on Azi and follows her everywhere. He even offers his eyes to her to help her regain her sense of sight after she is blinded by Ding Chunqiu, in the hope of winning some love and sympathy from her, but she despises him even more. He follows suit after Azi commits suicide to join Xiao Feng.

Along with Xue Muhua, they host a wulin meeting at the manor to discuss plans to deal with Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng shows up at the manor to find Xue Muhua to heal Azhu. The martial artists confront him and the situation escalates into a battle after Qiao Feng toasts to break ties with some of his old friends and acquaintances. The You brothers lose to Qiao Feng and commit suicide in shame after their weapons also their family heirlooms are shattered.

He and his family are killed in a fire set by Xiao Yuanshan. Xiao Feng is blamed for their deaths until the truth is revealed.

They are present at the Beggars' Sect meeting in Apricot Forest, and are among the few who know the "Leading Big Brother"'s true identity.

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He is Tan Po's senior and has a crush on her since more than 30 years ago. He continues to meet Tan Po behind her husband's back to reminisce their good old days. He is killed by Xiao Yuanshan. Qiao Feng is accused of being the murderer until the truth is revealed. The three Chinese characters that make up his name are incidentally the first three surnames in the Hundred Family Surnames. It is renamed "Limitless Cave" after it becomes a subject of Lingjiu Palace.