Dxpnet leo and taurus relationship

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dxpnet leo and taurus relationship

Sun - Taurus Moon - Leo Mercury - Aries two of my closest bull friends are in long-term committed relationships with Leo women. Just from what I've observed from life, Taurus female Leo male, had a lot of I've never had the pleasure of a romantic relationship with a Leo. Anyone ever been in a Taurus/Leo relationship? What were the good/bad points ? As long as he's honest you 2 will be ok if he lies to you and.

KittyKnitter The keys to a relationship between Leo and Taurus is effective communication and friendship. You will have to be real friends for this to work so you will have to like and love each other and be respectful of your boundaries.

dxpnet leo and taurus relationship

The dynamics are challenging. You are both likely argumentative and stubborn as well.

Taurus woman - Leo man experiences?

That means you both like to stand your ground when you think you are right. Dare to consider being wrong. Find a way to meet in the middle when you disagree or even agree to disagree. Leo-be prepared to accept actions instead of words, which will show you how Taurus feels about you.

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Also be prepared to be watched to see if your words match your actions. Until she trusts you completely, she will take it slow but once she is in, she is likely in for good.

While you do like the words and actions of romance, you may be attracted to Taurus's ability to project coolness even though underneath she likely is smouldering. You will like her to be consistent in her actions that show she cares but you will still wait for the words.

Taurus can be moved by emotion so she will admire you for showing her that you are who you say you are and it's safe to let down her guard with you and let you in.

What interested me about the Taurus male I am dating was his quirky sense of humor and how quickly he was able to get under my skin and get me upset. He even said that I needed to be stirred up now and then and I knew that this guy was onto something that no one else had figured out. To one of the things he said, I told him he was annoying.

Leo woman and Taurus man

He has a harder time talking about love but not about sex. I have learned to be less shy about sex and more open to love.

Freedom to make our own decisions and live life by our own rules is what we both hold onto.

Taurus & Leo: Love Compatibility

We negotiate a lot of things, each with busy lives but we come from a strong standpoint of knowing who we are. Neither of us wants to be hurt and neither one wants to feel caged in so commitment is scary. We could say take me or leave me and we would each walk away with the bulk of ourselves intact but we really do want to be in each other's lives so we work out our issues.

dxpnet leo and taurus relationship

What we cannot work out has to be put aside for the future. Sometimes things take care of themselves with time. Sometimes just getting through each day is more than enough to ask of anybody.

dxpnet leo and taurus relationship

It takes time to build trust in ourselves and each other so that whatever we have is something solid and can last no matter what comes. He is unlike anyone I have ever known and I know he would say the same about me.

dxpnet leo and taurus relationship

That is probably what I like the most. That he says he knows me but doesn't understand me, lol.