Fairy tail erza and jellal relationship problems

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fairy tail erza and jellal relationship problems

It is complicated That is what Erza says when Lucy asked her how things are between them. And I couldn't agree more. They were very close during their. Jellal Fernandes to Erza Scarlet in "Your Words Especially" Team Fairy Tail B .. She then begins to cry and the two kiss. . leaves, Jellal telepathically thanks Yajima, who merely replies that Jellal shouldn't get Makarov into further trouble. Will the mangaka ever verify their relationship? Stop with the In Fairy Tail, there isn't perhaps a more frustrating couple than Jellal and Erza.

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Jellal is stubborn not to admit his feelings to Erza but will he be able to tell it to her before its too late? And will Erza confess her dark past?

Read to find out!

I Knew You Were Trouble Fairy Tail *ERZA & JELLAL*

JerZa Fairy Tail - Rated: DokiDoki reviews Erza, President of the Student council at Fairy High has a strange feeling towards a guy that was always by her side, Jellal, he is also part of Student council along with Erza. Jellal, also as stubborn as ever and also weren't admit his feeling towards his Princess. By the way its a Magic Student council! He's not good with people, and his nervousness constantly gets the best of him. But will a life long crush on a certain red haired beauty in his class help to break him out of his shell?

Erza and him hangs out as long as they can before Jellal leaves. Erza cries, and before anything happens. Rated T for language. Oh and a bit of action x Fairy Tail - Rated: After all, the boys are practically professionals at this point, how hard could it exactly be? He wouldn't stand by injustice. He took everything into his own hands. That was his first mistake.

And Erza was red, very, very red. Erza Scarlet has a soft spot for a certain blue-haired boy with a red tattoo and she can't seem to let him go.

They have 60 days Get back his memories, rebuild their relationship AND fall in love. I have to warn you, it turns from a lighthearted story into a drama.

I'm not a native english speaker, so I apologise right now for any mistakes Fairy Tail - Rated: Started as a small collection of memories, and their triggers. Now a collection of small one shots. Jerza shameless fluff, I can't help it The girl who seems to have no emotions except for seriousness actually breaks down into tears for Jellal. Jellal has someone who will cry for him. Does that not say a lot about the relationship between Jellal and Erza as a whole?

How many of us have found someone who will cry for us, regardless of whether we deserve the tears? What Jellal has in Erza is something clearly special. Jellal exists in her secrets. He exists in her future. He will always be there. Even when Jellal had been controlled by Zeref, Jellal gave Erza a purpose: This may seem like a terrible purpose, but the guilt that Erza developed from being freed kept her alive, if only for the purpose of being forced to see what her freedom ended up costing her.

While others would have turned to suicide, Erza sought out more power, which allowed for her to find a family in Fairy Tail which eventually led her to find a way to save her friends at the Tower of Heaven. This is just one of the many ways that Jellal contributes to what defines ultimately defines Erza.

5 Reasons Why Jellal and Erza Really Need Each Other

However, the true scene in which Jellal gives Erza the most purpose is shown when Erza flashes back to the time she admitted to her friends that she does not have a surname. When he heard this, Jellal gives her the last name Scarlet after noticing her beautiful hair. Although this scene is quite early on in season one of Fairy Tail, it really defines their relationship throughout the course of the series.

When most of us question our own life choices and our purpose of life, Erza has unwittingly found someone who gives her what everyone needs the most.

fairy tail erza and jellal relationship problems

Is that a sign of the perfect partner or what? Erza forgives Jellal of all his sins. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone hates Jellal. It is a reoccurring issue amongst many of the characters in Fairy Tail, old or new. Many of them have a valid reason, yet they do not have an easy time accepting Jellal for all of his evil doing.

It is only Erza who willingly accepts everything that is Jellal. From the beginning, Erza never truly blames Jellal for his actions.

fairy tail erza and jellal relationship problems

She is constantly hoping to appeal to his human side that she knows exists or blaming herself for the problems at hand. Erza was always willing to accept Jellal, sins and all.

Even now, Jellal cannot forgive his own sins, but Erza does. She knows everything that he has done, but she loves him despite it all. At this course in the series, Jellal is seeking redemption for his terrible deeds throughout the course of his life.

Erza does not wish to make him bleed for his sins. Erza offers Jellal her forgiveness because that is what he needs the most: Are we not seeking someone who will accept us in spite of all our transgressions? This is what makes Erza perfect for Jellal. She is what many of us hope to find in a partner. Closing Paragraph After reading this article, be honest: From their childhood to the present time, they simply fit.