Father and son relationship movies list

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father and son relationship movies list

For this list we're ranking the best movies for fathers and sons to watch together, Some father son relationship movies are about struggle while other movies. One thing will not be on the following list: many may remember the highly synthetic father-son relationship portrayed in a series of films. Specific Lists: + Best Father - Son Movies + Best Mother - Son Movies + + Best Music or Musical Movies + Best Romance Movies + Best Spy.

Big Daddy This movie shows a year old Sonny Koufax growing up because he accidentally stumbles upon the responsibility of taking care of his roommate's son. Sonny serves as the missing father figure in the boy's life and gets genuinely attached to him. The comic ways of the duo are a treat to watch. Bicycle Thieves It's a moving tale which shows a son who is really proud of his father despite the father not being able to secure a job.

Antonio has lost a bicycle, the only means of getting employment and the duo leave no stone unturned in finding it. The moment when Antonio feels he has lost Bruno's respect is heart-breaking, it shows fathers need our validation as we need theirs.

Father of the Bride An overly-concerned and over-attached father who does not want to let go of his daughter and doubts her choice of a husband. He performs hilarious actions to try and stop the wedding. George Banks could be any of our fathers who are a little too over-protective of their princesses.

About Time Tim Lake is born with the ability to time travel just like his ancestors.

father and son relationship movies list

His father is a constant guide teaching him the pros and cons of it. Tim keeps visiting his father even after the latter's death due to terminal cancer. At the very last day of their meeting, they go back to a fond memory of Tim's childhood. The dynamics between the father and son is great to watch. Taken This action thriller starring Liam Neeson shows a father trying to build a relationship with his shy daughter.

However she is abducted and that's where we see the sharp mind of the father at work to save his daughter from being trafficked. I Am Sam Its a simple film about a father suffering from a developmental disability trying to raise his daughter all on his own.

There are moments when the daughter is embarrassed because of her father who suffesr from developmental disability but love prevails and Lucy realizes the good man his father is. There is a happy ending with the reunion of the father with his daughter. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade This action-packed adventure movie shows Indiana Jones trying to rescue his father who had got lost in search of the Holy Grail. After rescuing his father, the duo set to foil Elsa and Donovan's wicked plans.

This movie is bound to tempt you to go on an adventurous journey with your father. Okay, maybe you won't go through with it. But still, it's the thought that counts, eh? Interstellar Interstellar shows a child who is constantly made aware of scientific theories by her father in a post-truth society.

The daughter follows the father's footsteps in becoming a scientist while the father is out in space on a mission.

10 Father-Son Relationship Movies From Hollywood You Shouldn’t Miss

The scene where they see each other on video with Murphy as an old, ailing woman and the father young as ever will bring tears to your eyes. The Tree of Life This movie shows the relationship between a strict father and a rebellious son. He is unforgiving of his dad's activities and the way he has brought up him and his brothers.

O'Brien has a change of heart and his son decides to forgive him.

11 Bollywood Films Based On A Father-Son Relationship

The movie is going to remind you of your rebellious years when you questioned everything your father asked you to do. Definitely, Maybe Maya, the daughter of Will Hayes is bent on hearing about her soon-to-be-divorced father's love life. She has a nice time listening to his stories and commenting critically on them. In the end Maya plays cupid to reunite her father with his one true love April. Daughters always have a superpower of understanding what their fathers truly want. The Game Plan Love conquers all.

Little Peyton wins her father over by her love and he begins to grow fond of her. She brings his arrogant and selfish behaviour to his attention and leads him to mend his ways. Joe realizes that he is incomplete without Peyton and she is a support rather than a distraction to him.

October Sky Homer goes against his father's wishes to take up rocketry. There are arguments between the father and son due to the repeated failures of the son. However, he ultimately makes his father proud by being successful in building a rocket, which is in fact launched by his father. This movie teaches you the importance of communication in relationships. Despicable Me A cute Disney movie about how Gru, a super-villain becomes a father figure to three orphan girls.

father and son relationship movies list

Gru has a tough time keeping up with the girls as he had adopted them as a part of a plan. However, he gets so attached that he agrees to give up his master-plan to a competing villain for the safety of the girls. Paa The interactions of the year-old Progeria-stricken kid with his dad are heartwarming to watch.

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When Abhishek Bachhan is unaware that he is Auro's father, the kid seems to harbour a secret and with such beauty. He forgives his Paa for not accepting him earlier and makes him reunite with his Maa. This movie will lightly tug at your heart strings and leave you with a smile.

Hindi Short FIlm - Katputliwala (The Puppet master) - Father and Son Relationship

TheIndianExpress Grab a seat and some popcorn and enjoy. Our fathers want nothing more than our time. The father is the progenitor, the protector, the provider, the disciplinarian, the authority, the ruler of the family. Well, in a perfect world. These age old concepts leave that other important person, mom, out a bit but the thought of a strong head of the household being the father goes back to the beginning of human beings and their history.

In order for there to be a continuance of fathers a new crop must be planted and, to that end, sons and daughters come along. However, this is the point where many a problem can arise. The potential next father must grow and blossom and take his place in the world while the older father must eventually give way and decline in order for this to happen.

A wise father knows this and at least tries to maintain his legacy, his blueprint, by teaching the son to be like himself.

father and son relationship movies list

This is where more problems occur. Adding to the complication is the fact that sons are quite often expected to be like their fathers. Yes, the same goes for mother and daughter, but often not to so dramatic a degree. All this being stated, its small wonder that when the movies tackle this relationship its quite often intense and dramatic, though, as will be shown, there are some humorous moments to be found as well.

One thing will not be on the following list: To this end, this list wants to keep it real, one way or another, and so these are the notable films about fathers and their sons chosen: The Kid The great silent comedy star-writer-director Charlie Chaplin eventually became father to ten children but, ironically, hardly knew his own.

At the time that Chapling decided that he needed to step up from short subject comedies into features, he was both fatherless and childless.

father and son relationship movies list

In light of that, it makes it rather touching that his first feature would concern a surrogate father-son relationship. Chaplin plays his trademark character, The Tramp. She leaves the child where she hopes a millionaire will find and adopt him but The Tramp finds him first. The little boy matures into Jackie Coogan, the first great child star of the movies.

He and Chaplin have perfect chemistry as The Tramp, with no knowledge of children, ingeniously finds ways to raise the little tyke and teach him to be kind but slyly clever in a cruel world not sympathetic to the poor. There are some fine gags in this film but the Chaplin-Coogan synergy is what truly makes it memorable.

Like Chaplin, Keaton was born into a performing world in which his familywas none too prosperous. However, Keaton knew his father, Joe, all too well. The Keaton parents were long time performers when their child came into the world and were not above using the child to milk applause until the very early time came for the boy to join the act.

In this one Bill, Sr. Ernest Torrance, one rough customer on screena longtime paddle boat owner on the Mississippi, is waiting for Bill, Jr.

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As with most films of this time and type, the hero finds a way, saves the day, and shows dad that he is worth something. Directed by the great King Vidor and scripted to by Oscar winning screen writer Frances Marion yes, a woman! Things come to a head when mom Irene Rich reappears, having indeed found a better place for herself, and now she wants her abandoned son back, in order to provide a better place for him. This film puts a face on it. I Was Born, But…. One of his lighter and more delightful, but equally profound films is I Was Born, But….