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flirt 3 pkp ic

First PKP IC FLIRT EMU Bodyshells. In late October The 20 FLIRT 3 EMUs for Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna are currently being built at Stadler's Siedlce works. PKP IC presents new FLIRT on Global Rail News | PKP Intercity has presented its new FLIRT 3 intercity EMUs to passengers at Katowice. Rail vehicles from Flirt 3 series. Technical details, quality pictures, people's stories. PKP IC ED · Flirt 3 2/6 kV, Stadler, (6), , 1M1T, EMU. flag.

Another New Pendolino on its way from Krakow via Warsaw to Gdansk and Gdynia, seen here passing the small station of Swiercze in full speed. Picture from Swiercze Picture from the Warsaw east station Warszawa Wschodnia 1. The bar coach of the same New Pendolino as shown above.

flirt 3 pkp intercity

This is one of Poland's newest express trains, the ED Picture from Krakow Glowny There it goes now. And the number of doors - only one single door per coach is also striking.

Not even to mention the restaurant coach Picture from Gdansk Glowny Gdansk main station A brand new train. It is a four coach electric multiple unit train built originally by Pesa in for the regional part of PKP, now called Polregio.

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However PKP Intercity let totally refurbish and rebuild fourteen of these trains resulting in a brand new express train type. This is one of the very first examples in commercial use. Picture at Warsaw C The type was first time exhibited at the InnoTrans fair in Berlin in and now it is already in commercial use.

It is an eight car long fixed trainset. Picture of a Pesa Dart at Warsaw main station The same Pesa Dart as above, seen from the other side.

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Closeup picture of an ED Pesa Dart. Picture from Bialystok The Flirt 3 trains also appear to be world class.

flirt 3 pkp ic

I have not traveled on the Stadler train, but the user reports and pictures all present a positive experience. Sure, they are modern and stylish, but curiously are hindered by some questionable design choices and possible flaws. The most obvious thing to notice are the small windows. Being of average height, my eyes are almost at the top edge of the window. This is more of an annoyance than a problem.

The vibration could be due to a maintenance issue, which I hope it is, or a design flaw of some sort, which I hope gets fixed under warranty. The vibration is very noticeable and distracts from the enjoyment of the journey.

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PKP Intercity's other trains are locomotive hauled and often made-up of modernized or new cars. The designs of these modernized vehicles are somewhat spartan, but still feature air conditioning, power sockets, and very quiet running. These dated trains are nevertheless clean and fast enough for the most part to make them competitive with intercity buses. When it comes to service, PKP Intercity has also made huge strides forward.

In most cases, the on-board staff is friendly, efficient, and informative. And the service offering is tops too. For example, the menu offerings in the restaurant cars and on-board bistros is broad, tasty, and fresh. In the past, the western European passenger trains offered excellent meal service on many trains.

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And while restaurant cars are still featured in many trains in central Europe, they're gone from French trains, for example, and the menus are simplified to reheat-able prepared meals.

Express InterCity Premium - the tickets must be purchased in advance To Lithuania, there is a weekend train service from Bialystok to Kaunas, with the possibility to connect onward to Vilnius.

The international gateway cities also offer opportunities to connect onward to other points in Europe: Raised platforms will be matched with conventional train steps, hence vertical gaps between this fleet and platforms will remain. West Germany and beyond Through cooperation with DB, the German railway company, it is possible to travel by train between Poland and Germany.

The first unit was delivered November Download video format Download audio format By Downloading this video I agree that I will not upload this video anywhere else without proper permission from the creator.

Flirt3 dla pkp intercity ceny. From Prague, you can connect onward to points in southern Germany Nuremberg, Munich. File history Avoid queues and hassles—put our experience to work for you!

flirt 3 pkp ic

There is also a daily train, Hancza, linking Krakow-Warsaw-Grodno.