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coos, lilting phrases and Betty Boop's flirtatious pitch into black-magic spells. Her band presents broken-glass instrumentals, vertiginous torch. Ax Clown Brush Chrome Lighter ZMP by Trevco. $ This Ax Clown brush chrome lighter has the design on the front. This lighter is made to order by . Hardcore Pawn is an American reality television series airing on truTV that follows the .. A customer brings in an Olympic Torch used in the torch relay for the Winter .. when she fails to strike a deal with Seth, she tries to flirt her way to a deal. .. A man sells his life-size Betty Boop statue, but not before saying one last.

Her fondness for American popular standards only hit pay dirt inwhen, while working at Nami Sushi Bar, she met a member of Tuxedo Junction, a Detroit-area swing orchestra. After a falling-out with the bandleader, Grace began playing out with a few of the Tuxedo boys, creating the act she now gives them at Torch night, "Grace and the Guys. But as her children matured, Grace branched out of her Ferndale roost, finally moving into the city completely about two-and-a-half years ago.

At Planet Ant, Grace was not only performing, but recording, working with video production, using comic relief and developing characters. Of the experience, Brown agrees, "I think we definitely pushed her in terms of acting.

And she was a trouper. She became friends with the owners, perennial visitors to Burning Man, an imaginative six-day artificial community in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

They introduced Grace to their friends, and spirited her off to her first "burn.

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You can appreciate what you have so much more. At a post-Burning Man party, she reconnected with some and met others in the Detroit Burning Man family, which the singer says is especially tight.

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Last year, the chanteuse already had her combo playing a few gigs in the plush, period haunt Cliff Bell's after selling general manager Andrew Gyorke on the idea.

But, working and living amid Detroit's active performance community, and inspired by the people she knew through Burning Man, she got an idea. You need something unusual. I know these people who can pull it off!

The deep reds and bright golds, the mixture of blond and dark wood, the candlelit tables sitting below vaulted ceilings endowed with rich wood tones all smack of a more sensuous era, when patrons haunted such smoky little cabarets with relish. Even the pendulous, breast-shaped lamps with nipple-shaped finials titillate.

It's not hard to get lost in the illusion of being in the raw, bustling spirit of s Detroit, when the Arsenal of Democracy was a crowded factory town churning out armaments. Back then, reformers clucked about Detroit as a city of clip joints, dance halls and cheap cabaret entertainment. Seeing that sort of gritty history capitalized on downtown is an exciting rarity. Though manager and gadabout Cliff Bell will have been dead for 30 years next month, the spot is enjoying a new lease on life thanks to manager Gyorke, 26, and his spirited staff.

When the bartender's pal shows up, she cries with a squeal, "Are you ready to lace me up in my corset? The band warms up, before the show, the drummer tapping out rim shots in front of the stage's signature sunburst pattern, the upright bassist and trombonist joining in for some razamatazz, while the bar fills with the sounds of ice being poured out and dozens of ashtrays being stacked on the bar.

It recalls speakeasy days watching the performers trickle in, knocking on the locked doors, gaining entry from a flapper-attired staffer and strolling back to the cabaret's stock room in back with rows of blue lockers. When an office-style phone rings, it's a jarring disconnect. Then, the drummer breaks out a didgeridoo and the jazz combo takes a decidedly modern turn as well.

But the bassist stays with him, building a sound that's hypnotic, sensuous and silky. Soon, the jazz feeling is giving way, as the drummer breaks out a set of Indian tabla drums and begins powdering the skins. And it's getting weirder: Bar manager Eric Welsh, dressed as a werewolf, is discussing how many packs of cigarettes have gone missing since the night before. Techie Richie Wohlfeil is fixing gels in the club's old-looking lights, only a dozen of which seem to work, taking a moment to chat.

But he does it in character. Tonight, he's come as Frank from Blue Velvet. It's a matter of time before he roars, "Fuck that shit! Grace arrives a bit late, dressed in her typical head-to-toe black outfit, pulling a rolling suitcase full of glittery gear.

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She tells how she fell down her apartment stairs, aggravating a sciatica flare-up, and jammed up her arm breaking her fall. She smiles through the discomfort, saying, "The show must go on. The group's violinist, Dixon, is fighting feedback from his wireless violin while the sound man adjusts for the imposing new speakers mounted above the stage. Lily LaRue walks out before the empty house to rehearse her dance, doing a fan dance to "Fever," with its dramatic pauses and rim shots.

She drops her bra, fluttering her fans over her tasseled pasties. Grace thinks it's a little fast. She asks the band to slow it down, and her words drip with sensuality. And I'd like to keep it up as long as possible. Her DIY connections paid off, big-time. The dancers make all make their own costumes, the comedians come up with their own material, the circus performers develop their own looks and tricks. Grace only tries to preserve the show's period feel.

Probably the only things you won't see at their events at Cliff Bell's are high-tech displays, fire acts due to city regulations and noir fetish dancers, as Grace tries to keep the show's burlesque component soft and sexy, leaving more to the imagination with innocence and innuendo.

I just direct the show. There are no rehearsals. Then, the performers sometimes resorted to canned music and technology too modern for a period show. But they always packed them in, and the event snowballed. The first five shows were organized by "e-mail, MySpace and word of mouth. And yet the show consistently packs the house at Cliff Bell's once a month. In fact, when Torch with a Twist did a special show at Detroit's Theatre Bizarre, the spectacle attracted a mob of partygoers willing to brave a light rain to watch the juggling, stripteases and music on the unique venue's gaudy midway stage.

At their July show at Cliff Bell's, it was standing room only with a line outside waiting to get in. Many of the early spectators have been friends and fellow travelers, but the group is attracting new faces among the to guests at each event. One of the main drivers of that word of mouth has been Northville resident Jeff Kramer, Kramer has been bartending at downtown Detroit's Small Plates for five years, and he's one of the show's biggest fans.

I happened to walk in one Sunday night, even though Eric the bartender had told me about it before, saying, 'You've got to check this out. Back at my bar, I started telling everybody about it. And that show packs the house every single time. It's probably the best thing they've got going over there, in my opinion. Only a half dozen people are here.

Among them is Daniel Huizar, 25, who is dressed in a full banana suit, which he says he's had for years. He works downtown, and it's his first time to Torch night, but he's excited to see the show. A woman tries to sell a fake gold ring with Swarovski crystals, but refuses to leave after learning that even the crystals are fake, resulting in her trying to strike an unusual offer with Seth. In addition, Tressa still holds a grudge against Ashley, while Ashley feels the same mutual feelings back.

A woman tries to sell busted speakers, but ends up giving smack talk to the clerk. A film producer from out-of-state tries to sell his badly-worn laptop, but when Les could not make the deal, the producer has some choice words for Les — and Detroit.

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A man pawns his dragster ; while Seth is worried that it would not sell if the pawn defaults, Les thinks otherwise. A man, who claims he was abused by his boyfriend, tries to sell his television, but Les' offers causes the guy to unsuccessfully suppress a major temper tantrum.

Soon, Seth is proven right, when customers complain of the long wait. This leads to an argument between Les and Seth on the state of the business.

A man tries to pawn a watch that Les determines that it was not valuable; however, Les challenged him to sell it to anyone in the store — that is, until the man decides to shout profanities instead. A man sells a latex vacuum bed sex toy, due to the fact that his girlfriend found out that he ordered it and told him to get rid of it.

Les and Bobby J. A man tries to sell a stainless steel bracelet, only to get abused by his girlfriend when he learns that the store was not buying them.

A man sells an old telephone switchboard that he thought was owned by Alexander Graham Bell due to them seeing Bell System on a plate affixed to the frontbut manage to get an offer from Les. A woman tried to sell a laptop computer, thinking it was an iPadbut refused to believe that Ashley was a manager when she called for one.

A woman tries to sell a dinosaur bone, but Les was concerned that the bone was actually from an elephant. A couple pawns a fur coat to get the funds to get jewelry out of hock, but the girlfriend threatens violence to her boyfriend if they do not get a right deal.

A man sells his guitar signed by Kid Rockdespite almost walking away over a few dollars' difference from Seth's offer.

Seth becomes even more concerned when he finds out that the clerks were offering too little money for jewelry, and that potential customers were walking away. A woman tries to sell an old s drugstore sign, but while Les likes it, it all comes down to the deal. An exotic dancer tries to sell silver earrings that have little precious value; when she fails to strike a deal with Seth, she tries to flirt her way to a deal.

A young man pawns a subwoofer for his car, where he lost his virginity. A man tries to sell a watch to Seth, but refuses to leave the pawn shop without the money that he needs. A couple of ladies try to sell a tambourine signed by Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohlbut learns that even the deceased Cobain's autograph is not that valuable. A man's computer was stolen after leaving it in watch with a stranger, and now he wants to see the security tape to see who it was; later, when Les, Seth and Ashley reviewed the tape, they were convinced that the victim is part of a scam.

A couple sells a bust of John F. Kennedyone of only two made the other put on display in Berlinbut Les gives a special deal to the man's wife to sweeten the deal. A tattooed man tries to sell a gold ring, but threatens Ashley after thinking the deal is too low. A former exotic dancer pawns her gold chain — and gives an employee a free show. Les and Seth later have a bright idea: Darren would later prove his worth when a couple of guys come in to sell a couple of Red Wings jerseys — one of them with Darren's name on it.

A couple of young men try to sell an electric guitar for money for a DNA test — when they could not get a deal, they destroyed it and left the mess for Seth to clean up. A woman tries to sell her television, but the price her aunt gave does not match the pawn shop's price; when the deal went sour, she left the television behind, as Ashley refused to carry it to her car. A woman tries to sell an arcade scale, but it needed a lot of repairs.

Les thinks there should be no problem, as he has a contingency plan to keep the lights on with a backup generator. When the power does go out, it becomes a big problem when the pawn shop's computer system goes down, and Les hardly does anything to rectify it, leading to Seth to handle the emergency himself.

A woman tries to get her item out of hock, when in fact she actually sold it; when told of this fact, she threatens Les by calling her boyfriend to take action. A man sells a wine press that has been in his family for generations, despite learning that it was not as valuable as he thought. A woman sells her doll of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassisstill in box, but not only it is no longer in mint condition, as the box is damaged, the certificate of authenticity may be stuck in the box.

A woman is a day late on her pawn payment for her television — which was already sold. But things escalate when a customer got the wrong Xbox out of hock. A trans woman tries to buy a ring for a marriage proposal, which she practices on Bobby J. A man sells a Detroit Free Press front page of Adolf Hitler 's death, but learns that the item is not as valuable as he thought.

A man sells his jewellery for money to bring his fiancee, a mail-order bride from the Ukraineto Detroit. However, Les overrides Seth's orders, who thinks that things are better as they are. But when the problems that were supposed to have been solved return under Les' old system, Seth gets into a shouting match with Les, with both sides refusing to yield. Frustrated, Seth gives Les an ultimatum: