Funke akindele relationship with femi adebayo and wife

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funke akindele relationship with femi adebayo and wife

Sep 8, RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FUNKE AKINDELE AND FEMI ADEBAYO- Recently, Femi Adebayo was reported to have sent his wife (Khadijat). Jun 9, Femi Adebayo Speaks On Relationship With Funke Akindele "Well, I have a right to my privacy and if I have issues with my wife, it is not ideal. Funke Akindele And Femi Adebayo's Traditional Wedding: Celebrities - Nairaland. Nairaland I for fear say she don sharp sharp enter anoda marriage?.

It is awesome for the couple to be in the same industry as they will share values and solve their common challenges. What is Funke Akindele husband name? Pics of Funke Akindele and husband shows that their love is still glowing. Journey with the article and get to know more about the limelight couple and Funke Akindele life history among other interesting things. Funke Akindele and husband wedding The couple hid their wedding plans from the public and therefore it privately took place on 24th August in London.

The newlyweds long list of fanatics as well as admirers learnt about their marriage when Funke Akindele and JJC wedding pictures overflowed on their Instagram account during their 1st wedding anniversary. The wedding pictures are awesome as they make one desire to fall in love. The amazing bit is that Funke Akindele has always tried to keepoff her private life from the spotlight until her joyful progress made her to at least open up to her fans; honestly falling in love is a beautiful thing as one moves to the another stage of life to another.

Funke shared a Snapchat photo of her and the husband in bed dressed in pajamas.

Funke Akindele and husband pictures and story ▷

The photo was so beautiful showing their glowing love. How comes they got married two years ago and they have 3 kids already? The beautiful thing is that the JJC kids approved their marriage. The family photos of Funke Akindele and husband are always stunning. The daughter told him that Funke is an awesome keeper and he should marry her. JJC and Funke Akindele children The family lives in a luxurious mansion that it is worth several million Nairas and it is in Lagos, Lekki to be precise.

They live a posh lifestyle just as it was expected; both the wife and the husband are successful in their career, what else did you expect? The lucky close celebrities of the couple were invited during their housewarming party. Apart from that house, the couple owns other houses as well.

funke akindele relationship with femi adebayo and wife

The family is now awesomely awaiting unborn twins. Oloyede was her first husband, they got married in ; the couple felt they were not meant for each other and they therefore went on their separate ways. Funke Akindele married Femi Adebayo did not take place, it just a serious relationship that did not led to marriage. Femi continued by saying that the wife was not happy mainly because of his career profession.

Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo marriage is a big past to the actress. This is because the actor is currently married the same case with Funke Akindele who is also happily married. Since the rumour hit town, Akindele has found it hard to extricate herself from it, as it continues to spread like brush fire.

An experience she had at a popular fast food outlet in Lagos. According to the popular actress, she was accosted by an old woman who begged her to leave the young man alone. That is a big lie. There was also the rumour that were pregnant. I have heard that too.

But at least you can see me. I am not wearing a maternity gown or robe. We have a good working relationship together. But let me say this, I am not dating him. He is married with kids. He is a shrewd businessman who will not touch my scripts if they are not good. Tell us about some that have stuck with you. They are just too many. There was a time I heard I was arrested and maltreated at the Heathrow airport for drug related offence.

And you know, I hardly go out, so because of that I have to go to galleria to tell them see me I did not do it oh. It was on the internet, everywhere. There was a time I took my nephew out with my sister, to St. My sister was like you have time, leave them, when you get married they will celebrate with you. I also remember a time, I went to Mr.

Why Funke Akindele Snubbed Femi Adebayo's Wedding - INFORMATION NIGERIA

She told me to let Femi and his family to live in peace, that I should not worry God will give me my own. I looked at her and said ha, thank you ma for praying for me. I have my own relationship, and am not having an affair with Femi. This must have cost you a lot. That was what broke the first relationship. Because he started hearing all this, he told me to stop working with Femi Adebayo. He said I should choose between him and Femi and I refused and said it is only a job that he met me doing.

All you need to know about Funke Akindele’s lover

And that I am a professional. Because of it I stopped sleeping in the hotels while working, and told him, drop me in the morning and come pick me in the evening. Are you not into any relationship for now? Not that, I just started the relationship. And am in a very serious relationship and I pray it works for us. With your experience of the former relationship, are there any condition tied to your current relationship? Rather I asked him, are you okay with my job, are you going to tell me tomorrow Funke quit acting.

funke akindele relationship with femi adebayo and wife

Who is your kind of man? My kind of man must be simple, humble, God-fearing and good looking.

funke akindele relationship with femi adebayo and wife

Am not after his money, am not so crazy about it. Because anything I get I worked for it. So am comfortable with the simple job am doing. Tell us about the good things that have happened to you. I have had the good side of life too. What about all the awards, accolades and commendations that I receive for doing good movies.

Funke Akindele Welcomes A Set Of Twins - God Is Great!

But the one that is most memorable was when I spoke with our ex-president, General Olusegun Obasonjo. To my surprise, it was Baba Obasanjo that spoke. He called me to congratulate me on the film Jenifa.

Do you know who is speaking? He is not the only one, so many of them like Ita Giwa and a lot of our leaders have called to congratulate me. What was the reaction of your parents when you decided to put your law practice on hold? My family is in support. My dad supported it. Because he was like as far you have that law thing, you can do anything.

But my mum has always being there for me supporting me. If am going for audition, she will be the one to drive me down. I love her so much.

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If a script brings you and Femi together, will you be able to do it.