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impressed Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer so much that he vowed to bring it relations among groups experiencing conflict (Brown & Hewstone, ; Wright, ). Pettigrew and Tropp's () meta-analytic test of ICT indicated “intergroup . Julius Campbell, a defensive end, was a driving force among black. But with all-star performances and time-tested movies on people's minds, If team captain Gerry Bertier didn't hold white players, namely his never would've gotten Julius Campbell on board with helping unite the team. 5) Was Gerry Bertier's girlfriend Emma based on a real person? 7) Did Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell become best friends in real life?.

In there were race riots in several U. A shooting had raised tensions to the boiling point in Alexandria. However, racial hatred is difficult in a town busy celebrating the winning ways of its integrated football team with its integrated coaching staff.

People in Alexandria gave a large measure of credit for the town's progress in race relations to the Titans. Other specific incidents involving the team are: InAlexandria was not wracked by protests over integration. The scenes of the demonstrations are fictional, the filmmakers' way of showing racial tension. Alexandria is adjacent to Washington, D. Still, it was primarily Southern and high school football was the dominant sport.

TheTitans sang more than most teams, and many of the songs they sang had been popularized by The Temptations. They also sang and chanted as part of their pregame warm up although they didn't do a choreographed dance as shown in the film.

The fights at the beginning of camp are underplayed in the movie. They were not only racial, but between students of the same race who were from different schools. When the team came back from camp, there was an obvious difference in their racial attitudes. As shown in the film, some of the parents thought their kids had been brainwashed.

In fact, their children had grown and matured in a short time under the tutelage of a master teacher, Coach Boone. Team members backed each other up. Shortly after training camp Bertier was jumped by a group of black students in the school parking lot. Campbell saw the fight and came to Bertier's rescue. It was at this point that Julius made the comment, "Well, Bertier, I don't guess you're Superman after all.

The "Yo Mama" scene, at least according to one member of a racially-united Titans team in the s, was exactly his experience. Some of the Titans players have commented that race was not uppermost in their minds, but that they were concentrated on football.

That's just the way the boys should have felt, but given the racial tension in the town, it was due to the hard work of the coaches that race was made irrelevant. The Titans 20 to 30 Years Later This film was released in The irony is that the T. Williams Titans of the s were much different from the Titans of Williams' record for the - period was 30 wins, 70 losses.

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The last winning season was and the last trip to the state playoffs was in While the Titans had 38 white players and 31 blacks, the Titans had 36 black players and only 6 white.

At that time, if white families in Alexandria could afford it, they usually sent their kids to private schools. In the football team was starved for resources while the T. Williams crew team, which is predominantly white, had lavish facilities funded by private contributions. The story of what happened to the Titans in the s shows that if a community doesn't have a plan in place and isn't willing to work hard to keep integration functioning, the community will become resegregated.

How did this happen? The racial composition of the city changed as middle class white families left and community support for football declined.

In addition, in the mids, long after Coach Boone had retired, drug use was rampant on the team. One player claims that seven members of the team were dealing drugs. Another potential cause is a rule implemented in Alexandria requiring that students in the sports program keep a minimum C average. In addition, the facilities had deteriorated due to lack of funding.

While racially-united teams persisted at T. Williams into the mids, by the late s, white players reported that the team "belonged" to the black players. White kids at T. Williams report that the school is internally split, and the races don't mix socially or academically despite the fact that they go to the same school. This section drawn from "Does Anyone Remember the Titans? Continued from the Learning Guide What events in the film show that "sometimes life is just hard for no reason"?

The two automobile accidents that Bertier was involved in. The first accident paralyzed him and the second killed him. These are real events. Is the story of the Titans unusual for what occurred in the South during the time of the Civil Rights Movement from on? Yes, in that it was so dramatic. Yes, because in a crucial year, this football team was led by two phenomenal coaches and two amazing players.

Yes, in that during a year marked by racial violence throughout the nation, an entire town took its cue from the football team and remained calm. It's not unusual in the sense that during this period many courageous black men and women, like Coach Boone, took risks to change society. Black young people, like Campbell, let go of their rage and forgave. Courageous white people, like Bertier and Coach Yoast, realized what was really important to them in this case the team and took principled but unpopular stands.

This happened all over the South, perhaps haltingly at times, with backsliding often, but ultimately the actions of people like Boone, Yoast, Bertier and Campbell improved the lives of many people in that region. The four questions which follow relate to rites of passage.

Define the term "rite of passage. A rite of passage is a ritual or ceremony which marks the transition from one stage of life to another.

The most common rites of passage relate to birth, attainment of adulthood, initiation, marriage, and death. The difference between a "passage" and a "right of passage" is that people all have transitions in their lives. Rights of passage celebrate, formalize and regulate those transitions. Give some examples of rites of passage that are used in our society, and describe their benefits.

These include, birth and its associated rites such as a christening or brisbecoming an adult a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah, Quinceaneramarriage a weddingdeath a funeral or memorial service. These help people to celebrate and adjust to the rights and duties of their new situation in life. Does our society provide a rite of passage to mark the transition from adolescence to maturity?

If so, what is it? There is no one agreed upon right of passage to adulthood in modern Western Society. There are some near misses. Graduation from high school or from college can serve this purpose in some families. But there is no agreed upon ritual or occasion for a rite of passage from adolescence to maturity.

Some people believe that sports provides young men in our society with some of the advantages of a rite of passage which are not otherwise available. Do you agree or disagree? But again, there is no society-wide agreement that this is a rite of passage. Some of the concepts to be discussed in a good discussion of this question are that the rite of passage is not universally recognized and only affects those involved in sports. There is no one ritual and its value can depend upon whether the team wins or loses, whether the team is well managed or not, whether there is cheating or steroid use, etc.

List, in chronological order if you can, the key incidents in this film that show racial barriers being broken down. There is no one right answer. The purpose of this question is to lead students to think about the plot of the film as it relates to the theme of racial integration.

A good discussion would include some of the following incidents: Lastik's actions in the cafeteria at the training camp; the argument between Bertier and Campbell when they trade accusations about Campbell not trying and Bertier being a bad leader this established communication ; the episode at practice when Bertier and Campbell hit each other on the "right side" etc. What is the proper role of the desire to win in high school and college sports?

The desire to win sets a context in which the true beneficial lessons of sports can be taught. How did playing football help the students overcome their racial prejudice?

What other activities can help people overcome their differences and begin working together? There is no correct answer to this question.

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The purpose of the question is for students to realize that one of the primary ways that racial prejudice is overcome is for people to have a goal that is more important than their prejudice. In this case, the goal was having a winning team for the players and educating the students for the coaches. As shown in this film, once people start working together for a common goal, they realize that they have much in common and some become friends.

In the situation of the Titans, not only was the goal of winning a uniting factor, but Coach Boone designed the training camp so that it was extremely rigorous and that all the players would have to work together in order to avoid very unpleasant consequences such as three times a day practices.

For a story in which a woman consciously rids herself of racial prejudice in order to keep the affection of a man she loves, see Learning Guide to "Gentleman's Agreement".

Which of the characters in this film forged new ground in their relationships with others? All of them including the black players except perhaps Sunshine and Lastik who from the beginning were able to accept people without regard to their race.

Why did Coach Yoast stay on as an assistant to Coach Boone? According to the film, he wanted to make sure that the white students that he had coached, in some cases since junior high school, were treated fairly.

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One of the things that impressed Yoast about Coach Boone was that he was fair, dishing out the same harsh treatment to the black players as well as white players. If you had been Coach Yoast would you have given up your chance to be in the hall of fame in order to help Coach Boone and the team? The answer should be yes. It was the honorable and ethical thing to do.

If Coach Yoast could not have given his full allegiance to the team or fulfilled his responsibilities to the players, he should not have taken the job as assistant coach under Coach Boone.

Once Coach Yoast joined the team he had the same obligation as the players: Actually, he had more of a responsibility since he was an adult and employed to teach the students. Coach Yoast more than complied with these obligations. Would the team have bonded had it not won? According to Coach Boone, winning was very important to the bonding experience, along with communication, and getting to know the other team members. What do you think would have happened if the team had bonded, had lost a game in the middle of the season, and the school board had tried to replace Boone as head coach?

The right thing would have been for the players to have gone on strike in support of Coach Boone and for Coach Yoast to have declined promotion to the position. That's asking a lot of people, but having come to know these individuals through the research for this Learning Guide, the authors believe that this probably would have happened. Coaches Boone and Yoast agree that a coach is first and foremost a teacher.

How does a coach teach? Coaches teach by example, by expecting excellence, and by setting standards. If coaches are first and foremost teachers, list what they should teach their students in order of importance. We are sure there are more.

Do you agree that Coach Yoast was too soft on the black players? There is no right answer. Everyone has their own approach. The issue is whether this was an unintended and subtle racist attitude because it was applied to blacks more than it was to whites. Prejudice is a pernicious and subtle foe that everyone, even those who do not consider themselves to be racist, must fight. See Learning Guide to "Gentleman's Agreement". Have you had a teacher, or a coach who inspired you to do your best? How did they do it?

The purpose of this question is to get students to think objectively about people who have made a difference in their lives. Describe the different methods of motivating the team favored by Coach Boone and Coach Yoast.

Remember Yoast's statement to Boone: Boone's coaching style was very harsh. Yoast sought to be more obviously nurturing. Boone felt that the boys would come against a difficult world and needed to learn about that world on the team. Coach Boone pushed the players so hard because he wanted to give the boys, white and black, a very tough experience that they would have to go through together.

This was part of his effort to unite them. It wasn't that he wanted the players to hate him, but that he saw the need for them to go through a common searing experience. What were the similarities in the coaching styles of Boone and Yoast and were those similarities more or less important than the differences? While there was at least one important difference between the coaching styles of Boone and Yoast, the similarities of their approaches to coaching were predominant and were a major factor in permitting them to work well together.

Both men saw coaching as a teaching enterprise, they dealt honorably with other people, and they had a strong desire to win. This story has several male role models. Look at the coaches and the players Bertier and Campbell.

What characteristics of each do think is their best trait as a male role model? There is no one correct response. The effort should be to get students to discuss what makes a male role model and what they respect most about the actions taken by the characters in the film.

Discussion Questions Relating to Ethical Issues will facilitate the use of this film to teach ethical principles and critical viewing. Additional questions are set out below.

What was wrong with the actions of Bertier's friend, the white boy that Bertier eventually cut from the team? Disloyalty to the team and dishonesty to his teammates. By being on the team he was promising that he would work hard for the benefit of the team, which included the black players for whom he was supposed to block. By deciding not to do that in a key play, he was being dishonest.

This is the essence if disloyalty. When Coach Yoast's friends wanted to make the Titan's lose and tried to enlist Coach Yoast in that effort, what Pillar of Character did they ask him to dishonor? There are several Pillars that they asked him to violate, but primarily, it was the Pillar of Trustworthiness.

Other Pillars involved are: Respect for Coach Boone, the game, the players etc. RESPECT Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule; Be tolerant of differences; Use good manners, not bad language; Be considerate of the feelings of others; Don't threaten, hit or hurt anyone; Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements 3.

Is there prejudice other than racial prejudice shown in the film? Boone's patronizing attitude toward Yoast's daughter is an example of male chauvinism, and the initial prejudice against Sunshine is an example of prejudice against persons with a different lifestyle.

What is the Pillar of Character that is dishonored by racial prejudice? In addition, racial prejudice leads one to other wrongful actions, as it did Bertier's former friend. See Teamwork-Friendship section above. Could the team have succeeded if the players had not followed the Responsibility Pillar of Character? In a competitive football league high school, college, or professionaleach player must do his or her best for three reasons.

First for self-respect, second out of caring and respect for teammates, and third, to win. In real life, Ronnie Bass got the quarterback position because he beat out "Rev" Harris. Coach Boone was in direct charge of the offense and made that decision. If Coach Boone had favored the black players, would the Titan's have been a success? They would not have been a success because the cancer of racial preference, this time in favor of blacks, would have wrecked the efforts to build the team.

Should Coach Boone have taken the job in the first place or should he have insisted that Yoast get the job? Conflicts drive the plot…Conflict: Desegregation has forced the black schooland the white school to integrate, whichhas meant that two football teams ofdifferent races now need to join together asone.

Coach Yoast, a successful white coach hasbeen replaced with Coach Boone, a lesser-known black coach. This is a cause of greatconflict among the white players, theparents and between the two coachesthemselves.

Some of them are very small, whileothers are much bigger. Sheryl vs Nicky — small conflictMrs Bertier and Emma vs Gerry — over his relationship with JuliusCoach Yoast must choose between his white supporters and Boone and the team — itcould cost him the Hall of Fame. Coach Yoast must choose between his white supporters and Boone and the team — it could cost him the Hall of Fame.

Yoast willingly chooses the team over his supporters. He knows he will give up the Hall ofFame if he fights for the team, but he does this anyway. My daddy coached in Alexandria. He worked so hard my momma left him, butI stayed with coach. He needed me on that field. Up until inAlexandria, there was no race mixing.

Then the school board forced us tointegrate. They combined the white school and the black school into one calledT. That summer, a black teenager was killed by awhite storeowner, and the city was on the verge of exploding. The story has now skipped back10 years to and we are watching what is essentially a flashblack. The rest ofthe story plays out in order of events, and then at the end of the movie we arepushed ahead 10 years again, and we learn whose funeral it is. Through anothervoice over we learn what has happened in the intervening years.

State champions andfirst runner-up for the national championship.