Gintoki and kagura relationship counseling

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gintoki and kagura relationship counseling

We saw Otae's sibling relationship explored in the Beam sword Arc, train acts Boke and even when he doesn't, Kagura beats him and Gin up. . Indeed, and girls aren't exactly charity therapists or rehabilitation centers. Kagura (神楽, Kagura) is a member of the Yorozuya and the main female protagonist of She takes in things that Gintoki says as a form of advice, oftentimes in an Their relationship seems to be of a "father/daughter" or "older brother/little. Gintoki placed his hands on Kagura's shoulders solemnly. I'm usually a full supporter of polygamy, but a woman marrying an entire branch of the military isn't marriage. "What kind of advice have you been giving her?!.

No way to stay by his side, forever! But that would be nothing but selfishness on her part as the new law was meant to bring the humans something they have not had for a long time.

They would get some semblance of control, freedom and peace back, and the law was made in such a way that anyone questioning or rejecting it would only be seen as self-seeking and corrupt, as that law was as unbiased and generous as it could be for the inferior humans. She would never be able to take that away from them.

gintoki and kagura relationship counseling

Being amongst the humans for more than four years, she could see the changes in her. Apart from the maturity that came with age, she knew she had deviated far away from the expectations of a Yato.

She felt more human, had human emotions, and reacted accordingly to such emotions. Yato's were not meant to have attachments to anyone, family or friend. Would it be fair on him to endure the same harsh conditions she had to and would go through in the Yato planet?

It had been so long, she didn't even know how things had changed back in her home planet. The possibility of anything improving was extremely low, if not nil.

Then, it would be better if he stayed. She wondered if Gintoki she had grown out of calling him Gin-chan many months ago and either dubbed him Gin-san or teased him Tokitoki would forget about her after a few years. His cool and non hesitant dismissal when her father had come for her years back had left her insecure, very insecure. So even though he had always been there for her, like he had been for everyone else, Kagura could not help thinking he was only doing it to make up for his inability to protect his comrades during the battle with the Amanto and not because it had anything to do with her as an individual.

But she did not resent him for that, she could not; after all, it was not his feelings that had changed but hers. She had started seeing him in a different light and started experiencing unfamiliar emotions for him.

There was a combination of things that had led up to it; him spending more time with them at home instead of going out drinking somewhere, being there and talking to her when Shinpachi wasn't present, in the kitchen cooking together, his growing protectiveness of her, and his attention to whatever she wanted to say or do.

But all these things had brought about a very gradual change. Her feelings had changed drastically when she had seen him coming out of their shared bathroom with just a towel hanging low around his hips. She had, for the first time, experienced the most peculiar sensation ever.

It was as if a vacuum had formed in her stomach, and she could do nothing but stare. He had of course, only looked at her in total puzzlement and what she was staring before snapped her out of whatever she had gotten into by calling out.

gintoki and kagura relationship counseling

She had been so curious; it had only made her seek to feel it again and again. To do that, she usually found herself sitting on the sofa in front of the bathroom waiting for Gin-san to finish his shower. Shinpachi had been confused about the new sofa arrangement but she had given him a casual shrug, saying she liked it better this way.

Gin-san didn't seem to have a problem with it; he kept on reading his favourite Jump and ignoring them completely. When she had told Otae-oneechan what she was doing and about her empty but sensitive stomach problem, neechan had been totally horrified upon hearing of the former and slightly hesitant about the latter. Kagura had no idea it was improper for any decent female to do what she had been doing for the past few months.

In fact, she had realized she had done quite a few things over the years which could only be deemed 'indecent'.

She had just wanted to know what was causing her to have such feeling for Gintoki. Needless to say she had stopped her 'peeping' sessions immediately after their talk, especially when neechan had told her what the sensation resulting from them meant.

Kagura had never felt that emotion before, and because she had been very young when her own mother was alive, and had never met other female Yato, she had no idea what to do about it. When Otae-neechan had asked her how she had felt about Gin-san and whether she liked him, Kagura had not been able to give her a satisfactory answer which would have helped figure out the predicament.

gintoki and kagura relationship counseling

Of course she liked Gin-san, she had always liked him. But at that time she did not know what neechan had meant by the term 'like'.

gintoki and kagura relationship counseling

It was only recently that her so called desire had become much more tangible, leaving her wanting to touch, feel, and even taste him. Kagura did everything to hide such feelings from the ever-alert samurai's in the house. After all, it was improper for a lady to be so forward with a man that did not feel the same way.

And she knew he didn't! Neechan had told her she felt that way about Kondo-san, her former persistent-admirer and recently acquired husband, and Kondo-san had felt the same for her. It was all part of the love they had for each other, neechan had told her. Kagura had been silently watching the married couple interacting since then, and came to the conclusion that Gin-san had and would never feel the same way she did. When she had first heard of the new law put in place for the Amanto in Edo, the fear of being separated from him had made Kagura realise she did not only desired Gintoki Sakata but was in love with him, the love which neechan had defined for her.

For the first few days after the announcement she had managed to keep the pain inside and let it grow by the day, but on day three she let all the hurt flow from her eyes unchecked. Kagura still didn't know if she was crying because she would be leaving him or because he did not see her the way she did him, or was it the combination of both. Kagura didn't know the answer. She knew however, that if given the choice, she would not go back.

She would continue living with him, hiding her feelings from him, and let things be the way they had always been. A tear dropped from her left eye at hearing his voice. She wiped the offending thing off quickly before turning, not being able to register his following question in her mind. What are you doing here"? Her automatic response had him raising an eyebrow a fraction. Kagura mentally slapped herself as she looked towards his approaching form.

It would be better if she didn't dwell on those types of thought anymore; they would only make it harder for her. He smirked that toe-curling smirk before adding on, "I thought Yatozoku only suffer hair loss at old age, do they also have hearing issues, Kagura-chan"? That question was a good distraction for it had made her forget everything else and concentrate on launching a shoe at him.

He, of course, caught the impromptu weapon before it could do him any damage, chuckling as he plopped himself beside her on the slope. Kagura pouted and turned back to the river as twilight set in. Now she was hurting again. Why do people become so sensitive when they fall in love with someone?

Gin commanded as he snagged her wrist to restrain her. There was none of his carefree or teasing manner left. In fact, he had never spoken to her in that tone before. She wasn't in the mood to repeat the bleak information; it would only make her more depressed. There was a lull in their conversation and both were left staring at the river ahead. As she mulled over their conversation, Kagura also wondered what he was thinking about.

She titled her head at exactly the same time he did and neither of them looked away. He asked, as he looked searchingly into her candid cobalt eyes. If he had known her even a little, he would not be asking her that.

He would have known the answer to it already. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to leave after all. She didn't want to, but I don't have a choice in the matter". You did not ask me that the first time". Yes, I did get what you were trying to do then but my wishes were disregarded when I did have some choice in the matter, they were completely overlooked.

This time around, whether I want to stay or not doesn't matter. I do not have a choice". She would congratulate herself later for speaking to him so calming even though she was falling apart on the inside.

I don't want to talk—" "Kami Kagura, just fucking tell me. Just say it", his choice of words and the frustration in his voice was so shocking it had left her stunned for a moment before she too, snapped. I don't wanna leave Sadaharu. I don't wanna leave oneechan, or Shinpachi, or Otose-san, or the Yorozuya, or the district, or even Catherine, and I don't wanna leave y His constant prodding was really getting to her.

Kagura had no idea why he wanted to know in the first place.

Looking at Kagura & Gintoki’s Complicated Relationship in Gintama

It really is annoying, ya know". Who's the annoying one, Gin-chan"? Her voice was now increasing in decibels. Apparently, they were both pissing each other off quiet successfully. He decided to ignore her outburst in favour of making this statement, not a question.

Kagura gasped audibly at his response. Should she dare acknowledge that little spark, that little spark of hope? Gintoki just shrugged his powerful shoulders and turned to the stars above.

Kagura was completely lost for words. Her insides were babbling with hope and happiness.


At least he had made an effort to know what the possibilities for her to stay here were. No one talked or asked her what she would be doing since the announcement had been made. She had presumed they had all accepted the inevitable.

He may not feel the same way I do but he does care, just like he does for everyone else'. The couple would never be able to end the marriage later, and She understood peace and unity but this was just plain barbaric. I'm saying for us to get married so you could stay back". Do you want me to write it down for you"?

He shook her rather harshly to get her out of her stupor. Why would you want to marry me? Didn't you say you would never marry.

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You don't even like children". The samurai lost, leading to the Amanto co-existing with the humans on Earth. Gintoki lost his metal sword due to the new ban on blades, being forced to take up a wooden one he bought on a field trip to Lake Toya instead. On the other hand, Kagura is one of those Amanto that decided to come to Earth, finding the planet more prosperous than her own planet.

At first, their relationship is nothing special. Kagura, who has no home, lives at the office with Gintoki though her bed is in the closet. Everything is fairly normal.

Like any normal person, Gintoki wanted this monstrosity of nature out of his house, much to the despair of his roommate.

Looking at Kagura & Gintoki’s Complicated Relationship in Gintama – All the anime

It seemed like the perfect chance to get rid of the dog when the animal-loving alien Prince Hata tried to kidnap him to put him in his menagerie. Let me just say this first: He will beat the crap out of you if you take away his dessert, will always make cheeky quips, and will do anything for money. However, he cares about his comrades. In this instance, Gintoki sacrifices his comfort in his own home to get back Sadaharu from the prince, and allow Kagura to keep him in their abode.

Sadaharu serves as a family member to her, but Kagura does have living family. After all, Kagura only began working at Yorozuya in order to get enough money to get a ticket home.

gintoki and kagura relationship counseling

Her goal is right in front of her. However, Kagura finds that after spending so much time with Gintoki and their other teammate Shinpachi, she has in fact made a new family that is always there for her.