Gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship quizzes

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gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship quizzes

What do you love the most about the AE-JIN couple? the heartbreaker scene i was laughing real hard too if i was Gong Hyo Jin i guess i wouldn't be I love many funny scenes, like the pikachu quiz call, the PANTY scene, the Heartbreaker The Dokko Jin song, when he was saying Cha seung won, no. Recently, a hilarious parody of MBC's hit drama “The Greatest Love,” starring Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin, has been surfacing the net. Cha Seung-won and Gong Hyo-jin were chosen as 'the most looked forward to' couple in the dramas coming this May. In second place is Lee.

I think most notably his work in Who Are You? I was excited to see what he could do as the loving Yoon Pil Joo because frankly his character description was rather boring.

She took on the second lead in this drama as the bratty, scheming, jealous type. Gu Ae Jung makes a living from doing various variety shows which often makes her look foolish due to her extreme unpopularity.

gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship quizzes

She gets invited to do one such variety show called Couple Making which is hosted by her former girl group member, Kang Seri. Couple Making is a Bachelor type of program that pairs the bachelor with eligible female candidates in the entertainment industry.

Despite a misunderstanding from their first meeting, Yoon Pil Joo, a kindly Oriental Medicine Doctor is drawn to Gu Ae Jung and keeps her on the program despite protests from the producers and Kang Seri.

As a result of being a young, sick child, he is reluctant to show any physical weakness which explains why he can be cold, distant, even a little robotic.

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Sounds like every other k-drama hero, right? For all of these reasons, Dokko Jin is an awesome character. Dokko Jin is only emotionally the underdog. The drama would've been very boring if two very ordinary characters met and too over-the-top if it was between two characters that weren't like that.

There was a good balance between the two in "The Greatest Love. You were in an environment where you can show all the comical elements that you want but I don't think it would've been easy to find the balance between romantic and comical because you had to switch off between the two at time, even in a single scene, under a large amount of time constraint.

I try to look at my script as much as I can. I'm someone that act with my mind at ease when I'm well-acquainted with the script. I can try out this and that only after I'm so well-acquainted with the script that I can play around with the dialogue. Whether it's with a theatrical play, drama or movie, there are some elements you need to calculate because you can't pull them off with merely with realism. And the more I look at the script, the more ideas and lines come up.

And I use them at the right times. Viewers watch dramas because they are interested in the relationships between people. So I try to look at those relationships from various perspectives and angles. Even if I'm acting with one other person, I'm always telling myself that I need to look at what I do from a third person's point of view, the other person's and mine. You said on your me2day account that you go back and forth between Dokgo Jin and your actual self.

These days, I spent more time preparing and filming as Dokgo Jin than living an ordinary life. So I'm sure there are habits or practicies that the body has gotten used to. People who wouldn't know that may think I'm possessed with him laugh but it's only natural because we filmed 24 hours straight. It showed better in the script. Things are crazy these days because of malicious comments and there's a scene where Dokgo Jin sues the people who post up those comments.

It turns out though those people are college professors, elementary school students and ordinary housewives.

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But they'd write things like, 'So is Goo's baby dead since she got in an accident? I think people think only of themselves too much. Once someone starts getting attacked, others do as well even without ill-will.

But it gradually gets worse. Why am I attacking?

Cha Seung-won and Gong Hyo-jin the best couple coming in May

Well that issue is handled in the drama but when it comes to ill comments on the Internet, I think the media is not entirely free from the responsibility of writing about them and rumors. I once talked about Choi Seung-hyun in an interview while working on film "71 Into the Fire. He's young and doesn't have any acting experience so of course he wouldn't be good.

But he's not someone who regards acting as an easy job.

gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship quizzes

He puts in a lot of effort into acting which he in his own way, finds value in, so I think he should be respected for that. Romantic comedies are very much a genre I've wanted to do.

I don't know how many more I'll get to do but I think love stories are always great. The problem is this -- how people will receive it. People used to respect actors who act out the troubles and hardships to life in serious projects but I think that's wrong. But that'll limit the range of choice or acting actors do and there are so many actors who have so much to show through numerous genres so I think it's wrong for them to be devaluated because of that.

Actors have characteristics of their own so I'm thinking that the atmosphere will gradually change to them being respected for that? Dokgo Jin did everything he could to protect Goo Ae-jung when he himself was on the verge of life and death.

gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship quizzes

What is one that you, as Cha Seung-won, want to protect till the very end? What I want to protect till the very end is my family. But not just my family but my family including myself. Because to protect them, I have to be there for them. I want to protect my family and be their fence.

gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship quizzes

Being in entertainment, there are many elements that try to step into the boundaries of our lives. So I need to protect them from those.

gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship quizzes