Hephaestion and alexander relationship test

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hephaestion and alexander relationship test

We'll never know the exact nature of the relationship between Alexander and Hephaestion, one of his generals. But we do know that it was. What was the REAL relationship Between Alexander the Great and Hephaestion. picture. Virgin Galactic set to resume test flights. picture. 'Six Strange Deaths. Author has written 55 stories for Troy, Alexander, and Lord of the Rings. .. Alexander and Hephaestion's relationship is tested prior to the Milian Wound when.

Alexander could only think of one reason, Paris was still under training and he could not accompany Hephaestion if he had to stay away for a long time. Alexander marched with resolution into Hephaestion's chamber and listening to the sound of water coming from the bath area, he immediately assumed that the General was taking a bath.

What he did not take into consideration was that he might not be alone and the brunette was not. Hephaestion was sitting inside the bathtub, Paris was sitting behind him while washing the brunette's body lovingly, and lavishing kisses all over that toned body.

Alexander spied through the heavy curtains how the page caressed every inch of his lover's skin making him gasp. Then those gasps turned into moans when Paris caressed the brownish and sensitive nipples until they were hard.

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Hephaestion snaked one hand behind Paris's neck, brought his face nearer, and then took his lips in a hungry kiss, devouring his page's mouth for a long time.

Both men were panting hard when the kiss was over. Paris moved forwards and knelt in front of Hephaestion, sank his hands and moved them under the water. Hephaestion gasped and moaned and begged Paris to take him. The page made Hephaestion kneel and immediately took his erect manhood in his mouth, licking and scratching gently with his front teeth.

Hephaestion entwined his slender fingers through the dark tresses and kept Paris's head close while the young man sucked greedily the engorged member. Hephaestion arched his back and released his pearly seed inside his lover's mouth while he shouted Paris's name during his release. The brunette then fell on his knees and took Paris's lips in a long kiss, tasting himself on the page's mouth.

Then he proceeded to wash the page's body lovingly and leave a trial of kisses along the spine. When Hephaestion got to the green-eyed man's buttocks, he grabbed some oil from a nearby vial, prepared him carefully and took him there while Paris attached his hands to the tub border.

The young page moved his body backwards, arching back so Hephaestion could get further inside his willing body. Alexander could not believe what he was seeing and he finally realized how serious Hephaestion was when he heard him say: They helped each other to get out of the tub, they wrapped towels around their waists and Hephaestion led them to his bed where they slid beneath the silk blue sheets.

Hephaestion set himself behind Paris, spooning the younger man and after leaving a kiss on his shoulder, he whispered: Alexander felt wrath building up inside his chest and left the chamber without being seen or heard by the dozing lovers. From that moment onwards, Alexander made Hephaestion's life hell on earth. He gave him the worst tasks; he criticized his performance in front of the companions and subordinates and even dared to belittle his participation in the war council.

Hephaestion accepted Alexander's attitude in the beginning, thinking that the king was too stressed due to the numerous uprisings in the furthest and recently conquered lands. However, when the situation got really bad, the brunette decided to ask for an audience with the king to clear the air between them. He had already talked with some of his closest companions to ask them what he was doing wrong to provoke such a negative reaction in Alexander. Nobody could give him a real answer; the brunette's performance was as flawless as usual; only Ptolemy dared to insinuate that Alexander might be feeling jealous about Paris.

Hephaestion immediately defended Alexander fiercely, telling the older blonde that Alexander was not a petty man and that he did not do jealousy. Hephaestion defended his former lover because he knew him well and he also knew that the king wanted him to be happy. Ptolemy remained in silence but what he said kept repeating inside Hephaestion's mind for a while.

Hephaestion got his audience with the king some days later, just before he went to suffocate a riot in a nearby land. Hephaestion was about to suggest putting it off for another moment but Alexander told him that he only had few minutes to get to the point.

Hephaestion saw immediately the change of attitude in his former lover and felt anger nestling in his chest. However, he took some deep breaths and feeling calmer, he asked: But let me reformulate the question, what is your problem with me? What is wrong with you? I work harder and longer hours than many others and if I don't go scouting any more it is because I am training others to do my job; I am sure that you will appreciate having skilled scouts in case I die soon" Hephaestion explained, feeling really angry.

I'd take any wound for you, Alexander, and you know that well" Hephaestion said, feeling wounded by his words. I am leaving to suffocate a riot now. If you can't come, you can stay behind and be safe for your precious Paris" Alexander said between clenched teeth.

Are you denying me the possibility to be happy? You were the Macedonian king's lover and now you only have a page to warm your bed" Alexander said and left the tent, arranging his sword before mounting his warhorse. You told me that you would love me forever but you lied.

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After listening to your venom, I prefer to die alone and poor before kneeling in front of you; you are no longer the man I fell in love with so many years ago" Hephaestion said, trying not to shed a single tear.

Hephaestion returned to his tent and Paris saw the distressed expression in the handsome face.

hephaestion and alexander relationship test

The young page had heard the whole conversation from a hidden spot and even though he knew that Hephaestion loved him, he also knew that Hephaestion loved Alexander more. He helped Hephaestion get dressed in full armour and asked another page to bring the General's horse; he knew he had to go and help his king because he was a Macedonian General and it was also what the brunette's heart wanted the most.

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Hephaestion kissed Paris briefly on the lips and left him behind to go to his king. The skirmish was just beginning and it seemed as if it was going to end soon.

The small Macedonian army gathered there was too lethal for those improvised soldiers. Alexander, from the corner of his eyes, saw Hephaestion arrive and he felt wrath rise inside his chest. He did not want the brunette there; he did not want to recognize that Hephaestion had said some truths before; he did not want to think whom his Phai spent his nights with.

Alexander saw Paris's face in an enemy's face and saw red and he charged against him, piercing his heart with only one blow. Hephaestion got closer and Alexander shouted at him: Go away" the king demanded. Stay out of my sight" he shouted angrily and turned round to charge against some other soldiers. Hephaestion stood motionless; he could not believe that Alexander had such a low opinion of him and that he had banned him from helping. However, he was going to prove Alexander wrong, even if that was the last thing he did for his king.

He was riding towards Alexander when he saw something that he had feared all his life, an enemy soldier had thrown a spear and it had gone through Alexander's chest, piercing his left lung and his heart on its way through the royal chest. Alexander went on riding for a short while before he fell among enemy soldiers who did not doubt in piercing his back and arms with their swords.

Hephaestion, as well as other companions, arrived late to save Alexander but in time to rescue his body. Hephaestion leapt off his horse, wielding his sword on his way to Alexander and killing as many enemies as he could. He then knelt by Alexander's corpse and cradling him against his chest, he wailed in anger and pain. He therefore seems to have determined at a young age that he would act more responsibly than his father, and showed little interest in sex.

Indeed there were times when he positively hated this side of his nature, saying that it was only "sleep and sex which more than anything else reminded him that he was mortal" Plutarch.

hephaestion and alexander relationship test

So worried were his parents by their son's apparent indifference that they even hired a famous Thessalian courtesan to entertain their 18 year old son, but with little success. And yet Alexander was by no means prudish, and hearing that his sister Cleopatra was having an affair he simply remarked that there was no reason why she shouldn't enjoy herself, regardless of her royal status.

hephaestion and alexander relationship test

Alexander's attitude to women was unusual in the extreme, and no doubt influenced by his formidable mother, he treated them with great respect. He regarded rape as a particularly terrible crime which was punished severely. Stating that the perpetrators "should be put to death as wild beasts which prey upon mankind", he immediately freed the Theban woman Tomocleia after she had murdered the soldier who had raped her.

He tried to impress his philosophy upon his troops, and told the Macedonian Euryochus "I will help you in your love affair, but since the lady in question is a free woman you must try and win her by presents or courtship, but use no other means".

He also restored Cyrus' custom of awarding each of the women of Persia with a gold coin every time he entered their lands. Alexander himself enjoyed extremely warm relationships with women, from his mother Olympias and childhood nurse Lanice to the queens Ada and Sisygambis Darius' mother.

As for Darius' wife Stateira said to the "the most beautiful woman of her time", Alexander wrote that "not only have I never seen or wished to see Darius' wife, but I will not even allow her beauty to be mentioned in my presence" letter to Parmenio. He kept Darius' womenfolk well away from his soldiers and, as Plutarch notes, "the most honourable and truly regal service which he rendered these chaste and noble women was to ensure that they should never have any cause to fear anything which may disgrace them".

When he saw how beautiful the other female prisoners were, he is said "to have taken no more notice than to say jokingly, "These Persian women are a torment for our eyes", and was determined to make a show of chastity and self-control, and so "he passed them by as if they had been no many lifeless images cut out of stone" Plutarch.

Yet when Alexander saw the Sogdian Princess Roxane he fell in love with her "when he first saw her at the height of her youthful beauty dancing at a banquet" Plutarch.

Arrian remarked that all those who saw her "used to say she was the loveliest woman they had seen in Asia, with the single exception of Darius' wife".

Arrian also adds that even though Roxane was a captive, "he refused despite his passion to force her to his will and decided to marry her", with Hephaistion acting as best man.

As far as is possible to tell, the marriage was successful both diplomatically and personally and, although both posthumously, the couple had a son named after his father who succeeded him as Alexander IV. Alexander also later married two Persian princesses, Darius' eldest daughter Barsine renamed Stateira after the mother she closely resembled together with Parysatis, younger daughter of Artaxerxes III.

Yet these were marriages of policy, with Alexander anxious to demonstrate publicly his desire to strengthen ties between Greeks and Persians, which he took even further with a mass Persian-style wedding at which 92 companions took Persian brides before an invited audience of guests.

In a single ceremony his colleagues became relatives not only of Persians but of each other, as Ptolemy married Artabazus' granddaughters and Seleucus one of Spitamenes' daughters.