Heroes peter and claire relationship quizzes

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heroes peter and claire relationship quizzes

in Odessa, Texas. And that's not just the mindset of a teen who doesn't know better. Claire Relationship Status interested in her hunky classmate Brody Mitchum. But obviously Peter Petrelli xx.x% like you TAKE QUIZ · learn more. Heroes Peter Petrelli. Heroes - Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) and Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) . Aw gotta get that Uncle/Niece relationship goals tho THIS IS adorable. ShowStopBeth .. The Hiro Nakomura Trivia Quiz. Laura Elisa. She surveys the disaster area of a kitchen, and smiles. Next to him on the sofa, Peter was holding Claire, and she was smiling and giggling at.

Peter tells them about " Future Hiro " and that he was told to save the cheerleader. Peter tells the men from Tokyo to get to New York so they can find the cheerleader together, and then their conversation ends.

Peter then fits Isaac's paintings together, realizing they're telling a story like a comic book.

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He points out that there is one painting missingwhich Isaac says Simone has. Homecoming During the Union Wells HomecomingSylar arrives to kill the cheerleader who has the special abilities.

However, upon entering the school, he sees a newspaper clipping about Jackie receiving an award for rescuing a man at the train wreck ; Sylar assumes that Jackie is the cheerleader he wants. When he tracks the girls down in the locker roomhe grabs Jackie by the throat and telekinetically opens her skull to obtain her brain.

heroes peter and claire relationship quizzes

Jackie's last word to Claire is "run They climb up the bleachers outside of the school as Peter and Sylar fight.

As Claire manages to escape, both men fall off the top of the bleachers and are severely injured.

heroes peter and claire relationship quizzes

Because kristin from E even noticed the chemistry! Because Paire were voted no. Because Hayden said "anything is possible" about Paire. Because Greg said "there's something Because she wanted to go back for peter Because she was happy he was still alive Because he was so excited to see her Because he was relieved to know she was ok Because he was upset when he thought claire died Because he tried to persuade the cops to save her Because she wanted to talk to him alone Because he knew he had to save her Because they definitely have an attraction to each other Because they are connected to each other Because they talk and sit really close to each other… suspicious much?

Because they have both died before.

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Because they look at each others lips when they talk, like they want to kiss. Because he would have died for her Because they always talk about each other Because he dreamt about claire. Because she wanted to see Peter Because, can their body language be any more obvious?!

heroes peter and claire relationship quizzes

Because "You're the only one that made me feel safe. Because "I just want to see him, I came all this way" Because she saved his life. Because "I guess we're even now" Because he wiped away her tears.


Because Peter doesn't want Claire to go. Because Claire brought Peter back to life twice Because they can heal each other Because Peter forgot to mention that they were related Because Peter refers to Clarie as Nathan's daughter Because Peter never mentions the word niece when talking about Claire Because their chemistry is undeniable and unstoppable.

Because the effect would be 'bleh' if the directors told them to play it as 'family' Because they combust together Because they're forbidden fruit Because they need each other Because eyes could say thousands words Because paire hynotize our hearts Because we'll never give up, no matter what The first part of season three is called "Volume Three: Volume three begins with an assassination attempt on Nathan Petrelli Adrian Pasdara political figure who can fly, and explores its consequences.

Meanwhile, several villains escape from the confines of Level 5, a maximum security area owned and operated by the Company within Primatech, and Noah Bennet attempts to recapture them. Arthur Petrelli Robert ForsterNathan Petrelli's father, heals from systemic nerve damage and aims to create a formula to give ordinary people superhuman abilities. The second part of season three, "Volume Four: Fugitives", reveals what happens after Nathan fails to produce the formula.

After the destruction of Primatech and Pinehearst, the rival company of Primatech, the heroes attempt to lead normal lives until Nathan initiates his plan to round up all people with abilities. Sylar kills Nathan in an intense duel. However, because Nathan is a prominent political player, Matt Parkman Greg Grunbergwho has power over people's minds, is instructed to alter Sylar's mind so that he will believe that he is Nathan and take his place. This has a negative side effect causing Sylar's consciousness to become trapped in Matt Parkman's mind.

Season four contains "Volume Five: Redemption", and takes place six weeks after the events of season three.

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The heroes try to return to their normal lives; Peter returns to his job as a paramedic, while Claire attends college. Sylar's body is causing his previously acquired abilities to manifest as he struggles with his forced identity as Nathan.

Sylar's actual consciousness, trapped in Matt Parkman's mind, taunts Matt and seeks out his own body. Meanwhile, Hiro has to deal with his brain tumor that is slowly killing him and preventing him from controlling his powers. A carnival group is introduced whose leader, Samuel, tries to recruit more people with abilities into his carnival family. Samuel claims he is creating a community for special people where they are welcome to be open with their abilities and respected by outsiders.

In truth, he is bringing together as many people with abilities as possible to build up his own power, moving earth.

heroes peter and claire relationship quizzes

The more special people he has around him, the stronger his power. The heroes have to come together to battle Samuel and his plan to expose "specials" to the world by killing thousands of people. The series finale ends by opening the nonexistent "Volume Six: Brave New World" in which Claire reveals the existence of people with special abilities to a group of reporters and photographers. The series mimics how it started, with the last scene involving Claire Bennet jumping from a building and stating "my name is Claire Bennet, and that was attempt number--I guess I've kind of lost count.

Kring wanted to create a "large ensemble saga" that would connect with the audience. He began thinking about how big, scary and complicated he felt the world is, and wanted to create a character-driven series about people who could do something about it.

Kring felt that a cop or medical drama did not have characters that were big enough to save the world. He came up with the thought of superheroes ; ordinary people who would discover extraordinary abilities, while still rooted in the real world and in reality.

Casting directors Jason La Padura and Natalie Hart brought forth a cast of new faces such as Milo Ventimiglia who described the pilot as a "character drama about everyday people with a heightened reality.

Kring wanted the series to have touchstones that involved the characters and the world they lived in. Kring credits Lindelof for giving him ideas on how to pitch the series to the network and advice on the lessons he Lindelof learned about working on a serialized drama. The two still speak and support each other's projects.

When NBC executives asked him what was going to happen next, Kring responded, "Well, you'll just have to wait and find out. These stories were then combined and given to the episode writer.