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Its no secret that F.T. Island get compared to their labelmates CNBLUE, and Later in the show, Hongki was once again asked to elaborate when the MCs asked, it's a good indication that they will hopefully have healthy relationship in the company. but anyway, it just seems like yonghwa pushes for things more than. Sep 22, As their main vocalist, Yonghwa generally sings the most in the group, generally in a higher mid-third .. Among FNC's vocalists, Hongki's vocal stands out then? .. But I trust and respect our reviewers on this site. .. I had requested this vocal analysis a couple of months ago and as many of the people. Jan 26, Article: Jung Yonghwa clarifies his dating rumors with Park Shin Hye Park Shin Hye said she'd never go public with any of her relationships so he'll .. i think they're just good friends like how she is with Hongki and Jang Geun Seuk honestly,i'm i-fans but i really trust k-fans so i believe in yongshin.

She whipped around to find him on the other side of the paned glass, the surprise in her face turning into a smile as she ran to let him in. He handed her the long stemmed flower he ordered right before he left for the airport. She beamed and gave him a quick hug, then motioned him to the studio, prepping him to join her in the run thru of the routine.

They always do this before fanmeets, and while this would be her solo, she enganged him in her rehearsal like it was the most natural thing in the world. Ah, this was the kind of welcome he always wanted to go home to.

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It almost made him feel that he had her heart in the bag. Almost, he thought, but not quite, as he eyed the bouquets lining up the shelves, the different arrangements all screaming open admiration from their senders. He looked at the single bloom that she placed on the chair beside his, noting how measly it looked as compared to the many others.

He is returning her call, after heeding her request on Twitter to show his face.

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Every point counts after all. Did everything go as planned? He does have a backup plan, in case this approach gets jeopardized. But so far, so good. My fans are the greatest. The shyness in her voice catches his attention. Something must have happened in the FM, and he is dying of curiosity. Guys like him are used to being placed in that kind of compromising questioning. While he has not been dishonest in his answers, he has mastered the art of skirting these questions and the skill of being vague.

But Shin Hye … It is true that she is in showbiz, but the girl is too innocent for her own good at times. She was so bad at outright lying for the sake of fan service, so she never really tried. He knows she would survive it somehow, but for someone as pure as she is to be put on the spot must have made her feel uncomfortable. Then again, this is Shin Hye. She is made of tougher stock than she lets on. Right then and there, he decided that whatever the results are, he would back her up.

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It was a sad event. I don't even know if they were there at the same time. Hong Ki wasn't able to go as he stayed behind in Japan but per his Cyworld update, he was really devastated, too, of the sad news. But this fic is a happy one, don't worry.

This is not Seoul. It takes a miracle to even get them three in one room all at the same time and he is not going to let this moment pass without capturing it in pictures. You drink water from sake glasses now? Hong Ki throws her a sneer. I should have known better than show up here with the both of you.

Yong Hwa was right, we should show up in meetings like this together so we can level the playing field. I thought the four of us could finally meet here in Japan. Shin Hye throws him an innocent look but her sparkling eyes are a dead giveaway that makes Hong Ki smirks proudly. Why the red face? Who are you calling Ya, dongsaeng? Hong Ki looks at his two friends helplessly and absentmindedly curses Yong Hwa and his darn schedules. Hong Ki whines louder only to be interrupted by the ringing of his phone.

Why call only now? You never did, man. I am not sure if you still want to talk to me after such a long time. Yong Hwa chuckles shyly. Are we even friends now? I have to work. Is there any other reason? As their main vocalist, Yonghwa generally sings the most in the group, generally in a higher mid-third octave range up to the fourth octave of the piano, lying in the Tenor tessitura with a light tone and soft sound in his voice. Drawing influences from rock, pop and alternative genres of music, Yonghwa has been able to create a name for himself as an artist in the Korean music industry.

The lowest part of his range is the only part that has shown improvement over the years and the highlight of his voice technically. His mixed range is his most used range and the part of his voice that shines in terms of being comfortable.

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Although that might be true, it is also one of the least developed parts of his voice. Yonghwa is technically very unaware of how to properly place his voice, often heavily using a throaty light approach to his mixed voice which oftentimes does not allow him to have any sort of volume or power.

His mixed voice is very much a head-dominant and cricothyroid muscle driven mixed voice that does explore the true tone of his chest voice, already present in his lower range.