House and wilson relationship

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house and wilson relationship

Gregory House, M.D. (born ) is the title character of the American medical drama series . The series ends with House and Wilson riding off into the countryside on motorcycles, as Leonard has said that Dr. Wilson is one of the few who voluntarily maintains a relationship with House, because he is free to criticize him. House would take advantage of Wilson in every way possible. he beats himself up for it because it probably does hurt his other relationships. Although it may seem that House and Cameron's relationship will go Later agreeing that Amber is the female "proxy" for House, Wilson tells.

house and wilson relationship

He tells her that he was left to pick up the pieces after Stacy left, and to tread carefully. But Wilson is correct, and in the end House shies away from putting himself through another emotional wringer, telling Stacy to go back to Mark.

Unfortunately, the final scene of the episode shows Wilson as completely misunderstanding his best friend, his motives, and feelings, accusing House of enjoying his misery.

These episodes are filled with enough bromance to fill an entire column. With the tables turned, House has the opportunity to lecture Wilson about his own reckless behavior.

It almost turns very nasty, until the hospital calls; suddenly all rancor falls away as they, together, turn their attention on the patient. Or discussing Moby Dick. Although I thought that Wilson was pretty unsympathetic to House, who was in supreme agony throughout the episode.

House has been up all night in his office, and Wilson brings him a cup of coffee, sitting vigil with him. It was a manipulation that House himself might have masterminded under different circumstances. And that eventually, House understands the significance of that relationship, giving it his ambivalent blessing.

Gregory House

Before tragedy strikes them all. Bringing us to the stunning and emotional season finale episodes. It was so important that he pushed himself beyond all reason to find out what it was, and who it involved.

It was important because it was Amber of course. Wilson is one of the few who voluntarily maintains a relationship with House, because he is free to criticize him. Allison Cameron Jennifer Morrisonwho once had a crush on him, is aware.

House speaks multiple languagesdemonstrating fluency in English, Spanish, [22] Russian[57] Portuguese[58] Hindi[21] and Mandarin.

He is an avid gamer with a preference for handhelds owning two Sony PSPs and three Nintendo handhelds, two Game Boys and a DSis known to attend monster truck pulls with Wilson, and watch the soap operas General Hospital and the fictional Prescription Passion.

House is a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Flyers. House is an atheist. He openly and relentlessly mocks colleagues and patients who express any belief in religion, deeming such beliefs as illogical. He does not believe in an afterlife because he finds it is better to believe life "isn't just a test".

Over the course of the series, he disproves the effectiveness of a migraine cure by self-inducing a migraine and controlling the effects through drugs, [21] undergoes a blood transfusion to assist with a diagnosis, and overdoses on physostigmine to improve his memory after sustaining head injuries, subsequently causing his heart to stop beating, then undergoes deep brain stimulation soon after.

In the following episode, " After Hours ", he finds out that the medicine cause tumors, and operated on himself in his bathtub based on a CT scan. Ultimately he is unable to continue and eventually brought in Cuddy, who sends him to the hospital.

He's constantly trying to strip himself of those biases, to get a clean, objective view of things. Cameron states in the first episode of the first season "House doesn't believe in pretense Wilson suggests House might have Asperger syndromewhich is characterized by a number of traits found in House, such as difficulty accepting the purpose of social rules, lack of concern for his physical appearance, and resistance to change; though he later reveals to House that he does not truly believe this, and that claiming this was a part of a ploy to soften Cuddy's opinion of House.

Wilson's moving into House's apartment after his failed marriage in "Sex Kills" symbolizes his taking emotional refuge in his friend.

When Wilson resigns and moves away from both New Jersey and House's friendship in the season 5 premiere, House is desperate to have his friend back, and hires a private investigator Michael Weston to spy on him.

Lisa Edelstein has said that despite his sardonic personality, House is a character who is reliant on people surrounding him. Michael Tritter David Morsewho arrests him for possessing narcotics.

The two try to drive each other away, doing things to each other's office to make them worse, but in an uncharacteristically nice move, House has Cuddy's mother send her medical school desk for her new office as a surprise. Cuddy is touched by what he did, but is devastated when she spots him with a prostitute he hired, not knowing he had done so only to mess with Kutner and Taub. In the season finale " Both Sides Now " it is confirmed that House wishes to pursue a romantic relationship with Cuddy.

In this same episode he believes he has slept with Cuddy and informs Dr. James Wilson the following morning. This however is revealed to be a psychosis, which is a side effect of his Vicodin abuse. The House-Cuddy story culminates in the season 6 finale, " Help Me ", when Cuddy cancels her engagement to Lucas to face the inevitable realization of her loving House all along; [73] they share a passionate kiss, thus hinting on mutual willingness to try to develop a real relationship.

He cares to the point of relapsing his addiction to Vicodin. House has also been known to act as a mooch at times, frequently stealing food from Wilson.

In " You Don't Want to Know ", while House is searching for the cause of Thirteen's twitching, he claims to have stolen money from her wallet. Or how she was holding his hand at the end of "Wilson's Heart"? And House loves Cuddy. He keeps her secrets, as we saw during her baby arc. He protects her, as seen in "The Right Stuff" when he wouldn't tell her what he was doing with his patient so that she wouldn't be liable.

And he respects her. No man would stand up to Cuddy like he does if he didn't realize that he could lose every argument. House and Cuddy are not the perfect couple, but what couple is? I think, especially after the events of "House's Head" and "Wilson's Heart," House is going to need someone in his life who accepts him for who he is and understands how he thinks.

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That person is Lisa Cuddy. Emily In the season-four episode "Don't Ever Change," Wilson wonders what about his relationship with Amber is bothering House so much. Later agreeing that Amber is the female "proxy" for House, Wilson tells him, "Why not date you?

house and wilson relationship

We've known each other for years, we've put up with all kinds of crap from each other, and we keep coming back! The romantic coupling of House and Wilson transforms the strongest relationship on the show to an even more dramatically rewarding one. It's a logical progression: House and Wilson already form the most entertaining, enduring couple of House. If the plot of last season's finale and the 16 million viewers who tuned in prove anything, it's that the way House's friendship with Wilson evolves is of interest to the show's fans.