India and iran relationship 2015


india and iran relationship 2015

Iran deal. Tanvi Madan Monday, July 20, India has a complicated relationship with Iran, and its leaders will watch closely as implementation and the. New Delhi, India - Iran and India have inked nine agreements, including signed with the West in poses a big challenge to Indian foreign policy. But Sujata Ashwarya, author of "India-Iran Relations", says India's. India-Iran relations span millennia marked by meaningful interactions. Zarif visited India again on August , and called on Prime.

The deal saw India agree to place all its civil nuclear facilities under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA in exchange for US cooperation in developing its civil nuclear energy programme although the deal has been delayed over concerns about liability in the event of a nuclear accident and the financial troubles of the US nuclear energy giant, Westinghouse.

The US and India became even closer inwhen they signed a year defense agreement that opened the way for huge US military hardware sales to India in exchange for India providing the US military access to its harbours, airfields and bases.

Meanwhile US relations with Iran over the last decade have deteriorated.

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Inthe US led an effort at the UN to impose international economic sanctions against Iran after it refused to suspend its uranium enrichment programme. Following this, India was pressured by the US to curtail its purchases of Iranian crude oil, despite its dependence on such imports. However, despite this, India got the US to give it waivers to continue purchasing oil from Iran, which the Obama administration allowed for a certain period.

india and iran relationship 2015

Additionally, India was forced to deposit Iranian payments in a bank account in Kolkata while it waited for sanctions to ease before being allowed to transfer the payments. These difficulties sometimes reduced trade relations to simple bartering in which India traded its rice for Iranian oil.

Following the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Actionsigned between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and the European Union, in which saw Iran agree to scale back its nuclear programme the UN sanctions against Iran were finally eased and India began increasing its purchases of Iranian crude oil.

india and iran relationship 2015

However, because separate unilateral US sanctions remain in place, Indian banks with exposure in the US remain reluctant to finance new Indian trade and investments in Iran. India on the outside: Iran plans to use Chabahar for trans-shipment to Afghanistan and Central Asia, while keeping the port of Bandar Abbas as a major hub mainly for trade with Russia and Europe.

india and iran relationship 2015

India, Iran and Afghanistan have signed an agreement to give Indian goods, heading for Central Asia and Afghanistan, preferential treatment and tariff reductions at Chabahar. Iran is, with Indian aid, upgrading the Chabahar-Milak road and constructing a bridge on the route to Zaranj. The Chabahar port project is Iran's chance to end its US-sponsored economic isolation and benefit from the resurgent Indian economy.

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A strategic partnership between India, Iran and Russia is intended to establish a multi-modal transport link connecting Mumbai with St Petersburg, providing Europe and the former Soviet republics of Central Asia access to Asia and vice versa. The route primarily involves moving freight from IndiaIranAzerbaijan and Russia via ship, rail and road.

The objective of the study was to identify and address key bottlenecks. Such moves could, otherwise, speed up the commercial transactions between the two countries. Discussions for various investments by Indian firms, including, Special Economic Zones SEZs in fertilizers and petrochemical sector, in Iran have already been conducted, and it is now up to both the governments to materialise those projects and proposals without further delay.

On military-security affairs, cooperation between India and Iran has become non-existent. Going back little more than a decade, a considerable defence relationship was maintained between New Delhi and Tehran, and it was given heightened importance with the signing of a strategic partnership accord during the visit of the then Iranian President Mohammad Khatami to New Delhi in January Nevertheless, with the visible change in the geopolitical and geo-strategic relations, both the countries discussed the possibility resuming defence ties, but that is unlikely to happen soon.

In fact, in Julythe Iranian Ambassador to India Gholamreza Ansari expressed interest in enhancing defence ties with India, a sentiment that was reciprocated by the then Indian Defence Minister A.

Discussions were held to initiate more bilateral defence exchanges between the two countries. Furthermore, acknowledging the achievements made by defence industries of both the countries, the Iranian ambassador emphasized on his country's readiness to exchange experience with India.

india and iran relationship 2015

However, it is still too early to predict resumption of a strong cooperation in this field. But if it happens, Iran would obviously like to lure the Indian defence planners with its military and defence equipment such as ground surveillance radar systems, personnel carriers, drones, destroyers, submarines, and missile-launching frigates.

If this aspect sees the light of the day, then Tehran might use its military sales both as a means to gain political support as well as to revive its crumbled economy. For instance, in JuneIsraeli President Shimon Peres voiced his concern over the Iranian nuclear program and even urged India not to remain "neutral" to the issue. That said India and Israel continue to nurture their bilateral ties very maturely, even if they do not share the same views with regard to Iran's program.

India, however, must be cognizant of the changing reality of the Israeli-Iranian standoff.

india and iran relationship 2015

As a result, it must strive unrelentingly to convince both the Middle Eastern countries, by playing the role of a mediator, to solve their crisis through diplomatic measures.

To avoid any negative fallout, India has the huge task of safeguarding its ties with both the archrivals of West Asia depending on its national interests: And the present government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is gradually steering an independent foreign policy approach in West Asia, and it is going to do the same with Iran and Israel as well.

The government should separate its Iranian policies from that of Israeli strategic policies and should not let one dictate the other.

Likewise, owing to the growing economy of India, it should be in the interest of Iran and Israel to conduct business with New Delhi purely based on their interests.

Iran and India sign deal to deepen relations

India and Iran in Afghanistan: Afghanistan has increasingly become an important country for both India and Iran. While its importance has been realised since last few years, attempts to play a proactive role inside the country has gained momentum after the US announced the drawdown of its troops from this war-torn country. And visible developments had begun after the interim nuclear deal.