Introvert and extrovert relationship problems

introvert and extrovert relationship problems

Introvert-extrovert relationships can be wonderful and satisfying, but in a while, and it doesn't mean your relationship is in trouble, I swear!). An unwillingness to compromise or meet your needs is not an introversion issue, it's a relationship issue. If you have expressed a genuine need and your partner. It is extroverts alone after a breakup with an introvert. Just like they do in all relationships but with specific introvert/extrovert challenges.

Extroverts are stimulated by external activities—people, places, experiences. They are fueled by the excitement and variety.

introvert and extrovert relationship problems

Andrea is in her element when hosting 30 of her closest friends in her eclectic, colorful apartment, with a dozen high-energy conversations going on at once and maybe a game of charades in the corner.

Professionally, she is a creative dynamo in a work environment that operates collaboratively. According to Myers Briggs and the many happy intro-extro couples I know, they can, in fact, make the perfect couples. Both of you will experience exponential personal growth. You will both move outside the familiar circle of your comfort zone.

By being with Andrea, Jerry stretched himself by socializing more. By doing so, he met a few really interesting people with whom he is still friends.

Finding Balance in an Introvert-Extrovert Relationship

Both Jerry and Andrea came to understand themselves so much more than ever before. In communicating their quirks, needs, desires to one another, they firmed up their self-awareness…never a bad thing.

You will open up to new possibilities and experiences, both internally and externally. The internal world of feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams, and the actual physical world—where you live, work, grew up… and with whom.

The empathy you feel for your partner will inspire great things in you. Okay, I crossed off the word perfect because why put so much pressure on ourselves?

Balance is good in its own right without having to be perfect all the time. So… how do we find that balance in a relationship between a Jerry and an Andrea? Value yourself, your partner, and the relationship. This is true for any relationship, of course, not just between introverts and extroverts. Put the time and energy into the partnership and into yourself.

Finding Balance in an Introvert-Extrovert Relationship - The Good Men Project

What do you need and want in your life and relationship? So Jerry tells Andrea: Agree on things so that you are both satisfied. How long will you stay at the party? What activities will you do separately to meet your individual needs? What are the best ways for each of you to resolve conflicts? Many of us met our partners in a social situation—a bar, a party, a baseball game. Most of us have been on one side or the other of this dilemma.

Here are some ways to do that. Really hear what the other person needs. If you work on these issues early in your relationship and tell the truth instead of blindsiding your partner with a deluge after a string of resentments, listening and hearing will be easier.

The acknowledgment of who your partner is and what they need will go a long way toward helping you come to a mutual solution.

introvert and extrovert relationship problems

Go to the wedding together on Saturday, whether you really want to or not. This might mean finding your favorite introvert friend during the reception and sitting with him or her. But the next day, say no to the Superbowl party. The compromise comes in doing the extroverted activity one day, the introverted activity the next.

A co-worker of mine and his wife do this often. The husband is much more outgoing than the wife, so she joins him in after-work gatherings about once every three times. We may have even done it often enough that we realize how futile that is.