Jaejoong and yunho relationship 2012

The Enduring "Friendship" (Relationship?) of 'BoA' and 'Yunho' - GoodMoMusic

jaejoong and yunho relationship 2012

Relationship among these 5 guys name Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Yunho is really not secret for everyone. You must be blind if you can't see how much they care for Posted 7th April by support-the Labels: opinion . TVXQ talks about pain,relationship and JYJ Yunho Has Gained A Dong Bang Shin Gi's Yunho and Changmin, JYJ's Jaejoong. March 30, ; Patricia; 80 . Was it because Yunho broke Jaejoong's heart ( did YunJae really exist)? Ah, What makes me curious is that while watching the show, at a certain point their relationship made like a degree turn and went.

Just wait and see… be patient.

jaejoong and yunho relationship 2012

Uhmnn can you help me again sir? He was carefully looking at it with a serious yet blank face. The taller man, the one with the broken soul is hurt, he was waiting like all of them but he was having all the stress from his surroundings.

His love is close but that loves seems to be drifting apart from him. The rumors are getting in between the so called healed love. What do mean sir? He wants his lover to believe in him and through his dance he wants to proclaim his love. A lover that was hurt and a love that waits.

Introduction: What is YunJae?

He was a man who needs years to love but once he has already fallen there is no turning back. He will love that person truly and solely.

jaejoong and yunho relationship 2012

It was him right? Kneeling for his lover? Is it for forgiveness? True love and repentance… kneeling for your lover is a sign of true and fated love.

YunJae Project ~part 1~ Interpret what he means…

His lover… and he himself asks each other for acceptance and forgiveness. No… he will never let him go… he was restrained by forces but it will never stop him from reaching for his hands.

YunJae moment #69 "Yunho appreciates Jaejoong's favourite things"

Like a promise with a hand, a promise in the heart one way or another he will get to his side where no other one is allowed. Hurt… his heart hurts without that person beside him but enough it will soon be a blessing for him when the love returns. Once again his love will be beneath him, waiting for his calls, waiting for his return and he like a good man will return to his home, the place where his love will always stay.

It will always be at the edge your hands to actually choose between truth and falsity. Thank you sir, I will always keep your words. I have never met anyone like you. And not only that, we are all wondering what the hell does the dance version mean? In the end, everyone just gathers looks at the girl and it happens that the girl becomes the center of everything.

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I think I'm more of the guy that likes making noise and talking among boys. So whenever I go drinking, I don't usually call girls up. Is it because I don't have interest in girls? In my phonebook, there's female celebrities and excluding the female staff, I only have three female celebrities' number.

Have you been introduced to girls?

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Later on, I knew that one of the girls that I met was an idol group killer who dated a lot of boys in famous idol groups. Friendship is very important to me. She also dated some of my close friends. In the interview, Jae said he doesn't call up girls when hanging out with his male friends because then all the attention would be on her. In the interview, he said he stopped contact with a girl because she dated alot of guys, including some of his close friends.

This might be a personal interpretation He doesn't hang around girls because they take male attention away from him?

jaejoong and yunho relationship 2012

In the interview, it feels like he's saying he has to compete more for male attention when a girl is around. And the interview, he appears jealous that the girl has dated some of his close male friends maybe ones he has shown interest in?