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Labyrinth + Walking Dead Crossover . In his world, wherever it was in relation to this place (Sarah referred to it as . Every tear she had not shed, the ones she held for Glenn, for Abraham, for the heartache of the community. Relationships: Sarah Williams · Mina Harker · Count Dracula · Abraham Van Sarah thumped at her pillow in frustration, a glance at the clock told her it She bought it because it resembled the one Jareth had taunted her. Many think they know the story of Sarah's triumph over Jareth the Goblin King. Glenn and Abraham's deaths fracture the foundation of the Alexandria.

Toby thought back to the longer versions of Sarah's stories—that each new event or character was a role to play. A tactic on behalf of the cunning Goblin King. His maze, his rules. Understanding dawned on him: Toby could only imagine that a king with any self-respect or pride would want to make as strong of an impression as possible, especially if the impression was on unknowns—or potential threats.

The move through the refuse was a scare tactic meant to distract. Toby opened his mouth to say something to the goblin, then stopped. This creature was most definitely a captor, not a guide or deputy. Toby was a prisoner—there was no use trying to strategize otherwise until he met the king face to face. Toby mumbled a thanks and nodded his head, signaling that he was ready to continue.

Each step felt like lead weight in his boots. In all the compromising situations he had been in before, this was the first where he had no real recourse, knowledge, or even back-up if things went south. What had Sarah done? Toby and the goblin approached a large gate, looming at least twice Toby's height. He craned his neck to take it in full.

A larger-than-life sized relief of something goblin-like pressed into the door. On the left door, just over the relief's shoulder, a large, weathered gash slashed through the wood, as though it had been struck by an ax.

The goblin rapped on a guard window next to the frame. Inside, a ramshackle town sat still and quiet. Clouds of dust billowed around corners, and feathers drifted to the ground.

The streets were barren, but an undercurrent buzzed; Toby could taste fear and uncertainty in the air that wasn't his. And yet, a sensation of security and familiarity hung over, blanketing the town.

I just says that. Tell him I sent you. Anxiety gripped his chest. This was getting too real. We take everyone to the king. He gots tired of running into you peoples. Rick's lazy drawl echoed in his mind: Obey and respect their rules, until your survival is threatened. Do not kill unless necessary.

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Toby bit his tongue. He wanted to ask stupid and useless questions: What will happen to me? The clashing emotions and sensations rolled and swelled with him as they pressed further and marched up to the castle. Toby couldn't shake the feeling that he knew this place and that further questions wouldn't help him—or Sarah—at all.

The goblin led him through a portcullis. Through a small foyer, it opened into a circular court. It reeked of poultry and stale beer. Directly opposite the entryway, a lanky, pale man perched in a fierce-looking throne. He tapped a crop against his lean thigh. He covered his face with a gloved hand. He scratched his neck and inspected his claws. The king whipped his head toward them. His icy blue eyes pierced Toby's. Toby froze and his heart stopped.

Memories and images flooded his mind.

The eerie deja vu that had followed him this journey so far broke and the pieces fell into place. Old nightmares of screeching owls and maniacal laughter from his youth bubbled to the surface. Toby remembered all the grotesque faces laughing at him. Truth weighed on his chest. Toby recalled the central conflict from Sarah's stories—someone was always sent away. In one of the more detailed and long-winded versions of her lore, a spoiled girl wished away her baby brother.

Toby suddenly realized he was the child that had been wished away, and this king staring him down was the one who took him. The king's hard stare didn't falter. If he recognized Toby, he didn't reveal it.

Toby, on the other hand, felt a flush rise up his neck and heat his face. The Goblin King appraised Toby, his nose pointed high. A sharp clang of metal rang through the air and heavy shackles snared Toby's wrists. The goblin grunted and yanked on the attached chain, leading them toward another door.

He fumbled for words and twisted around in the restraints. He knew better than to panic, but instinct told him this was his only chance to send Sarah's message. I've been—" "Do shut your mouth," The king drawled, "And be thankful I am offering you work in exchange for your very unwelcome and uninvited presence in my kingdom.

He yanked again, and Toby fell to his knees. As he stumbled back up from the goblin's efforts, unaware of his attempts to regain his balance, Toby called over his shoulder: He closed his eyes and braced for impact.

Instead, gloved hands gripped around his throat. Toby's feet dangled above the stone floor.

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He sputtered and grasped at the gloves. He scrambled and fought for more air. A narrow stream squeezed down his windpipe.

Up close, the Goblin King's eyes flashed dangerously. One pupil dilated wider than the other. Underneath the panicked fight or flight response and fight for air, Toby felt the weight of the mismatched eye.

He suspected it saw much more than most eyes did. He flexed his fingers around Toby's throat. He focused on spitting out his words. The king stared, his jaw tightening. Toby saw stars flash in his eyes and started to black out before the king loosened his grip just enough. He wasn't sure if Sarah would have stayed in Alexandria or if she had even been captured by Negan. He only knew where he had last seen her, and he couldn't even be sure how much time had passed—it only felt like a few hours but the pull of time threw off his internal clock.

It could have been days since she cast him out. Moreover, Toby didn't want to sell his sister out if she miscalculated the situation and found out the hard way the Goblin King held a vendetta against her. The Goblin King growled, low and dangerous and not at all human. He flexed his fingers again. He coughed and scrambled for purchase on the king's arm. Tears sprung at the corners of his eyes. The heat didn't relent. His neck was on fire.

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Even within the fortified confines of their haven, Sarah would not have separated herself from Toby if she didn't see more danger down the road.

Negan would turn them all inside out, eventually. Over the king's shoulder, Toby saw his goblin bailiff accompanied by dozens more creatures like him huddled in a crowd. Some dressed in armor, others in dresses and jerkins.

They varied in size, color, and shapes. They murmured and grumbled amongst each other. Toby couldn't tell if their eyes were already that wide or if they were all that surprised and horrified to see him. The last thing Toby heard before he lost consciousness was the king's roar: We have chosen to examine the relations between Abraham and Sarah, presuming that from their relationship one might be able to conclude something about a fitting relationship between spouses. Even though the status of women in biblical society is altogether different from their status today, it appears that the fundamental values of married relations as presented in the relations between Abraham and Sarah are absolute, beyond time and place.

What characteristics are required of the spouses to build a good marriage? And what of all this finds expression in Scripture? Psychological literature emphasizes that the bond between spouses is based first and foremost on satisfying the needs and longings of each individual within the relationship. Rabin mentions ten parameters that are necessary for a mature spousal relationship: Close partners feel a desire to live together, to be near one another and to share experiences together.

If we examine the lives of Abraham and Sarah as a couple, we see a stormy and difficult life. They went through many tribulations of relocation together; they left their family, country, and homeland and migrated to a foreign land, all the while deeply believing in the destiny set for them by the Holy One, blessed be He: On the personal level they also had their difficulties. Sarah was barren, and surely suffered great emotional hardship as a woman until she decided to give her husband Hagar and perhaps even have a son through her.

Sarah knew that marriage is not complete without a successor generation. Being unable to provide for this, she took action actually, an accepted practice in her dayeven though it was at the expense of her own status. It was she was who chose the suitable woman and she who encouraged her husband to enter the specified bond in order to bring offspring. She turned around to see Jareth laughing his head off. She reached behind her and massaged her now very sore backside. Do you want to come? As much as Jareth would love to see Sarah's family and get to know the people in her life, he didn't really feel right being there unless he was her significant other.

She saw her family react well with him and she wanted to show him off in a way even if she wasn't dating him. He meant so much to her. Jareth almost said yes at Sarah's big green eyes. But he knew he would be spending time with her tomorrow.

Her family went back to talking and Jareth leaned into her ear. Jareth found it adorable how Sarah tried to record him with her camcorder. He loved to observe her like this as he didn't usually have the freedom to do so as she would notice his stare. Unknown to him or Sarah, her family all noticed the way he watched her fondly when she wasn't paying attention.

It was a look not of lust or of wanting to possess as was common in many couples and crushes. It was a look of pure affection, of care and sweetness. The last song finished and everyone clapped enthusiastically. Toby came to hug his family along with a cousin of theirs who was in it. Did you like my first concert?

Toby waved at Jareth. To their surprise, Toby grabbed Jareth's hand and dragged him to the rest of the family. Did you meet Sarah's boyfriend yet? So he's her boyfriend. Isn't he my boyfriend too since he's my friend? Jareth tried to get Sarah's attention but she still wasn't looking his way. He wondered if she was flustered for the same reason he was or if she really didn't want to ever consider the possibility of both of them.

He sighed and tapped on her shoulder. Sarah was still stunned but luckily got her wits about her to run after him. She ran outside, following the blonde man in the burgundy sweater. She didn't want Jareth to go away but she was too embarrassed and wanted to preserve herself around him.

She was afraid that Toby would push him away and it seemed that her actions in ignoring him were the things to push him away, not Toby.

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Oh why did this have to be so complicated? She caught up to him and grabbed his hand. Jareth was surprised at this bold move but the metaphorical mask on his face betrayed nothing. I just can't believe Toby got the definition mixed up and-" "It's okay, no need to explain anything. He just didn't want to hear her say that she felt nothing.