Jeff buckley and tim relationship quotes

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jeff buckley and tim relationship quotes

Aug 27, Don't even think of comparing the way Jeff Buckley's voice can convey inner torture and unbridled joy within the same twist of a line and Tim's. Quotes from Jeff . On Tim Buckley: “Robert Plant and Jimmy Page have much more influence on me “Emblems of marriage, the touch of her tongue on the roof of the mouth is enough “Jeff Buckley was a pure drop in an ocean of noise” . Jeff Buckley had the blackest eyes of anyone I've ever met. but I had resolved not to ask him about Tim Buckley, partly because he had hardly In any event, I ended up using only a few quotes from our conversation, and, in the way of Do you think it was the lack of attachment, or steady relationships with others, that led.

For two years ago, when Grace was reissued, and after I gave the album a rapturous review in Word Magazine, I kept listening. And, moment by moment, song by song, it all fell apart. I realised that Jeff Buckley wasn't the man I'd made him out to be. Let me count the ways. Firstly, he was the Christina Aguilera of alternative rock. Blessed with a fabulously versatile voice - one that could turn itself to gentle ballads, opera, gospel and rock with equal competence - Buckley all too often wrenched the old seven-octave beast up to 11, delivering delicately-worded phrases with a big heap of X Factor-style melisma, rather than subtlety and measure.

Skip to the end of the title track of Grace, and tell me it wouldn't have benefited from a little more care and control.

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Secondly, he wasn't the accidental genius he made himself out to be. Watch any YouTube clip of him being interviewed and you'll find a very clever, canny young man, incredibly aware of his good looks and the marketing power of charisma.

Watch him lowering his eyebrows, pouting deliciously, and making seductive, Alfie-like asides to the camera in this interviewreleased as a DVD alongside Grace's 10th Anniversary Edition. Nothing new about that of course - rock and roll lives and breathes through its self-appointed, self-made, heroic men - but Buckley had sold a merry story about him being a male Phoebe out of Friends, falling in and out of coffee shops and dive bars, playing his songs to anyone who would listen, and, damn it, I'd fallen for it.

jeff buckley and tim relationship quotes

And now I've grown up. These days, I find that kind of calculated sexiness deeply spurious. Thirdly, Buckley was a hit-and-miss singer-songwriter. But Grace also hoists on its shoulders the hugely under-par clunky, clompy rocker, Eternal Life.

And don't start me on the stuff on Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk - although I'll be less cruel in my criticism, as I know they were sketches, not finished songs.

No, I didn't think so. Love heals all wounds and not just time alone. Every kid does it. The guitar is a mysterious instrument, but a lot of the mystery has gone or has been hidden. I want the idea and the sound of the idea to intoxicate—not the voltage. Once you have stacks of Marshalls, you need stacks of people to take care of them.

Plus you have to jump around and get nipple piercings.

jeff buckley and tim relationship quotes

You actually name them autobiographically in the song. Well, that song is very hard to travel through time. It may not last in its meaning.

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It may not touch every time because those people and events fade away and they may mean something to your life and your understanding of that life. I like things to be more universal.

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It helps to have songs that you love, that you can be inside. It just soaks you like the rain. But tears are not all I deal with. Music comes from a very primal, twisted place. People are completely transformed when they sing; people look like that when they sing or when they make love.

I prefer to learn everything through music. If you want divinity, the music in every human being and their love for music is pretty much it. I believe in the opposite of that: Your task is to get back to it, to claim responsibility for your own perfection. The thing is that I want it all next week, right now, this millisecond…life should sparkle and rush, burn with fire hot like melting steel, like freeze-burn from a comet.

And I was remarking to myself that there are no teachers. There was nobody to show me. Yet music is able to touch this. I have notebooks everywhere I go. That was the first voice I really fell in love with. Young Robert Plant back when he sounded like Janis Joplin.

I did like five and a half hours worth of material.

jeff buckley and tim relationship quotes