Kabuto and hatsue relationship help

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kabuto and hatsue relationship help

Shirakawa debuted in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger as Ikkou Kasumi / Kabuto Raiger. . It continues to surface at times, though training with Muramasa helps fully though she initially comes in order to stay in a relationship with her boyfriend, . Yamashiro Kin Sugai as Kimiyo Wakamoto Takao Yagi as Hatsue Arai Mikio. But Hatsue eventually called an abrupt end to the relationship and married Kabuo Hatsue Miyamoto - Kabuo's wife, whose maiden name is Hatsue Imada. But kabuto is in jail so I think the reporter is going to try and steal his girl but Ishmael and Hatsue Both had a relationship when they were kids and .. These two lines help understand why they relate because it shows how.

But it's also mysterious because it definitely seems like Ishmael framed Kabuo. Ishmael is white and Hatsue is Japanese. The story is also right after world war ll with the Japanese getting bomb and the father of Hatsue meet be mad with all white people for that.

They are living through these times and experiencing the after effects on what the war has caused everybody. Ishmael and Hatsue both have a thing for each other and because of Hatsue's ethnicity it might be hard to be together.

Yet I feel that they should not let war and the environment around them to affect there relationship. This intertwines with how he is now. He's obsessed over and can't bare to look away from her in the courtroom because of their history when they were younger. Thinking that Kabuo is innocent and that Ishmael is the one who killed him. They have known each other for so long that Ishmael is crazy enough to do anything for her.

He took the chance to frame her husband so that he can be with her. In the trail, evidence was presented of Carl's autopsy. Whaley served in the war, while inspecting the head wound he made a connection which stated " the Japanese field soldier, trained in the art of kendo, or stick fighting, was exceptionally proficient at killing in his manner" Guterson, It is clearly that this man who fought at war are constantly reminded by either image or sound of the war they went through.

This man have a great impact on the trial in which a Japanese is accused of. As we read about Hatsue's younger life, we read about how she is told to act and how to look at others, particularly white men.

Her teacher trains her with a mentality of " The way she was taught and her upbringing by people who were greatly influence by the war has impacted Hatsune in this. In most chapters, you see the continuous progress of their love. Nevertheless, there are differences between each other's ethnicity which can most likely become a future dilemma as Hastue comes to terms with her ethnicity.

In chapter eight, Hatsue begins to question her bonding time with Ishmael as something "wrong. And I'm alone with you" Guterson Hatsue and Ishmael both know that either parents coming from both sides, will be really mad. With both of us, for doing this.

kabuto and hatsue relationship help

Still, said Hatsue, you're not Japanese. According to this quote both know that they cant be together because their ethnicity doesn't get along. The story is right after WWll with the Japanese getting bomb and the father of Hatsue might hate all the white people because of pearl harbor.

But kabuto is in jail so I think the reporter is going to try and steal his girl but she isn't about that so she stays loyal. A girl might get tired of waiting for someone to love so this will force her to find a new love. Ishmael is still in love with her. Now that Kabou is in trial, Ihsmael is going to try to get his love of his life back. During the trail Hatsue feels uncomfortable because Ishmael is there and her husband is also there. These story is kind of complicated because Hatsue is married with Kabou and Hatsue and Ishmael were a thing before.

Although Hatsue seems to have moved on because she is married, Ishmael still thinks of her as it is apparent through flashbacks and his way of thinking of her.

In the trial, Hatsue's husband in the one being accused. In that room, the love triangle seems to be formed and the tension is relevant to the past they all shared. While Ishmael is falling deeply inlove Hatsue knows that their love is forbidden and she will not be with him.

Hatsue tells him, " you're not Japanese. For both Hatsue's and Kabuo's family, they had to deal with their family having to leave everything, and to feel that they were separate from their own heritage, most notably Hatsue. They felt various forms of treatment from the Hakujin, and both having a different type of reaction of this. This then had continued on with them all going to the camps, and falling in love with one another, and no longer with Ishmael.

Carl is dead and Hatsue's husband is on trial. But now he must defend the man Hatsue is married to even though he loves her. I think that he is getting framed by Ishmael because in love and war anything is valid. And Hatsue doesn't have an option C. Usually demons don't have an option B either, Hatsue is just strange that way. You know that's how my mom found my dad. This goes against the order of things. So, you, Naruto, need to complete your bond with Hatsue, and, you, Sasuke, need to start your bond with your mate, I'll elaborate later.

As for something of Hatsue's, we can pick something up on our way to buy supplies. What kind of safe house is this?

A lot of food. And I need supplies to make something to purge all the facility drugs put in us. And I meant we because we're the only ones that can pass as humans. They looked up to see Kiba halt on the final step. Ino moved to the antique vase and stuck her hand inside to retrieve a pair of keys.

She thrust the keys into Naruto's hands.

kabuto and hatsue relationship help

They walked out of the gate to a black pick-up truck parked out on the side of a long dirt-packed street. He got into the driver's seat and buckled up while Ino shut the door in the passenger's side. He slid the key into the ignition and turned it, hearing the engine spark to life, and curled his hands over the steering wheel. We can't be fugitives forever. Problems even, you know, with the seal on the Otherworld Seam breaking. Ino provided him with directions to the nearest supermarket to buy food.

If we can find one of her sisters, we might be able to get something useful for Sasuke," Naruto said. Actually, I had a chance to talk to Sakura," Ino said. She probably knew that. The wind tossed her long blond ponytail outside the window; he could see it flickering wildly in the reflection of the side view mirror, strands shining brighter under the sunlight.

Ino rested her elbow on the door, holding her hand against her cheek and sighed. The thought of Hatsue standing at the front of the classroom looking as if she wanted to be anywhere other than that room brought a smile to his face. And what about Hatsue? You said she has a gyoku, and yet she accidentally killed more kids in high school than Sasuke did. He glanced at his rearview mirror once they had made their way on a highway into the city, the road a ghost town. The vacant streets he had driven past unnerved him—reminded him they were fugitives and that once found, they would be hunted.

She ran her fingers through her hair, taking her ponytail and curling the strands around her hand. You should be able to read her like a book.

kabuto and hatsue relationship help

I'm not even going to mention all your in-betweens. It wasn't, and your going against nature is the reason your Equilibrium bond was so easy to turn into Imbalance. It's confusing my instinct," he said. I am doing an in-depth analysis now.

You see, an Equilibrium bond is something you build on, the connection isn't what makes it happen, rather it happens when the two demons in question build on something whether it's a friendship, a budding romance, or merely an understanding.

The more you built on it from there, the stronger it gets. You and Kikushita only had one chance to truly strengthen your bond, and that was ten years ago. I told her to sleep with you," Ino answered professionally. Restart your relationship from square one. Don't jump into one because you're already in love.

You have to court her against your instinct's will and you have to learn to love her in your unique way all over again. When that happens, you should start seeing results. It helped to have something to go on when they finally met again. He parked across Hatsue's aunt's house, a dandelion yellow house with a perfect lawn decorated in rose bushes. He shut the door as Ino removed her seatbelt. But you know who his mate is, right? We should probably try to get her to come with us back to the safe house.

It's important he gets rid of that man-made bond. That thing could be dangerous. Ino, meanwhile, spoke gibberish underneath her breath. Kikushita had been dropping hints all the time at the facility! He said it before we left, weren't you listening? This reality was beyond her wildest imaginings, so, Naruto understood her reaction.

How does Kikushita know? Did you blab it to her? Most of the time she's right. Naruto, I haven't even met the woman. He knocked on the door and sound quickly reached his ears of someone approaching. When the door swung open, he was relieved to see Hatsue's youngest sister, Saiko, standing at the threshold with her eyes glued to his face in surprise.

The older woman appeared from the other room with a mug in her hands and her thick, black hair twisted into a knot at the top of her head. She shot him a suspicious look. Saiko, go finish your breakfast.

Mirai sauntered to the doorway, standing with her hands on the frame. She eyed Ino with the same suspicion before finally turning to Naruto. Where the hell have you been? They say all the prisoners they had there turned the island into another Atlantis. Hundreds of people drowned. Ino, this is Hatsue's aunt, Arishima Mirai. She leaned forward while Ino remained out of earshot. Naruto could see the kitchen through the adjacent door and Saiko as well, who was eating at the square table.

You see…" Naruto began to tell Mirai the truth about everything starting with the destruction of the first facility and ending with the events they had recently escaped. Mirai's expression changed from a shocked one to a blank stare as his story progressed and once he finished talking, she punched him square in the nose. Naruto barely flinched, despite the blood dripping from his nose.

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She was still processing the information. Her head was in chaos. He's the last of his kind. He's a higher tier demon. The kind of power he possesses is something the rest of the Otherworld community wished to protect against the facility-owners.

We are all just trying to protect ourselves from them. We couldn't risk exposure…not until now. I don't think we'll be able to stay hidden long. Someone took Hatsue out of the facility before we staged our escape. We don't know how, but we have our ideas as to why…and we need to find her. She might be in danger.

She's been—" "Been what? She opened her mouth to elaborate, but seemed to have changed her mind. We need something of hers. Something that can help our friend find her.

Once she had finished breakfast, she had made her way to her room on the opposite side of the house. Hatsue took her things seven years ago when she moved, but it's probably too dangerous for you to go to her house.

You might have to contact Yue. If anyone's known her in and out of that facility it's that woman. He completely forgot about Hatsue's best friend. Let me find my book. You know where it is. The queen-sized bed sat opposite of the door, made up with several pillows and a gray coverlet.

He started his search and found a dresser full of unused clothes and an empty closet. There was nothing in the room of much use. Naruto found her at the entrance, his heart hammering from the fright. She says it's the only lipstick that gives her the perfect red lip.

She didn't leave the house without it, you know, when she was staying here after that gas leak issue at home. She accidentally dropped it once and went crazy looking for it. She didn't go to sleep until she knew she had it in her purse. I think Yue's your best bet. She never liked to talk about Hatsue's imprisonment in the facility; she had been very attached to her growing up and had looked up to her. In his excitement, he took Saiko by the arms, smiling widely.

He started to leave when Saiko called him back. Yue's going to be our only chance at getting something Hatsue's attached to. He dialed quickly and waited as the ringtone droned in his ear. He looked at Mirai's hopeful face and Ino's nervous one and counted the number of rings he heard until he reached a fifth and realized she wouldn't be answering. It's Naruto," Naruto said in a single breath. In the background he could hear the professional tone of a news anchor delivering the latest news.

Have you heard about what happened at the facility? Do you know anything about Hatsue? Is she in danger?

kabuto and hatsue relationship help

Stop keeping me in suspense, Uzumaki, I don't have the heart for this! I'll see you then. I'm sorry about hitting you earlier. I don't understand much, but I know that if you could have, you would've tried to free Hatsue. Now, I hope that you'll find her and keep her safe. Make sure she comes visit often.

She gave her a hug and smiled. They grow red berries and they can offer you protection. She started to scribble something in the back of it, something that looked like an address. If you tell them I sent you, they'll give you something to protect everyone. So, just get rowan trees planted as soon as you can. Rowan trees offered protection against demons, but one of its more practical uses included absorbing malignant energy like the one seeping through the seal between words. Mirai thanked Ino once more and bade them farewell before shutting the door behind her.

Ino joined him again and together, they walked back towards the truck. I can repair it if we get a chance. I have a feeling that with it she can do much more than we know, but there is absolutely nothing left on the dragon race. We don't have scriptures, we don't have tablets, all we have are stories, and in all of those stories, they've always been the villains.

And there has been nothing on the gyoku. I mean, I never heard of it until you mentioned it. Are you curious about Sasuke? I mean, who can tell with Sasuke.

Everything he should have been feeling for Hatsue—the protectiveness, the start of the Equilibrium bond process, he's redirected it to you. He really likes tomatoes. Knowing this is like holding the key to the universe. Hatsue likes shiny things. You're the Equilibrium Sage. I don't think you need any help at all.

I don't know what to expect. I remember being knocked out. Sasuke was the one that caught me by surprise. We were done in by each other's mates. Then we can hit the supermarket. I think we'll get more done if we split up. No way," she said. You can just meet me there. A part of Hinata's family separated to create a small chain of hidden stores that catered to all demon and Sage needs. Naruto used to frequent the place with Jiraiya when he was younger and started paying his own visits while further developing his Sage powers with his last master.

The owner of that particular shop was Hinata's older cousin, Neji, who was a powerful kitsune demon, and for a great portion of their youth, they didn't get along.

He drove to Yue's apartment building. He double checked the area before proceeding inside the modest three-story building and went up to the second floor to her home. Yue opened the door without him knocking and ushered him inside her lavishly decorated home after casting a look down both ends of the hallway.

She locked up behind him and started to shove him further inside into the small living room where the TV was on a news channel showing live images of the island facility's remains. Debris floating on the dark waters with smoke billowing in a spiral up to the sky. The sound was lowered to a quiet hum of updates on the situation. He caught one of her thoughts. She worried about a person appearing at her doorway, someone she didn't want to see.

She threatened to skin me alive if I lost it. She handed it to him on the way to take a seat. He pocketed it, hoping it would be enough.

They haven't released information on the demons inside. So, I don't have much time to explain things, but here's the short version. Hatsue was taken from the facility before it was destroyed. She should be safe, but there's no knowing for how long. That stupid doctor of hers wouldn't let me.

Startled, Yue squeaked at the sight of the man and stood, using Naruto as a shield. I can fix my bond with Hatsue any time I want," he replied. He had completely forgotten that he had agreed to do anything if Kabuto could fix his Equilibrium bond with Hatsue when they were still stuck in the facility. He wasn't thinking straight at the time, else his instinct would have automatically warned him about saying yes to the mizuchi. The mizuchi pulled something from inside, it glinted in the light, silver and then pink.

Hanging pinched between his thumb and forefinger, spinning restlessly like a toy top on a table surface, was Hatsue's gyoku, the rose diamond. I'm sure it's important. I can survive there, but I don't have a way inside," said Kabuto. Images of mutants dragging Hatsue's body up a staircase were transported into his head with Kabuto leading the way. If she was taken, she was taken after I left her. I couldn't trace her inside the facility.

He didn't need any of that. There were bigger things to worry about and he prioritized Hatsue over them all. He turned to Yue. You can save her if you help me break the seal. If she were to die—" "I'll find a way! Part VI Hatsue stood in the graveyard facing the invisible Seam to Otherworld, heart beating in trepidation. She held a bouquet of yellow flowers in her arms. She bought them after walking past a shop. She needed an excuse to visit without any raising eyebrows, except she was starting to suspect someone was keeping an eye on her.

She sensed the presence of another, but it was an individual she couldn't see with her eyes, not like the other mutants sent after her. She cast another look around her, surveying the area.

She could not see them, but she felt their hostility like a persistent ache. She returned her eyes forward to the entrance and thought about what Kabuto told her.

Since she moved in with her grandmother after transferring schools, she always found her way to the graveyard where she spent hours walking up and down its vast green grounds.

She found peace sitting in the shade of the oak trees and silence among the dead. She stopped dropping by after her friendship with Naruto developed into him walking her home and staying over to study.

Naruto provided her the comfort this place once did. Without him, she came back seeking solace. She understood her actions a little better with an explanation. She stopped wobbling before Hatsue walked up to steady her and help her uncork her heels. I did it often. She would need to watch what she said. When she glanced down, she read the name Uzumaki on the tombstone, but with Yue rushing her, she hoped it looked as much an accident as it was.

However, suspicion washed over her and her heart clenched.

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She took Yue's arm and folded it over hers. Who put you in a pea coat? A couple of men passing by gawked at her and she smiled. Hatsue glared at them and they both turned away startled, whispering beneath their breath.

She caught one of their comments in which she was referred to as the "scary one. They need all the protection they can get once the cold starts rolling in. You are giving me nothing to work with. She left her friend's side to slip into the driver's seat, quick to realize that whoever had been watching her earlier was no longer there, the hostility vanishing with them. She lost the tension in her shoulders and sighed deeply. You get all tense and start being extra frowny.

Your jokes and cynicism also start to suffer, the quantity starts increasing but the quality drops exponentially. The less you know the better. If you did, I support it. Well, did you have a fight? It was getting annoyingly distracting and Hatsue couldn't concentrate enough to shut it away. I know you're hiding something.

When my stupid doctor was inside the bar. The bar was packed. I swear I was seeing things. I think there was a point I got drunk on everyone else's drunkenness. My guard wasn't that strong. We were talking and one thing led to another—" Yue gasped. I can feel your shock. She couldn't drive while arguing with her friend and simultaneously absorbing all of Yue's emotions. Yue stared at her awkwardly, asking without really speaking why they suddenly stopped.

We have at least an hour before the movie starts. And then you have to answer my questions. I can't talk to him for long. I can't control myself near him. I just want to…I want to—" "Hatsue! You look like you'd like to sink your teeth into the poor guy. I mean, how many people actually get the privileged of being with their soul mate?

Why don't you have some faith that it could work out for you both? That maybe if you took a chance to be together, everything would work out in the end? Hatsue wanted to be as hopeful as Yue suggested. Her friend made it sound so easy—taking a leap of faith sounded incredible, but it came with consequences. She was being realistic. Take a chance and go get him!

The gray skin and red scales were gone. She leaned over and embraced Yue, thanking her for the suggestion.