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Lucknow: It seems Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati is not But since a board has come up there in the name of Kanshi Ramji, we Suniel Shetty has THIS advice for son Ahan Shetty Nagpur: Teenager repeatedly raped by mother's friend after fake promise of marriageTimes Now News. BSP's chief Mayawati vacated her official bungalow on Lal Bahadur said Mayawati occupied just two rooms of the Shri Kanshi Ram Ji Yadgar. Ever since Mayawati has taken over BSP's mantle from her ailing Guru and BSP founder Kanshi Ram, she has not only thrown out or cleverly.

In the forth coming Lok Sabha elections she has given tickets to quite a few women candidates; although it is a different matter that most of these women candidates are just dummies of their husbands who are ministers or MPs with the BSP. There have been occasions when chief minister's office is has been opened at mid-night and fax sent to the district magistrates for immediate implantation of a Government order. So key party functionaries expect calls from her or her office any anytime.

Sources say Mayawati herself sleeps for only 2 to three hours every night. Quite like the newsroom of a television channel several television sets have been set up in her residence.

Round the clock officers from the Chief Minister's Office keep a constant 'vigil' on news items that is being aired by the news channels. Constant reports are sent to Mayawati about any new item which concerns her, her party or her state. Dressing down This is Mayawati's favorite pastime. Party sources say in any close-door meeting when Mayawati speaks others only listen.

If you are at fault you get a severe dressing down; it does not matter if you are a minister, a respectable Member of Parliament or an MLA. Sources say she has already taken resignation letters from several of her ministers and kept them with her.

Once a young Brahmin minister was asked to deliver some donation chanda for the party. But the minister got late by two days. Behanji gave him a dressing down and asked him to write his resignation letter immediately. She kept the letter in her purse and remarked: Be it party leaders or small time workers all have been strictly advised to keep 'a safe distance' from the media.

If you need to publish posters you need to take into confidence the zonal or district coordinators. In remote districts and villages pre-election meetings are always held behind closed doors. So people never feel duped. Parties like the Congress and communists talk about abolishing poverty, but work towards keeping people poor. If the poor are not kept poor, these people cannot remain in their seats.

At the Congress centenary, Arun Singh said your emergence was not healthy for the national ethos. He is the grandson of a maharaja who never kept the interests of the nation in mind. Nationalism to him is feudalism. What does the grandson of a wretched maharaja know about nationalism? What can we expect from Arun Singh than such things? Why is your cadre so hostile to Mahatma Gandhi?

Gandhi is the root of every thing. But Gandhi was the custodian of the status quo. He wanted Shudras to remain Shudras. Gandhi worked to keep the nation divided. We are working to unite the nation and erase all artificial divisions. Why has your movement taken so much time to become a reality? UptoI was not so much interested. I was working with RPI. Then I found I was marching towards a ship that others were deserting.

It took a long time to prepare myself and others. We had to collect a lot of information, so that we could know how to prepare society and build a cadre.

Preparing society initially took a long time. Now we are moving at a tremendous speed. Next year when you meet me, you will ask me how we have acquired such a speed.

How can you abolish caste by floating a casteist party? The BSP is not a casteist party. If we are uniting castes, how can you call us casteist? I believe your party is off-limits to the upper castes. The upper castes say why not include us. I say you are leading all the parties. If you join our party, you will blick change here also. My fear is that these upper caste people will come into our party and block the process of change.

When this fear goes, they can join our party. What is your constituency? Politicians we spoke to in Delhi say that if the BSP gets too belligerent they will finish you politically. Are you advocating an eye for an eye? I tell my followers Ek Eet Ka Jawab, Do Pathron Se you must retaliate for one brick with two stonesotherwise you are not my followers.

So you are propagating violence. I am propagating strength. To curb violence, I must have strength. Other than me, for instance nobody can crush the Shiv Sena. Any time I come to Maharashtra, I will finish them. The violence of Shiv Sena will end.

They are four castes: They are Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and most backward communities. As soon as I touch the Maharashtra, these people will instantly come with me.

Bargaining for power with the ruling party. It never reached the status of bargaining. I remember inthe party struck an electoral alliance with the Congress to contest seats. The Congress contested seats, the RPI contested one seat. I love the RPI, but I hate being compared to it. It is like a cheap prostitute available at a pittance.

As long as I am alive, this will not happen to the BSP. I have only seen his photograph. He may be paying other people, but not us. In fact he is being used against us. If anybody can prove that I have ever met him, I am prepared to face the highest punishment. Moreover, how much money Hazi Mastan can have? He is a very small man compared to me, as far as funds are concerned. How many crores can he give us?

My funds come from those people who produce wealth.

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The Bahujan Samaj produces wealth. I get my money from them. Lakhs of my people spend crores going to festivals like the Kumbh Mela to improve their next birth. I tell them that Kanshi Ram does not know anything about the next life. But he is an expert in the present life. Those interested in improving their next lifeI tell themmust go to the Brahmins on the banks of the Ganga. Those interested in improving their present life must come to me.

So they throng to my meetings. It distributed lakhs of pamphlets about this in Bijnore. But the result was that people became furious and could not be purchased. Babu Ji tried to purchase votes at Rs. But even those who used to be purchased at Rs. That shows it is a hijra eunuch government. But I am angry. It should have been Rs.

A time will come when people should spend Rs. If money is coming from a treasury, it will be extinguished. I am getting money from a perennial source of funds.

I need only one crore rupees to win all the parliamentary seats. One day, voters will queue up to pay money to Kanshi Ram. The next day, they will que up to vote for Kanshi Ram. Some people may get tired. Some people may be purchased.

Kanshi Ram

Some may become frightened. This will be a permanent feature. It will not demoralise us. I have created a method where in a given time if 10 people go awaywe will produce people of the same caliber. Whom we dropped as deadwoodothers are trying to pick up and burn a fire. They are trying to use them against us. They had given to Babu Ji also.

I am not prepared to attain what I cannot sustain.

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Let us attain whatever we can, but it must be retained and retained only by permanent change. Ambedkar Times newspaper, free, copies are available in Indian stores, California now. We also sent some copies to New YorkTorontoVancouverand some other countries. We thank to all our valuable contributors, readers and their comments and suggestions.

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We decided to work together to spread the ideology of our great leader Baba Sahib Dr. Sakya Mohan and Ms. Savitha Duraisamy compeering the event, the program began with the lighting of the lamp and paying tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Shushma Thevar, the president, Temp Solutions Inc. Thaddeus Kirkland, state representative,th district in Pennsylvania. After the lighting of the lamp Ms. Sakya Mohan welcomed the dignitaries and the participant and greeted the Dignitaries with a bunch of flowers.

The programme was lit up with the presence of personalities like Mr. Joe Hoeffel, commissioner, Montgomery County, Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, State representative, th district in Pennsylvania, Mr. Pramanand Rangari and Master Akshay Thevar sang an awareness song on blind faith on different gods and goddesses and urged to believe in science and rational thinking. ODRF aims at paving the way for sustainable development by ensuring universal education, access to basic health care services, creating equal opportunities and advocating human rights issues of the most exploited communities.

Keeping all these principles as the centre, seven committed youth who in carrying the legacy of Dr. It was time to turn our attention to the activities of ODRF from InMayawati launched, Manyawar Shri Kanshiram Ji Shahri Garib Awas Yojna, a scheme for building low-cost housing colonies for urban poor with 90, low-cost homes under the first round of construction in different towns and cities across the state while a second and a third round were still underway when government ended in and next government scrapped the scheme including cutting down electricity of these colonies.

The event was hailed as flawlessly conducted salvaging some of India's prestige when compared to minor embarrassments in Commonwealth Games Before opening ceremony conducted in Delhi.

In a special drive 74 FIRs were filed and 88 people were arrested for illegal occupation from agricultural land. Kanshi Ram praised Mayawati at her 47th birthday celebrations for her fundraising activities on behalf of the party. He stated that the party's eventual goal is to gain power at the national level, and that Mayawati's efforts had helped in that quest. At Kanshi Ram's funeral ceremonies inMayawati stated that both Kanshi Ram and herself had been, and she would continue to be, observant of Buddhist traditions and customs.

She has stated her intention to formally convert to Buddhism when the political conditions enable her to become Prime Minister of India. Her act of performing the last rites traditionally done by a male heir was an expression of their views against gender discrimination.

The increase in her personal wealth and that of her party[][5][] have been viewed by critics as signs of corruption. The project was soon riddled with problems, including funds being released for the project without the submission of the required detailed project reports to the environmental authorities. It had filed a First Information Report against her and seven others two days earlier.

Rajeswar said that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute her. In his page order, he said: The Taj corridor case was effectively ended before going to trial. Earlier the CBI filed a case against her for owning assets disproportionate to her known sources of income.