Karan kundra and anushka relationship tips

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Actor Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar are one of the most loved Karan: To be in a successful relationship, I want couples not to set. Lovebirds Karan and Anusha are always in the limelight for all good reasons when it comes to their love filled and healthy relationship. Actor Karan Kundra, who have been dating Anusha Dandekar for So, my only advice to people will be to retrospect their relationship and.

What I love about us working together is that on set, we are very professional. We take our jobs seriously and are very passionate about it. I have to speak a lot of Hindi on the show and with Karan around, it becomes much easier.

But on this show, we work on all aspects of relationships and how to be a better person to be in one and make it work. Having both singles and couples in this season means that the show becomes relatable to everyone. What has hosting this show over two seasons taught you about millennial relationships? This generation is in a great hurry and wants to move quickly.

We don’t play out our relationship for Instagram likes— Anusha Dandekar

We give up really quickly on love. The concept of this season is FOMO — fear of missing out — and we have people on the show who are in a relationship but feel they are missing out by not being with someone else.

Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar share rules to ace a relationship

Has this show helped you and Karan better your relationship? We preach a lot on the show laughs — be patient, be kind, aggression is not the way to solve an argument — and we realise sometimes that we too need to practise some of what we preach.

For us, work always comes first and we are very clear about that. Karan and I took the test and both of us were on the same page as far as our priorities are concerned. We always make time for each other when we can. Also, we always make it a point to remember that our reality is far more important than any social media.

karan kundra and anushka relationship tips

How is it being in a relationship that is so much in the public eye? Home Entertainment Hindi Here are five relationship tips from star couple Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar Popular VJ-actress Anusha Dandekar and actor Karan Kundra, who are dating since three years, say a healthy relationship is one where a partner helps the other grow. Share Via Email Published: Popular VJ-actress Anusha Dandekar and actor Karan Kundra, who are dating since three years, say a healthy relationship is one where a partner helps the other grow.

Anusha Dandekar shares the secret of her successful relationship with beau Karan Kundra

Anusha and Karan, currently seen on MTV's youth based reality show "Love School", have shared some secrets of having a successful relationship. Find someone for the right reason: Today most people suffer from a serious amount of FOMO fear of missing out. We keep looking for the next best thing. Or we think if I could take that person's personality, this person's looks and have their romance That would make a perfect human for me.

The truth is no one is perfect. Everyone, including you has flaws. So, be with a person who makes you happy. Find a friend in your partner: You may not have had the time to get to know each other as friends before you got into a relationship; the best thing is to become besties in the relationship.

You want to be comfortable, to have fun, feel free, travel, experience new things, share your fears and excitement and most of all, be totally real with one another. That doesn't mean you cut off from your other friends, it's healthy to have both.

karan kundra and anushka relationship tips

Being able to communicate what you are thinking and understanding what your partner is feeling, is honestly the most magical part of a relationship. Be yourself in the relationship: