Katniss and peeta relationship in mockingjay

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katniss and peeta relationship in mockingjay

Despite the dark period their relationship has entered in Mockingjay – Part 2, Katniss and Peeta continue to affirm their roles as each other's. One interesting aspect of Peeta and Katniss' relationship is the evolution. But she did have a choice in how she would act as Mockingjay. In Mockingjay, Gale lives in District 13 and spends time with Beetee designing weapons . Gale himself continues to suffer from Katniss' relationship with Peeta .

She hunts in the woods every day and gives all the produce to the Hawthornes. She offered to give the Hawthornes a share of her winnings so that Gale doesn't have to work in the mines, but Gale refuses to allow this. He is even uncomfortable with Katniss hunting for his family, although his mother Hazelle does not object.

Gale and Katniss did not see each alone until a few weeks after the end of the Hunger Games, at their meeting place in the woods. They shared an emotional reunion. The kiss only added to his suspicion that Katniss does not really love Peeta. He threatens to kill Gale and his family if she doesn't convince Panem that she is truly in love with Peeta. She admits that her engagement to Peeta is fake, and that Snow was unconvinced by their romance and is probably going to kill all of Katniss' friends and family.

She asks Gale and his family to escape into the woods with her. He agrees happily, and confesses that he loves her. He is disappointed by her reply that she cannot love anyone romantically at such a perilous time. He is further angered when he finds out that Katniss plans to bring Peeta along into the woods.

Upon arriving at the whipping post, Katniss throws herself in front the whip and takes a lash across her face before she, Haymitchand Peeta convince Thread to stop the punishment. Gale being restrained by Peacekeepers.

Gale is rushed to Katniss' mother and Prim, who set about treating him with their limited supplies. Katniss is very distressed throughout the whole process, and goes berserk when her mother refuses to give Gale more painkillers.

Luckily, Madge brings Gale morphlingan expensive painkiller from the Capitol, before the pain gets too bad. She finally understands his lifelong need to rebel against the Capitol. Gale spends the next few days at Katniss' house, receiving free care and treatment from her mother and Prim.

Eventually he goes home and begins working in the mines, but ever since his whipping there has been a crackdown in District Furthermore, the merchant families have stopped bringing Hazelle laundry because of the Hawthorne family's association with Katniss.

Rory takes out tesserae, which upsets Gale greatly. He is devastated by the news that Katniss will be a tribute in the Quarter Quelland tells her that they should have run away when they had the chance. He helps Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch in their training efforts by teaching them all about snares and trapping.

Gale watches the Quarter Quell from afar, and is probably horrified by Peeta's false proclamation that he and Katniss are married and that Katniss is pregnant. When the victors are broken out the arena, the Capitol bombs District Gale manages to rescue about people and lead them into the woods.

With only two bows and a fishing net, he manages to feed them all for three days before they are rescued by District Gale is at Katniss' bedside when regains consciousness from her concussion, and tells her that District 12 is gone. Mockingjay Gale in the ruins of District 12 In MockingjayGale lives in District 13 and spends time with Beetee designing weapons to use against the Capitol.

Katniss becomes uncomfortable with the brutality involved in some of Gale's weapons.

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He is one of the main characters and has a deeper relationship with Katniss while Peeta is a prisoner of the Capitol, but their relationship undergoes a number of strains throughout the book. When Katniss visits the remains of District 12, Gale goes along in order to protect her. On their way back to District 13, Gale comforts Katniss and reassures her everything will work out.

When Peeta is interviewed with Caesar FlickermanGale tries to go to Katniss and help her when she leaves the room, but Boggs attempts to stop him. Gale and Katniss talk about the situation and she tells him that she'll be the mockingjay. She and Gale go hunting like they used to and the two of them enjoy their time together until he asks her why she cares for her prep team so much. Katniss tells him that they helped her a lot in the Hunger Games.

Gale becomes mad about this and leaves.

Does Katniss Truly Love Peeta?

He and Katniss go to the weapons room where Beetee has been inventing weapons for the rebels. There, Gale is allowed to pick out a weapon and chooses a military bow and arrow. Gale in Mockingjay Gale goes along with Katniss and the others to shoot propos for the rebellion. Gale and the group arrive in District 8 to film their propaganda at a hospital. While there, the Capitol attacks the hospital and Gale, along with Katniss and the others, battle the enemy.

After the battle they meet at the command room in District 13 and discuss the propaganda. They decide to allow Katniss to go back in to combat and shoot more propos when she is ready. Gale goes to comfort Katniss as she heals. Gale goes back to Beetee and helps him make military weapons.

He decides to burn bread and pretend it was an accident. When he does this, he is beat and told to throw the bread away. Instead, he gives the bread the Katniss. From this point, Katniss feels that she owes him for helping her out in a time when she was suffering.

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During the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta pretended to be in love to win the audience. They worked together in the Games when the rules were changed. The change was that two people could win the Games. After outlasting everyone in the Games, the rules were changed again.

The rule only allowed one win.

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This forced Katniss to potentially kill Peeta, or Peeta to kill Katniss. But Katniss had another idea. She and Peeta threaten to commit suicide so ther was no winner. The Games end with both of them alive. During the Games, Katniss pretended to be in love with Peeta.

For Peeta, he genuinely fell in love with Katniss. This was the start of their relationship. Their relationship developed in Catching Fire. After winning the Hunger Games, Peeta and Katniss went on tour to visit the districts. During their trip, Katniss often had nightmares. After hearing Katniss yell, Peeta came to comfort her. This went on for much of the trip.

katniss and peeta relationship in mockingjay

When this was done, it was time for the 75th Hunger Games. Though Katniss failed to notice Peeta, he noticed her, her dress, and her pigtails. Later his father told him that he had once been in love with Katniss's mother, but that she had chosen Katniss's father for his beautiful singing voice. Katniss didn't notice Peeta at the time.

She would only come to recognize him years later, when she was starving and digging through the garbage behind the Mellark Bakery. His mother tried to run her off, and she and Prim would have starved if Peeta hadn't dropped some loaves into the fire, then tossed the ruined bread to Katniss to take home to Prim. Later, when Katniss saw a dandelion in a field, she associated the flower with hope and hope with Peeta.

He was, ever after, The Boy with the Bread. He had saved her life.

katniss and peeta relationship in mockingjay

So when Peeta's name was called out at the Reaping, his was only the third most dreaded name Katniss could have heard the first being Prim's and the second being Gale's. She knew that in order to survive and return from the Arena, she was going to have to kill him, or see him be killed. Peeta manipulates Katniss throughout the series. He's not the angel he's portrayed as! Katniss manipulates Peeta using his love for her as a tool.

I'm just not sure. It could go either way really. I really don't care one way or the other. I just like the story! See results Throughout the 74th annual Hunger Games, Katniss pretends that she is in love with Peeta in order to please the sponsors, but she immediately reveals the truth upon their return from the Arena.

Peeta is, for obvious reasons, devastated, but he remains determined to convince her to love him, in spite of her rejection. Perhaps because of her rejection, the Capitol doesn't have a hard time convincing Peeta that Katniss never loved him and was, in fact, his enemy. In the end, it's Katniss who must convince Peeta of their love for one another. It takes the events of Mockingjay for Katniss to begin to come to terms with her feelings for Peeta and to be able to tell him that she loves him.

The question is, does she, in fact, love him in the end, or is this just another form of manipulation used by Peeta to make her think that she does? Some people believe that Peeta manipulates Katniss throughout the series, and others believe that it's Katniss who manipulates Peeta. Weigh on to the right! Haymitch's heavy drinking may have something to do with Katniss's lack of trust in her mentor, but his obvious appreciation of Peeta also stands in the way of their relationship.

During the training period in the Capitol, it's obvious that Haymitch is conspiring with Peeta without discussing their plans with Katniss.

While this may be standard for the training before the Games, Haymitch is also one of the ones who encouraged Katniss and Peeta to stick together. Cinna encourages Katniss before the 74th annual Hunger Games. Source The Relationship with Cinna From the very outset of their time together, Katniss's relationship with Cinna is affectionate.

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He's kind to her, telling her that he's sorry she was reaped and that he's going to do everything he can to help her center herself and be prepared for the Games.

Cinna is, in essence, Katniss's best friend in the Capitol. He is one of the people who holds her together when it's obvious that everything else could easily fall apart. It's Cinna who grounds and focuses Katniss when she's ready to fall apart. Affected and obtuse, she is the one who is charged with the responsibility of getting Katniss and Peeta to the Capitol where they may eventually meet their untimely deaths.

Who could like a person who is cheerful gleeful, even! Moreover, who could feel comfortable with a person who doesn't have any faith in their ability to survive the Hunger Games? Effie's not really a bad person: She's just affected by the Capitol the way that so many of the wealthy people in the stories are affected by it, and of course it shows in the way that she treats the tributes.