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Four years ago, Kazuma Kannagi was defeated by his cousin Ayano Kannagi for the right to be the Makes you wonder what he can do if you give him a keyboard and an internet connection. Market-Based Title: A weird aversion. Ayano wailed on and on as Kazuma kept walking kempt on the sidewalk. . Kazuma chuckled as he followed Tsui-ling to the market place. "Look Tsui-ling exclaimed as she gave Kazuma a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. This causes the behemoth to be freed and Ren, Kazuma and Ayano begin the fight Kirika briefs everyone about the recent events and its connection to the game .. Despite comprising only a fraction of Japans domestic film market, anime.

Kazuma, particularly with regards to Ayano. After watching the anime, one might get the impression that he deliberately put Ayano into desperate situations so that she could develop her powers. The English dub is marketed as Kaze no Stigma, despite the fact that it's perfectly easy to translate as "Stigma of the Wind.

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Kazuma runs into a masked, theatrical bad guy, recognizes him as a former minion to a guy he defeated in his backstorymakes fun of his costume, and gets ready to kick his ass. Magic, demons, and whatnot are kept secret from the general public. Stretches disbelief in the modern setting, considering the demons the mages are hired to exterminate and the occasional reckless mage.

A giant flaming statue commanded by an heiress with the high ground fighting a demon down a city street—not to mention the occasional collapsing hotel—can not be that easy to cover up. In all fairness, Catherine's recklessness when it comes to public uses of her powers is actually noted by the Special Investigations Unit who know about magicand the police go to great pains to cover up public uses of magic, releasing doctored footage of building collapses and cordoning areas off in order to prevent public witnesses when there are huge magical battles about to go down, with the forewarning of the Kannagi family.

That said, it'd be kinda difficult to explain the Pandemonium arc away as explosions and a lightshow. How the romance arc of the anime concludes.

The Kannagi have this philosophy. Kazuma even tells them that because they ignore right and wrong, the Kannagi subsequently have no right to complain foul when someone bigger and stronger pushes them around. Used by Kazuma's evil side. Makes Kazuma's eyes glow stronger and the victim convulse. Kazuma is lured back to Japan at the beginning of a series to set this up.

Given that he is an extraordinarily powerful wind mage with a very good reason to hate the Kannagi clan the feeling's mutualmost of the clan naturally turns against him when family members start being murdered once he returns. It appears that Kazuma Ren and Ayano where only raised by their fathers. To be fair, Kazuma and Ren's mother does show up Kazuma tends not to be very interested in saving the day until Ren gets into trouble, as he tends to do from time to time.

Kaze no Stigma:Volume6

Kazuma plays the part of a mercenary, is not above extorting gold out of pixies who share his wind-alignmentenjoys pushing Ayano's buttons, and is content to sit in the background while others run around It's not a date, it's a mission Powerful fire mages with flaming swords need bodyguards too, really. Ayano's father engineers these convenient missions in the hopes of pairing her and Kazuma off; Kazuma isn't fooled but goes along anyway for the money and amusement of trolling Ayano.

Only in It for the Money: Ayano, who wears short skirts, and stands next to a powerful wind mage. Also, she seems to love high-kicks. Kazuma's dad disinherited him after he lost the succession " duel " against Ayano. His mom refused to give him any sympathy either, both denying that he was their son.

Kazuma immediately sends his dad to the hospital after their reunion. It's a subversion, though. History Four years before the events of the show, Ayano at the time age 12 defeated Kazuma at the time age 16 in the Right of inheritance Ceremony. She was crowned the heir for the Kannagis and recieved Enraiha. Abilities Edit Ayano is an En-Jutsu user and is very skilled at it. Her fire is often fueled by anger, especially anger towards Kazuma. Ayano's flame is the Crimson Flame, though she cannot control it consciously.

She temporarily wielded the Azure Flames when Kazuma's Contractor magic combined with hers during their fight against Michael. She is also a skilled swordsman, being able to wield Enraiha extremely well.

Relationships Edit Kazuma Yagami - Initially, Ayano was very hostile towards Kazuma, mainly because she believed him to be the Kannagi murderer. Afterwards, she began to see him as a jerk due to him charging Jugo for saving Ren, greatly annoyed that he would demand money for saving his own kid brother. As the series progresses, she became less hostile but still is rather cold towards him, though he is cold to her in return.

However, she soon fell in love with him but often denies it. She easily becomes jealous when Kazuma is often with another women, but denies caring about it.

Ayano Kannagi

Because of this, Ayano is considered a textbook example of a Tsundere because of her outward hostility and inward softness towards Kazuma. Eventually, Ayano admits that she in fact always looked up to him as a role model, wishing that one day she could be as strong as he is and have his approval. Ren Kannagi - Ayano cares a great deal for her younger cousin, who look up to her in return, affectionately calling her 'Nee-sama'.

She often teases him, much to his dismay. However, sometimes Ayano feels jealous of him when Ren demonstrates techniques that she can't use or had no prior knowledge of. Much like Jugo, Ren is a big supporter of the growing feelings between Ayano and Kazuma and hopes the two will one day be honest with their feelings. She often willingly takes missions from him and always wants to make her father proud. Yukari and Nanase are the only people at Ayano's school who know about her powers; in the anime, they know from the beginning but in the novels, they don't find out until the second volume.

Much like Jugo and Ren, Yukari and Nanase are huge supporters of Ayano's feelings for Kazuma and often tease her about them, which frustrates her to no end. Despite this, she cares for both of them a great deal, once even saying she couldn't have better friends due to the fact that they aren't afraid of her in spite of her very lethal magic abilities. Catherine McDonald - Ayano saw Catherine as her direct rival at first.

After Catherine enlisted Kazuma to train her after she lost their first duel, Ayano saw her also as a romantic rival.