Keller and beecher relationship advice

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keller and beecher relationship advice

The only upbeat moment for the couple in season four was a scene where Beecher courageously told his visiting parents that he and Keller. He also gives him the advice to never forget what he did, as the guilt for his crime Guenzel about Beecher's homosexual relationship with Chris Keller, and the. Said tells Beecher that he does not approve of his relationship with Keller . At the drug counseling session, Keller makes up a sad story about why he uses.

Guenzel is terrified of prison; he comes from a wealthy white neighborhood where he has been spoiled to the point of never making his own bed, and he fears he will not survive.

keller and beecher relationship advice

Beecher, who remembers how frightened he had been in the early days of his sentence, takes Guenzel under his wing. When Guenzel tries to explain to Beecher that he didn't mean to rape the girl, Beecher firmly reminds him that he did. He also gives him the advice to never forget what he did, as the guilt for his crime will keep him sane. In the cafeteria, Aryan member James Robson parades Winthrop around as the gang's prag and he assures Beecher that Guenzel is next on their list.

Said refuses because the Muslims and Aryans have been warned to stay away from each other and Said despises Guenzel for abusing women.

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Guenzel then goes to protective custody temporarily as Beecher recruits the Italian gang to protect him. Chucky Pancamothe Italian gang's leader, hates the Aryans, and gladly protects Guenzel from them. In the gym, Robson leads the Aryans in a rape attempt on Guenzel, who is playing basketball with Beecher.

keller and beecher relationship advice

Frank Urbano and the Italians step in and fight the Aryans in defense of Guenzel, but the guards break it up and lock down the prison. Vernon Schillingerhead of the Aryans, is angered by this and has Winthrop tell Guenzel about Beecher's homosexual relationship with Chris Kellerand the many other men Beecher has had sex with since his arrival at Oz, including the fact that Beecher himself started his prison term as one of Shillinger's bitches.

Despite his sociopathic tendencies, Keller appears to feel genuine love for Tobias Beecher, [1] though he cannot express it and is aware of how despicable his actions can be. He harbors deep self-loathing, once telling Sister Pete that he is "worthless, as bad as they come. Schillinger arranges for the bisexual Keller to meet Tobias BeecherSchillinger's former sex slavewith the intent of gaining his trust and seducing him.

A mutual attraction forms between them, and the two eventually exchange confessions of love.

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Unbeknownst to Beecher, however, Keller has betrayed him to Schillinger and the Aryans, who beat him so mercilessly that they break both his arms and legs.

Keller complies, but Beecher still rejects him. Keller begins attending counseling sessions with the prison psychiatristSister Peter Marie "Sister Pete" Reimondoas a ploy to win back Beecher's favor. During the meetings, Keller first tries to make her feel ineffective as a psychiatrist; then through various sexual provocations, forces her to question her commitments as a nun.

When Sister Pete discovers that his confessions are insincere, she turns her back on him.

Chris Keller and Tobias Beecher Part 9

In the season premiere, Keller is shot in the shoulder. The shooter kills two inmates and one guard, and set the alarm before Keller got hit.

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The shooter then kills himself. Sister Pete, upon hearing that Keller desires to see Beecher after his discharge from the hospital ward, tells Beecher that Keller is "a manipulative, sociopathic liar. Mad with fear and grief, Beecher believes false rumors claiming that Keller is responsible for the kidnappings. An attempt on Keller's life in retaliation ends their brief reunion, and the two spend the rest of the season attempting ways to hurt one another.

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Beecher delves into promiscuity, and Keller kills Beecher's lovers, including inmate Mondo Browneto discredit the new manager of Em City, Martin Querns. Barlog then secretly makes a deal with FBI Agent Pierce Taylor to give evidence against Keller and have him convicted of three murders in exchange for his own freedom.

keller and beecher relationship advice

Beecher is immediately suspicious of Barlog and warns Keller, who dismisses the warning as mere jealousy. But Keller soon starts to have his own suspicions and eventually murders Barlog, snapping his neck while receiving oral sex from him.

Just before killing Barlog, Keller confesses that he had indeed committed the murders the FBI suspected him of, and that his victims — all young, gay men — represented something within himself that he hated. When the police discover that Schillinger's other son, Hankhad been murdered, Keller takes responsibility for the crime to protect Beecher and his family.

He is then sent to Massachusetts to stand trial for this murder. He is then put in protective custody while the District Attorney 's office tries to convict him of an unsolved murder which he had indeed committed.

While in protective custody, he begins an affair with one of the guards, Officer Claire Howellbut soon tires of her and begins rejecting her advances. Enraged, Howell brutally beats him, putting him in the infirmaryand tells her superiors that he attacked her. After he recuperates from his injuries, he is found guilty of the murder charge, and sentenced to death.

keller and beecher relationship advice

At about this time, Beecher's father is stabbed to death in a suspiciously empty hall. While Keller's relationship with Beecher is by now somewhat estranged, he tries to show his former lover that he still cares by killing Franklin Winthropthe inmate who had murdered Beecher's father to advance in the Aryan Brotherhood.

Beecher hesitates, but eventually agrees and takes the package.

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Shortly after Beecher leaves the room, Keller makes an anonymous telephone call to tip off the police, getting Beecher caught and sent back to Oz.