Kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship test

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kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship test

""Black Butler" by Yana Toboso is the story of a young boy who is the head of the Phantomhive household? Ciel. Grell. Sebastian. William. Today I wanted to talk about the relationship of Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. Ciel gets his revenge, and Sebastian gets to claim his soul. I do also believe that Ciel began to form at least a slight emotional connection to his demon butler. Demons can't feel love and it's pretty clear Sebastian's playing mind games with Ciel to try and push him even further into the darkness. Plus, pedophilia, not.

May I ask your age? Everything looked authentic enough, but it was not hard to imagine a serial killer also being a talented forger. I'll be fourteen next month. It was even colder now as they stood there. I still think you're going to murder me. Do I appear disingenuous? Just because you're a professor, doesn't mean you can't be a murderer as well.

A moment later, Muir had placed his wool overcoat around the boy's shoulders to bring lasting relief to the bitter sting of the night air. The man crouched down in front of the youth and offered him the takeaway box. You must be awfully cold in that windbreaker. Numb fingers began to thaw.

Muir was still smiling, and apparently oblivious to the cold, in getting back to his feet. Please keep my coat and enjoy your dinner. If you change your mind and wish to take the position I described, the address for the university and the number of my private rooms is on a card inside the left-hand pocket.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship test

He was even more astonishment when Muir, upon reaching the end of the street, turned right and disappeared entirely from view. The boy stood and waited for another ten minutes before believing it was not a trick or cruel game. He glanced down at the box but did not open it.

He left the street. He took three tube trains and walked until he was in a food court as far from Hackney and Muir as he could manage without eating. Nestling down at a corner table still in the folds of the man's coat, the boy tentatively opened the box. It was an untouched helping of the famous spaghetti, brimming with marinara sauce and a clutch of meatballs. The food was barely lukewarm after his journey across the city, but that did not matter. It was real and he was extremely hungry.

The spaghetti disappeared within a few minutes of ravenous shovelling. After the delights of a full stomach had subsided, the boy fished in the jacket pocket for Muir's card. He was familiar with the address. To get there, he would need money beyond the few pounds he had in his jean pocket.

He searched the jacket and found a crisp twenty-pound note folded in its inner pocket. He shook his head at this, knowing it was only here to bait him into returning. Everything was designed to get him to accept the professor's offer. The boy slept in the food court until told to leave. He then slept in a Costa booth until he was also moved along. Eventually the shopping centre shut its doors too. The boy drew back to the Underground and took up residence near an exhaust vent that shielded him from public view and the majority of the station's lights.

Using his own coat as a pillow and Muir's coat as a blanket, the boy slept through the night. Charles Muir was in his office the next morning when a young visitor was announced.

The biology professor smiled as his reluctant ragamuffin graced his doorway.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship test

There was a resemblance in the face, he thought, although some dilution of breeding had soured the aesthetic. The boy's dirty-blond hair and green eyes were also the product of contaminated bloodlines. He was certain there was sufficient amounts to make the transition smooth enough. It had not been apparent on the street the previous evening, but the youth had not showered in some time and the pungency of his body odour was less than kind on the nose.

The boy placed the man's coat on his desk and stepped back. It didn't seem right. Muir stood up and inclined his head in gratitude. Perhaps now you might furnish me with a name? So what is this job and what does it pay? Muir saw him linger on the photograph atop of the mantelpiece, but not long enough to suspect he knew anything about the boy it depicted. He also showed interest in some Latin books on the bookcase, but dismissed the French tomes altogether in bringing his gaze back on the man.

You may room here for the duration of the research and will be given thirty pounds a day towards food, clothes and other essential items. Humans were notorious for their greed, something that was proven with Filly's response.

Can I take it you are interested in filling the vacancy, Filly? So, are you interested? Okay, I'll do it. When do I start? Filly was confused by the nature of his written tests. All his mathematical exams used imperial units of measurement instead of the metric he was used to.

Furlongs and yards instead of kilometres confused him and he scored poorly on the first three days of tests. The same could be said of his English exams. Asked to write his answers in the form of a treatise instead of an essay threw him as did the questions that centred on Victorian novels by Dickens and Dick King Smith, people and works he had no knowledge of.

He scored successive zeroes on the first two days and less than ten percent the following three days.

I don't really get Sebastian and Ciel's relationship. Someone help?

His coordination and balance when asked to juggle leather balls, hit a bullseye on a dartboard and throw three punches in less than a second-and-a-half bordered on humiliating. But Muir assured him there was no pass or fail element to these tests.

The professor was insistent it was only a study and nothing more meaningful. The boy did not see it that way. Despite the lack of pressure and expectation, the money and the security of his surroundings, Filly was disgusted with himself.

He had never liked losing at something even if he knew nothing about it. So after five days of shaming, the boy studied his sponsor's books and spent hours practicing skills when not doing tests. Two days later he had scored fifty percent on an English paper and improved his maths score by ten percent.

He juggled three balls for almost ten seconds and actually hit near the centre of the dartboard. It still felt like failure even when Muir praised his improvements.

He studied and worked harder. Seventy percent and eighty percent. Twenty-five seconds of juggling and one bullseye out of thirty. Seventy-seven percent and eighty-six percent. One minute of constant juggling with four balls, eight bullseyes out of thirty tries.

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Three punches thrown in less than a second-and-a-half six consecutive times. Filly held nothing but contempt for his efforts. Eighty-nine percent and a perfect score. One minute thirty of continuous juggling with five balls. Twelve bullseyes out of thirty attempts. Four punches in the allotted time. Muir moved on despite Filly's insisting he could perform better.

They covered Latin and French to assess what Muir claimed was the young mind's capability to learn new languages. Filly was hell-bent on triumph from the beginning this time. He spent all his free time studying for the next four weeks, completely forgetting his birthday in the process. They had never been enjoyable anyway as far as he was concerned. His test scores continually topped ninety percent. He still chased perfection feverishly until Muir stopped him cold.

Filly had not slept. He did not want to sleep. He wanted to win. The piles of books that flanked him on three sides had been devoured in looking for whatever minor mistake in pronunciation or technique had marred his scores. All you will succeed at if you continue is to kill yourself. He often compares predicaments to games such as chess, and is willing to gamble with his life on the line to win them. Cunning and artful, he successfully administers sister Funtom Corporation simultaneously.

He is undaunted by dense mysteries and macabre cases, and confident that he will be able to solve them all. He occasionally has flashbacks of the traumatic event, and when he does, he would become completely unaware of his surroundings.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship test

He had once admitted that he has forgotten how to smile happily [32]though after being Smile he appears to be much better at smiling naturally, though he is usually faking it. Ciel does, however, show genuine concern for the well-being of those close to him. For instance, he jumped in front of a bear to guard Elizabeth Midford.

kuroshitsuji sebastian and ciel relationship test

He is exceedingly competitive, a trait which he acknowledges himself. He is unsatisfied withdraws, and refuses to quit until a victor is declared. I do also believe that Ciel began to form at least a slight emotional connection to his demon butler. If not that, I can't deny the extreme trust he puts into Sebastian. In Sebastian's perspective or standpoint, he processes an ever growing respect for his young master.

I mean Ciel is absolutely brilliant for a young teenager. Not to mention, I believe Ciel to be a truly damaged and twisted individual. I remember back to the first anime episode where he allows his guest to roast in an oven, commands his butler to allow countless innocents to a heartbreaking fate at the ending of Book of Circus, and just the way he mercilessly defeats his enemies.

I think Sebastian's respect stems from his demon nature.